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Title: Nice View
Author: Dolavine
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Prompt: Bareback #17
Rating: Nc-17 (this be pure Porn)
Word count: 2,208
Disclaimer: Only Kripke owns.. I just borrow them for the fun stuff. Enjoy this work of pure fiction.
Warnings: Bare backing
Summary: Sam is on weapons check duty, Dean is keeping an eye on him from behind.
AN: Written for [ profile] spn_30snapshots. Thanks to [ profile] memoonster for the beta.

It’s how they settle every dispute, with rock, paper, and scissors. Sam and Dean pound their closed fist into their hands once, twice, three times then open. Sam reveals rock and Dean with scissors. Sam shakes his head laughing. “You are so predictable Dean, always with the scissors.”

Dean narrows his eyes and gives Sam an evil glare. “It’s best two out of three, bitch,” He says readying his fist again.

Sam smiles at Dean’s distain. “You’re right, best two out of three. Ready.” Sam says before putting his fist in his palm again readying for the go.

They pound their fist once, twice, and a third time, Dean revealing paper this time to Sam’s rock.

“Rock covers paper bitch,” Dean laughs and puts his hand over Sam’s metaphorical rock.

“Okay that’s one each,” Sam says with a bit less confidence in his voice.

“You bet your sweet ass it’s once each and this last one is mine too,” Dean says readying his fist again and looking deep into Sam’s eyes as if he’s trying to read his mind.

“Okay, whatever you say Dean,” Sam says readying his fist again.

They strike their palms for the last round, once, twice and the third and final strike. Dean reveals his scissors to Sam’s out of character paper.

A huge smile comes over Dean’s face as he takes his fingers and mock cuts Sam’s paper hand. “Scissors cut paper, Bitch. You get weapons check this week,” Dean laughs as he claps Sam on the back.

Sam grumbles before he takes the keys from the table and heads out the cabin door to the Impala.
He pops the trunk and opens the weapons compartment. He leans deep into the trunk, half of his body buried deep inside of it as he pulls the duffle bags forward to sort through their gun cache as well.

Dean looks out the cabin window and sees Sam bent in half, his head to his waist buried deep inside of the trunk and smiles. Sam’s ass is on display as he does his duties. Dean can’t help but pull his lower lip between his teeth at the sight. He feels that familiar tingle in his belly, that stirring in his groin as he watches it sway back and forth and then Sam puts his knee on the bumper of the Impala for leverage and that pushes Dean over the edge. He can’t stop thinking of anything but burying himself deep inside of that tight ass.

He walks out the door and saunters up behind Sam, his eyes fixed on the perfect round cheeks tucked inside of the tight jeans. “Nice view,” He says in a husky voice.

Sam’s sorting through the holy water, bottles of holy oil and Salt pellets when he hears Dean mumbling behind him. “What, I can’t hear you, my head’s in the trunk,” he calls out. Suddenly he feels Dean’s weight on his back and he pushes up against it.

Dean leans in and puts his mouth right next to Sam’s ear, “I said, I like the view,” his hot breath blowing the words into Sam’s ear.

Sam groans at the feeling of the hot breath on his neck, he tries to stand up quickly but Dean pushes him forward with his hand on Sam’s shoulders. “Stay,” he commands and Sam obeys enjoying the heat bleeding through their clothes onto his skin.

Dean snakes his hands around Sam’s waist and up under his t-shirt, he runs his hands over the taut skin of his abdomen caressing every ripple of muscle.

Sam gasps at the feeling of Dean’s hands on his flesh tickling him seductively as Dean’s hot breath moves slowly over his neck. Soft lips peppering the sensitive skin just behind his ear as a wet hot tongue darts out to flick at his earlobe and Sam is putty in Dean’s hands. He struggles to keep their weight up as he pushes back into Dean’s heavy body laying on top of him now. He’s impossibly hard now and all he can think about is letting Dean take him like this, bent over and half inside of the trunk.

“Going to do things to you, right here right now,” Dean growls into Sam’s ear.

“Yes,” Sam replies as he turns his head catching Dean’s mouth for a passionate kiss.

Their lips suck and pull as Dean’s hands undo Sam’s jeans and slip them down off of his ass setting his cock free in the process. Sam gasps as it hits the warm bumper of the Impala. Dean reaches around and gives it a few quick strokes feeling the slick head dripping with precum as he runs the pad of his thumb over the slit smearing the wetness over the spongy head.

“You’re so hard for me Sammy,” he growls.

Sam shutters at Dean’s touch. “So fucking good Dean,” he coos pushing into each of Dean’s quick thrusts.

“You’re such a good boy Sammy,” he says before biting the back of Sam’s neck. “Stay still,” he commands as he stands up and drops his jeans to his knees, his hard cock pulling downward, the head leaking pearls of precum. Dean gives it few hard tugs then lines it up with the crack of Sam’s ass. He slips it up and down the warm crevasse, the precum leaving a wet trail over the pink skin. “So pretty how you twitch for it Sammy,” he hisses as he watches Sam’s puckered hole clench with each pass of his swollen head.

Sam twitches with the feeling of Dean’s thick thumbs pulling his ass cheeks apart then the wet heat of his cock as it slips up and down over his over sensitized asshole. He moans and pushes back into it but Dean holds him still, keeping him from getting more than he will allow him. “Oh fuck,” he mewls as his arms shake with his weight and desire to spin around and passionately attack Dean. “Don’t make me wait, please Dean,” Sam begs.

“Won’t be much longer baby,” Dean hisses as he slaps a flat palm over one of Sam’s ass cheeks.

“Fuck,” Sam yelps but he rotates his hips into the feeling. The stinging along with the needful sensations of Dean riding his crack have him so frustrated his dick is twitching uncontrollably against the metal of the car bumper, a hot streak of precum easing the friction.

“Are you ready for me Sammy, want me to fuck that tight hole of yours,” Dean’s voice is possessive as he slips his hand up and under Sam’s shirt and along his spine to his neck.

“Fuck yeah Dean,” Sam says eagerly as he pushes into the touch. He reaches into the duffel and pulls out a bottle of holy oil and hands it back to Dean.

Dean takes the oil and slicks up his fingers before encircling the puckered entrance. His fingers pushing gently at the tight ring before he corkscrews his index finger inside of Sam. He rubs the finger in and out slicking it up so he can slip in his middle finger too.

Sam takes them both with a moan, his hips stuttering with the rhythm Dean’s setting. “Oh My Fucking God, Yeah Dean, Yeah, Fuck my ass like that,” he moans out. His whole body is moving with Dean’s rhythm, the in and out pace of his slicked up fingers, the tiny crooking as he pulls at the opening stretching him out for his cock. Sam’s body is wrecked, he’s breathing hard and his knees are weak but he still has to wait for Dean to be ready.

“You’re such a good boy Sammy,” Dean says as he pulls his fingers out with a slight pop. He reaches into his pocket for a condom and finds he doesn’t have one. “Shit, Sammy I don’t have a rubber,” He says, disappointment apparent in his voice.

Sam thinks about it for a minute and then rocks back into Dean. “It’s okay Dean, just fuck me, I trust you,” he says knowing that they both have only been with each other for years now.

Dean rubs Sam’s back. “Are you sure Sammy,” he asks with loving concern.

“Yeah, now fuck me for Christ sake,” Sam says urgently.

Dean slicks up his cock and pours a little oil down over Sam’s crack for good measure.

The oil runs down over Sam’s balls as he’s slicked up for entry. He takes a hand and reaches between his legs ignoring his begging cock and strokes over his balls, the oil slicking his hand up as he squeezes at the silken sac tight to his body ready for release.

“Yeah that’s it Sammy squeeze your balls for me,” Dean watches Sam’s long nimble fingers stroking over the soft flesh.

Dean takes the head of his cock and pushes at the stretched out hole. It gives way making for easy entry as he slips his engorged cock inside letting the ring close around the head before moving his hips slightly backwards and pulling on the muscle.

“Holy fuck,” Sam screams. His hand is squeezing his balls so tight it is almost as if he’s begging them not to release until he’s been thoroughly fucked by Dean.

Smiling mischievously Dean slides inside completely. His cock is buried deep inside of Sam as his hips hit Sam’ ass before pulling out only to slam back inside as far as he can go. The warm silken heat of Sam is encasing his cock, stroking it, and squeezing it as he clenches around it.

Moving at the same pace as Dean, Sam rocks back and forth, his legs barely able to hold himself up anymore with the weight of Dean forcing against him and the position he’s been in now for over twenty minutes. His cock is aching with need but he knows if he touches himself it will only take a few tugs and he will be coming everywhere so he resists the urge.

Dean dives deep inside of Sam, his thrusts almost brutal as he pushes hard searching for his prostate. Suddenly Sam gasps and pushes hard into Dean and he knows that he’s found it. He holds fast to Sam’s hips as he guides him through the steady thrusting.

Suddenly Sam feels a pulse of electricity shoot through his cock as Dean hits his prostate. He can’t help himself as his body thrusts back into Dean’s and his hands grip the edge of the weapons box, white knuckling it almost painfully. His body is surging with pleasure as Dean strokes his pleasure spot with each drag of his cock head. He knows he can’t wait much longer, he can’t hold out because he needs to touch himself or the pain will kill him.

Pushing in fast and hard Dean can feel his need building. Sam’s ass is quivering around him, puckering and clenching with each rock and push. He knows Sam is close to the edge so he leans in and takes Sam’s neck guiding him back into his hips making each thrust short but deep, constantly stroking his prostate. “Come for me Sammy,” He pants out.

The command is all Sam needs. He takes his cock in hand and pulls hard on the over sensitive head, the precum spilling out in thick strings as he smears the wetness over his shaft and before he can stroke up again he’s cuming. His cock is pulsing as he shoots white pearly ribbons of jizz all over his hand and car bumper.

The sight of Sam coming hard, his quiet moans as he shoots, and the way his body is shaking and quivering as he pushes hard into Dean, begging him to ride him through his orgasm, sends Dean over the edge. His cock jerking with his orgasm as he shoots hot and thick into Sam’s pulsing ass.

Sam collapses into the trunk. He pulls Dean down with him. Dean lands hard on Sam’s back, his cock still buried inside of him and they laugh.

“That was fucking hot Sam,” Dean says as he nuzzles Sam’s neck.

“Would be hotter if you’d get off my back and we could take this inside for cuddling,” Sam’s voice is harsh like all the air is being pushed out of his body.

Dean gets up and pulls out, Sam moans at the loss of his softening cock. He stands up and slips his underwear and jeans over his hips, he doesn’t bother to button them up just holds them with his hands. He leans into Dean and kisses him hard on the lips. “MMM yeah, want you to suck me off when I can get it up again, feel those lips around my cock,” Sam says, his voice still thick with desire.

Dean smiles, “That’s an idea, a damned good one at that,” he pulls Sam back in for a deeper more passionate kiss. “Let’s take this to a more comfortable location.”

“My thoughts exactly,” Sam says leaning into Dean as he leads them back into the cabin. Sam looks over at Dean and smirks. “Aren’t you glad we rented this secluded cabin now?”

“Most definitely,” Dean says as he shuts the door behind them.

The End.
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