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Title: It’s a Canine Sorta Thing
Disney Prompt: The Shaggy Dog
Author: Dolavine
Word count: 10,431
Rating: Pg-13
Warnings: none
Summary: Jared is a mailman that is bitten while on his daily rounds by a cursed dog. The curse is transferred causing him to turn into a dog when he gets excited. Jensen is Jared’s hot new neighbor who thinks Jared has an adorable dog he’s named Shaggy when he rescues it on several occasions because Jared isn’t home. Little does he know that Jared doesn’t have any pets.

Credits: Betaed by [ profile] memoonster and thanks to Nicky and Stacy for their continuing support throughout.

It’s a typical sunny day on Jared’s mail route. He loves being a postman, he loves being out in the sun, talking to his customers, and being free from the confines of a dank office or mundane factory work. He doesn’t like being chained down on a tight leash.

He waves cheerily at a few of his customers as he makes his way down the street placing mail in boxes along the way. When he reaches the end of the block he calls out a friendly “See you tomorrow”, as he turns the corner.

Several blocks down he’s delivering his own mail and his new neighbor Jensen Ackles’. He discretely sifts through Jensen’s mail looking for any signs of a girlfriend or wife but no Miss or Mrs. Addressees as he slips the mail into the box on Jensen’s front porch.

He crosses over to the last house on the block and puts Chad Murray’s mail in his box. It’s his usual, sex catalogs and Skinflix rentals. He rolls his eyes and wishes he didn’t even have to touch his disgusting mail.

Chad opens the door just as Jared’s stepping off his porch. “Hey Padalecki.” Jared stops and turns back. “Murray,” he says his eyes squinted into slits, his mouth a tight line showing his distaste for the man.

“Seen our new neighbor yet?” Chad says stepping out in his boxer shorts and scratching his ass as he pulls his mail from the box.

“No I haven’t,” he starts moving down the steps again trying to leave.

If he were to be honest he had seen Jensen Ackles. He had watched him mowing his back lawn last Saturday in his tight white t-shirt covered in manly sweat, and those loose fitting athletic shorts hanging off of his ass just enough. He had seen what a magnificent specimen of a man Jensen is with his short brown hair with blonde highlights, freckle smattered face and those lashes, oh those long lashes catching the sweat beading from his forehead. He could have been completely honest and admitted to jerking off while he watched this man, no, Adonis with a lawn mower using every muscle in his back to do his weekend chores, from his bedroom window. Jared catches himself drifting into daydream and composes himself again.

“I saw him getting into his car, must be a corporate type or something cause he wears a suit to work,” he flips mindlessly through his mail then holds up the skinflix envelope. “God bless the man who invented a company that will deliver porn to your home.” He smiles wide and kisses the red envelope.

“Yeah,” Jared says dryly as he leaves to finish his deliveries.

One more house and he’s done for the day. He pulls the mail from his bag and sorts through it making sure that the addresses are correct before opening the black metal gate.

He proceeds up the walk to the porch, the rotten wood creeks under his feet as he approaches the mail slot in the door. He pushes the screeching rusty metal flap with his one hand and starts to slide the mail into the slot with his other when suddenly he feels a tug on the envelopes and pulls back letting the metal flap slam shut. He knocks on the door but all he hears is heavy growling, he looks at the ends of the envelopes only to find wet teeth marks on them.

Leaning forward he pushes the metal flap open again with one cautious finger and peeks inside the slot but all he sees is a dark room. He starts to push the mail inside again but this time beady eyes stare back at him and he quickly shoves the mail inside the opening. He lets go but before he can pull his hand away he feels teeth close around the index finger holding the slot open.

He screams out in pain as he pulls his hand back. He’s shaking the sting away and the red drops of blood are flinging onto the window pane of the door. He sticks the finger in his mouth and sucks the blood clean so he can gauge the damage as he runs off the porch, out the gate and back to his truck.

He assesses the wound, sucking the blood droplets from it before wrapping it in his handkerchief. He watches as the thick line of blood seeps through the crisp white cotton. He looks back up at the house and swears he sees a woman looking out from behind the curtain at the door window but when he looks back more closely, there is no one there.

Driving back to the post office his finger throbs, it’s pulsing and thrumming like a huge open wound only the wound is minor and should heal quickly with some anti bacterial and a band-aid.

Saturdays are always long days for Jared since he does a double route, his own plus one extra so that one of the guys with kids can have the weekend off with them.

Getting ready for work he looks out the bedroom window at the noise down below. It’s his neighbor Jensen cleaning out some boxes from the garage and Jared can’t help but to focus on his strong bare arms, how the white cotton sleeveless-T clings to his thick muscular torso as he carries the empty boxes to the curb for Monday morning garbage pick-up.

He licks his lips as he watches his neighbor bend over, the tight Jeans clinging to Jensen’s perfectly sculpted ass. The frayed holes in his back pockets look like targets that Jared wants to fill with his fingers. The thought of possibly bare skin underneath makes his dick take notice and he glances at the clock for the time and decides he has plenty of time to jack off to this exquisite sight.

He pulls the tight blue cotton shorts off of his hips and sits down on the chair next to the window, his view still unobstructed as he slips his hard shaft through the opening in his boxers. The head is flushed red with blood and is already leaking precum and straining to be touched.

He watches Jensen sweeping his driveway, the large broom taking extra muscle as he pushes it against the white cement, his arms flexing, his back muscles working with each push and drag. Jared bites his lower lip as he tugs hard on the stiff flesh sliding up and down over his palm, he’s thinking about what that hard body might feel like pressed against him as he jacks off, what things Jensen might do to him to make him cum and how glorious it will be to make him scream Jared as he shoots his load too. Jared’s breath is heavy, low moans push through his nose, his lower lip is clenched tight between his teeth, and his eyes are still fixed on the beauty that is Jensen Ackles, his single neighbor who loves to do household chores with exposed skin.

He exhales hard as his hand works over his dick in a quick frenzy. His eyes are closed tight as thoughts of Jensen’s mouth, hands and muscle all over him drift through his head. Jared grunts hard as his cum shoots out hot and sticky, landing on his belly. He slumps low in the chair letting his heart rate slow as he tries to catch his breath before cleaning up and heading off to work.

He’s finding it hard to focus on his tasks at hand today, his mind keeps wandering to Jensen, to that body, to those muscles and the warm sticky mess he had to wipe off of his belly because of them.

He does his extra route first and then ends up with his, pulling the mail from his pouch and seeing the house where he was bitten the other day he feels anxiety. He turns up the walkway, the gate open today, and its one letter for the slot.

Stepping onto the porch, the boards squeak and groan under his weight as he tries very hard to tread lightly across it. He listens at the door for sounds and hears nothing so he cautiously opens the slot and drops the envelope inside. He rushes off the porch, the metal flap banging shut with a loud clank as he steps off the last step to the sidewalk.

Pulling into this driveway he sees Jensen washing his car and he groans at the view of his wet clothes clinging to his body. He spends as much time as he can in his car watching out of the corner of his eye but at some point it’s going to be ridiculously too long so he decides its time to go inside.

Climbing up the steps to his porch he looks over at Jensen who is waving at him with a huge smile on that perfect mouth and Jared waves back exchanging smiles with him.

Jensen swishes the water over the car and the sight of the tall lanky man next door makes his heart race. He notices his ass as he bends down to pick his newspaper up off the porch, that tight behind through blue cotton shorts and he bites his lower lip.

He thinks about going over and introducing himself but then the thought of dripping wet soapy water all over his carpet might just be a big turn off and goes back to washing his car.

Inside the door Jared slumps against it, his hands trembling and he feels like he has just been put through the spin cycle of the washing machine. He is sweating buckets like he just ran a mile in 100 degree heat. He feels prickly like his skin could flake off and he wants to scratch every inch of his body. His mouth is dry, like he could drink tons of water and still not have his thirst quenched. His breath comes out in heavy pants, uncontrollable and erratic. Colors seem to fade to dull shades as if someone pulled down a grey blind over his eyes and he rubs them correcting the vision problem.

He feels like he is going to pass out at any second and really at this point it would be a blessing but no such luck.

His stomach is turning, the bile churning and sloshing making him sick to his stomach, making him think he’s coming down with the flu or some other nasty stomach virus.

He climbs between the cool sheets; they feel good on his overheated skin and he relishes the calming effect they wash over him. Sleep doesn’t come easy and when it does he dreams strange things that make him restless and agitated.

It’s Sunday morning and Jared could have possibly slept in if it wasn’t for the loud weed eater buzzing directly under his bedroom window. He really feels like he needs more sleep after his restless night but he’s hungry and food isn’t going to prepare itself for him.

He stretches lazily and climbs out of bed, he’s naked and really he can’t remember climbing into bed let alone doing it naked.

He walks over to the window opening the curtains and letting his unabashed nakedness be showcased by the window frame like an oil painting in a museum.

Looking down towards the sound he sees Jensen with the weed eater moving it back and forth against the fence taking down the mildly overgrown grass and weeds. His face covered with goggles, his blue t-shirt already clinging to his body in the early morning heat and the sight of sweat dripping from the back of his neck down under his shirt makes Jared’s cock stand at attention.

He figures this is going to be a good morning; it’s starting off with a nice long masturbatory fantasy followed by a big breakfast. He settles into the chair his hand cupping his crotch waiting for his erection to make its appearance as he thinks about Jensen as the gardener coming inside for his pay and receiving a well deserved bonus.

His heart is pounding, his blood is coursing and sweat starts to prickle his skin. His body is hot and it doesn’t feel like arousal it feels like something else all together. Itching skin, cracking bones and an aching jaw line make him run over to the mirror.

Staring at the unrecognizable and ever changing reflection in the mirror he is horrified at the fact that his hair is grey and substantially longer. His nose is black, hair is sprouting from various parts of his body, and he is shrinking in front of his own eyes which are quickly hooding with more hair. His nails are growing into claws as his body starts to shrink and change, he falls on his hands and knees unable to control himself. Hair covers his body and he can’t stand up straight. His jaw feels strange; his body is not his body at all. He manages to climb up on the chair to see himself in the mirror only to find a dogs reflection staring back at him, the face of a shaggy looking sheep dog.

Panic sets in as he realizes he is actually a dog. He jumps off the chair and runs around the room frantically as if it will help the situation. He runs out into the hall and down the stairs to the kitchen where he is very grateful that he didn’t have the doggie door removed when he moved in.

It’s a tight squeeze but he bursts out into the backyard like he can run the dog skin right off of himself. He’s panicking with every ounce of panic he can muster, running around in circles panting, barking and screaming in human words in his head. “Oh My God, Please Someone Help Me!!”

Jensen shuts off his weed eater and lifts his goggles hearing a frantic barking, looking around for the sound he sees a dog acting very obviously confused and scared running around in his neighbor’s yard, he jumps over the white painted picket fence and tries to get the dogs attention.

Through Jared’s panic stricken screams for help he hears Jensen whistling and calling out to him. He stops, perks his ears and looks over at Jensen. “Oh great, he can help me.” He thinks as he rushes over begging for Jensen’s help but all Jensen hears are frantic barking noises.

Jensen backs up against the fence looking a bit worried as the dog rushes over barking frantically at him. He readies himself to jump back over the fence if the dog looks like he’s going to attack.

Jared stops, looks inquisitively at Jensen’s body language and notices the horrified look on Jensen’s face. He suddenly realizes that Jensen thinks he’s going to bite him. He thinks for a second about what makes a dog look friendlier to a human, then with an epiphany he gets the idea and he starts to wag his tail. “Yeah wagging my tail is a sign I am friendly, I’ll wag my tail at him. See Jensen, I’m wagging my tail.” He turns and points his butt at Jensen his tail moving frantically back and forth.

“Nice doggy.” Jensen says starting to approach the dog with caution. “You seem upset, what’s wrong, did your master leave you alone today?” He inches closer speaking to him in a soothing tone. He gets close enough to pat the dogs head gently and it sits down, tail still wagging. “Good doggy, very good,” he says rubbing behind its ears.

Jared leans into the scratches his brain going blank with the pleasure of it and he relaxes so much that he falls on his side and then rolls on to his back putting his paws up for belly rubs.

Laughing heartily Jensen falls to his knees and rubs the dog’s belly. “Who’s a good doggy, you’re a good doggy.” He says as he rubs playfully at its belly.

A voice calls over the fence into the yard and Jensen turns to look.

“What’cha do’in?” Chad calls to Jensen.

“Playing with the neighbor’s dog.” he says standing up and walking over to the fence with his hand extended.

Chad takes his hand. “Chad Murray last house across the street.” He says shaking Jensen’s hand heartily while pointing across the street to his house.

“Jensen Ackles, you’re in my yard.” He laughs, then lets go of Chad’s lingering grip.

“So, whose dog?” Chad asks.

“This guys.” He points to the house as he jumps over the fence back into his own yard.

Chad scratches his head. “Padalecki doesn’t have a dog or any pets for that matter.”

Jensen looks over at the dog as it walks towards the fence.

Jared stares at Chad, his eyes narrowing and he starts to snarl, then lets out a low territorial growl before starting to loudly bark.

Jensen furrows his brow as he looks between Chad and the dog before realizing that it’s Chad that is upsetting the dog. He casually reaches over the fence and scratches behind his ears and talks to him to calm him down. “How’d you get in this yard boy?” he asks in a kind voice as he looks around for an open gate.

“Well, all I know is it better not be in Padalecki’s yard when he gets home or he will call the dog catcher on it. He seems to hate dogs.” He then gives Jensen a friendly nudge with his shoulder trying to make body contact in a flirty masculine way.

“Thanks for the info Chad; I’ll make sure it’s taken care of.” He then hops back over the fence leaving Chad standing alone on the other side.

Watching Jensen interact with the dog and feeling very unwanted and ignored Chad starts down the driveway, “Whatever dude,” He says as he walks back across the street.

“What’s your name boy? We need to find your owners.” He searches the dog for a collar or tag but finds none. “Are you a stray?” He notices how clean and well kept the dog looks, checks his paws for callused pads like he’s been roaming for a long while but they are soft and dark, no signs of punishment. “What am I gonna do with you?”

Jared watches as Chad walks back into his own house where he belongs. He looks at Jensen with sad eyes then puts his paw up on his shoulder and licks Jensen’s cheek. Jensen falls down laughing as Jared climbs on top of him and licks all over his face.

Laughing uncontrollably Jensen realizes he can’t let the dog outside to be taken in by the dog catcher, that wouldn’t be very animal friendly of him. “What do you say about staying with me until we find your real home?” He looks into the dogs eyes and swears he can see true glee forming in them, then the dog steps off of him and puts his paws up on the top of the fence. “Oh so you want to come home with me huh. Well, okay, let’s go boy.” He smiles and leads the dog to the gate to take him over to his house.

Jared is excited and nervous all at once, he doesn’t know what to feel. He’s going over to Jensen’s house and that’s great but then again, he’s a freakin dog, and he starts to panic about it. “How the hell am I going to become human again?” he thinks as he walks into Jensen’s house realizing that if he is going to be a dog, this isn’t the worst place he could be so he forces himself to push the panic feelings deep down. “One thing at a time Jared, one thing at a time,” he tells himself. “There will be plenty of time to think about this later.”

He has a very good day with Jensen, they finish yard work, go for a long walk up and down the neighborhood and play Frisbee at the park. Jared kicks Jensen’s ass at it but he can’t even gloat about it.

On the way home they stop for ice cream and Jared wants chocolate like Jensen but gets vanilla because as Jensen explains to him, “Chocolate is bad for dogs, so you get vanilla.” When they get home everything has been perfect until Jensen decides that the dog needs a bath. Jared tries to protest, he pulls back as Jensen pulls forward until Jensen gets him to the top of the stairs and into the tub. He fills it with hot soapy water and scrubs Jared down whistling a happy tune as he does. After they are done he towels the dog down and his shaggy hair goes everywhere and poofs out, Jensen starts to laugh and falls back on his behind. “I think you need a name and it’s gonna be, Shaggy dog.” He says smoothing the dogs coat with his bare hand. Jared feels chills run over his body as the cool air hits his wet fur and he feels the desire to shake the rest of the water off of himself so he does spraying Jensen with it in the process. Jensen laughs and cringes from the spray of water shedding off of the Shaggy dog.

Dinner’s ready and Jared is starved. He lies at Jensen’s feet in front of the tv smelling the steak dinner Jensen’s eating. He looks up into Jensen’s eyes as Jensen looks back down at him. “Here ya go boy.” He pats him on the head then cuts a huge piece of his steak off and drops it down onto the floor for him. “There ya go, have some steak, probably the best you’ve eaten in awhile.” He smiles down watching as he eats the meat given to him. Jared doesn’t even bother to savor it; he gulps it down in two bites.

Later when Jensen gets himself ready for bed Jared watches through the open bathroom door.

When he comes out into the bedroom Jensen is clad in his pajama bottoms and a tight white t-shirt. His bare feet pad across the carpet then he jumps on the over sized bed pulling the covers over himself and patting the empty spot beside him. “Come on boy, you can sleep right here tonight.” Jared doesn’t know whether to be happy or ecstatic. He jumps up on the bed and turns around searching for the perfect spot then he leans up against Jensen’s leg settling in. Jensen puts his hand on his side feeling it rise and fall contentedly and he falls asleep to the soft rhythm of Jared’s breathing.

Jensen shifts his legs and pushes Jared to the edge of the bed waking him up. He groggily shifts and stretches out long against Jensen’s warm body as he runs a hand over his thigh feeling the thick muscle just below his hip and Jared smiles. He opens his eyes and realizes he’s not a dog anymore but a full sized naked man pushed tight up against his sleeping neighbor and he panics as he scrambles out of the bed.

Pressed against the cold tile wall of the bathroom his heart racing full force as he stares at himself in the mirror, every trace of Canine gone and if he hadn’t woken up in bed with Jensen he would pass it off as a nightmare.

His brain starts working with a fury on how to get out of this house as quietly as possible and back to his own home.

Naked as the day he was born but sporting morning wood, Jared wraps a bath towel around his waist and slinks out of the bedroom, down the stairs and out the door. He jumps the fence to his driveway and tries to get in the front door but it’s locked. He goes to the garage side door but it’s locked too so he tries to open the garage door with brute force to no avail. Exasperated, naked and cold he leans against the heavy garage door his eyes falling on Chad’s house with the blue light of the television showing through the front window. He sighs with defeat before starting the short but long walk across the darkened street.

When Jared moved in a few years ago Chad was the first person to welcome him to the neighborhood, they became fast friends, well maybe more than friends, more like bed buddies or kissing neighbors. Unfortunately Chad was the welcoming committee to quite a few male neighbors and Jared doesn’t share well with others so as soon as he found out, Chad wasn’t welcome in his bed anymore. He still has Jared’s spare house key and until today Jared had forgotten about it, maybe a good thing, maybe a bad thing but today whether he knows it or not, Chad is going to be his savior.

Part Two
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