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Title: Puppy Play (Part of the Bound verse) A Puppy can be Masters best friend.
Author: Dolavine
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jensen and Jared
Word count: 3,486
Warnings: animal role play Fetish, rimming, domination
Disclaimer: This is Fiction, no harm intended. I Only like to borrow my boys for fun and games.
Summary: Jared plays puppy for Jensen at a photo shoot and he enjoys it.
Written for my sweetie just cause I love him and want to indulge his every whim if I can..

Jensen is nestled snugly into Jared’s chest as they lay across the sofa watching cycle 13 reruns of America’s Next Top Model. Jared’s arms are wrapped tightly around Jensen’s chest as he rests his chin on Jensen’s head.

It’s been three months now since they became a couple, three months of happiness and exclusive photo shoots. Jared's moved in and has gone from not only being Jensen’s sub on camera to being his Sub in their coupled life as well, the thin black suede collar around his neck reminds him every day that he belongs to Jensen.

The low sound of Jensen’s phone ringing breaks his concentration and he reaches for it. He looks at the caller ID and tilts it at Jared for him to see. “Oh, Sandy.” Jared squeals with excitement. Jensen sits up as he answers her call.

“Hey Sandy.”

“Jensen.” She says with a very businesslike tone.

“What’s up?” He asks cheerfully.

“You and Jared have a shoot on Wednesday.” Her tone is a bit stressed.

“That’s cool.” Jensen says looking at Jared and mouthing we have a shoot.

“Sorry it’s so sudden but there’s nothing I could do, the team that were to shoot it cancelled at the last minute and you two are really the only ones I would have do it other than them.”

“Hey, not a problem. When and where, we’ll be there.”

“Wednesday, seven am, at Tom’s.”

“We’ll be there.” Jensen hangs up the phone.

Wednesday morning rolls around quickly and they show up at Tom’s studio wondering what they will be shooting today.

When they enter the studio they are met by Beth, a perky intern who takes them back to the dressing room, they pass the set and Jared notices bowls on the floor and a chair next to them, he furrows his brow and proceeds back to the dressing room.

Genevieve is waiting for Jared; she greets them each with a hug.

“Hey strangers,” She gushes as she hugs them.

“Hey.” Jared says returning the hug.

“Sweetie,” Jensen says giving her a one handed hug as not to spill his coffee.

“So, are you excited about your role playing gig today?” She says fiddling with her long dark hair.

Jensen and Jared look at each other before Jensen speaks up. “We don’t know what the assignment is.”

“Oh.” She looks away at the wall where the costumes are hanging. “Well then let me fill you in. You’re going to be doing Puppy play. Jared you’re the puppy and Jensen you’re his master.”

Surprised at this Jared laughs. “I’m a puppy?” He raises his eyebrows at Jensen.

“Yep.” She bounces a little with anticipation. “Now strip down and go get tanned because darling, you are going to be 100% naked.” She ushers him off to the tanning room. “Now, Jensen lets get you suited up.” She brings out a master's harness, leash, black leather cod piece with thong, and leather boots.

“Huh, I think this might be fun.” He says taking the costume. “Where’s JD?”

“He’ll be around once we get your make up done, now sit down.”

Jared strolls out of the tanning room completely naked all but the thin stocking covering his penis, the spray on tan still feeling damp on his skin and glistening. Jensen sees him and smiles. “Babe you always look like an Adonis when you first walk out of that tanning room.” He smiles.

“Careful or I’ll hug you before it sets up.” Jared smiles and makes his arms in a hugging motion.

“You wouldn’t, you’ll smear the paint.” Jensen still ducks even though he knows Jared is only joking.

“Make up’s done, now go get dressed, I’ll send JD in to help you rig up the harness.”

Jensen smiles as Jared waggles his eyebrows, “Harness, for you?”

“Yep and no you don’t get to be the Dom this time.” Jensen leans in and kisses Jared’s freshly tanned cheek.

Genevieve applies the tanning make up to Jared’s eyes, buttocks and under arms to make him look fully tanned before mussing up his hair with tons of mousse.

“There, now you look like a floppy haired puppy.” She smiles at his reflection.

“Just the sexy look I’ve always been going for.” He jokes.

Genevieve hands him his costume which consists of two pieces, a thick dog collar with a D ring in the center that already has a bone shaped silver tag on it that reads Jared and a butt plug that looks like a dog tail and of course his usual, a cock ring, its so standard with his submissive part that it’s not even counted as part of the costume. The leather Cock band has a ball restraint on it too.

“I think to get this tail in I am going to have to prep.” Jared says shyly as if he never had to prep before. He goes into the dressing room and examines the tiny silver butt plug before reaching for the lube on the small table. He lubes up his index and middle fingers then presses his chest to the wall of the room before reaching behind himself to make small circles around his tight puckered opening.

He can hear Jensen in the other room with JD being rigged up in the harness, the quiet grunts as JD tightens the bands for the form fitting chest and abdominal ribs and Jared pushes just the tip of his finger inside wiggling it and crooking it against the tight rim.

Jensen’s laugh comes through the wall and Jared smiles, his finger now knuckle deep and searching for his prostate even though the sound of Jensen’s voice while he’s stretching himself has already given him a pretty good erection but he wants that added neediness for when he puts on the cock ring. He pulls out and slowly inserts the second finger moving them both down past the second knuckle to the base; he lets out a quiet moan as he feels himself relax. His fingers hit his prostate and he bucks into his own slow caress, his cock responding with a hard jerk against the wall. He smiles at the burn of the stretch as he opens himself up enough that he knows the plug will fit nicely with little resistance.

He removes his fingers and spreading his legs puts the plug in place, the cool metal soothing the slight burn left behind by his fingers. His cock is painfully hard but not dripping, he slips the cock ring around the base and then pulls the thin leather ball restraint over his engorged sacks then snapping it into place around the scrotum. His heart is racing as he puts on the collar making sure the bone is placed in the center just over the hollow of his neck. He slips the white terry cloth robe on before exiting the room.

Jensen sees the collar and smiles. “Now I can’t wait to see the rest of the outfit cause the collar with the bone tag is just damned hot.” He touches it moving the metal between his fingers.

Jared looks Jensen up and down, the black leather harness fitting so tightly against his pale skin looked absolutely delicious. The boots are just an added touch and he wants to bend down and lick a stripe up the form fitting cod piece that is showing just the outline of Jensen’s semi hard cock. He licks his lips, his cock jumping against its restraints and his hole clenches the plug just a little tighter sending shivers throughout his body.

They walk out to the set where Tom is loading his camera and shooting pictures of the set pieces, he turns when he hears them approaching.

“Jen, Jay.” His masculine voice slightly pitched with excitement.

“Tom.” They say in unison.

“Oh Jensen,” His voice gets husky as he walks over and runs his long fingers over the harness ribs. “This is going to be just delicious.” A dark glare flashes in his eyes before he looks over at Jared. “Well, take off the robe boy.” He commands Jared like he is his Dom and Jared drops the robe to the floor. “Shit boy, you are beautiful.” He reaches up and tugs on the D ring. Jared swallows hard as he is pulled into Tom’s face, the dark gleam in his eyes almost possessive. He lets go of the D ring and turns away. “So, puppy play is the theme today, any questions?”

Jensen shrugs in a knowing manner but Jared speaks up. “What exactly is expected of me, cause I have never done this type of role playing before, animal I mean.”

“Well basically you just act like a puppy Jay. Jensen will pet you, rub your belly, pose over the food bowl, let Jen walk you, you know all that sort of stuff. We are focusing on the butt plug tail, collar with leash and cock ring though so do things that will show them off.”

“I can do that.” Jared walks over to Jensen who is seated in an over stuffed large chair next to a fake fireplace and gets down on his hands and knees.

“Good, yeah like that Jay.” Tom says picking up the camera and starting to shoot. “Just keep going like that.” The shutter clicks and the flash goes off.

Jensen lays the leash over his lap and Jared puts his head there making sure to put his ass in the right position that the tail is in the picture and Jensen strokes his hair, running his fingers through the moppy layers as Jared looks up him with excited puppy dog eyes.

Jared is lying on his back full length stretched out, his erection jutting up into the air, the head glistening with precum, the butt plug pressed against the floor pressing against his prostate as Jensen rubs his belly smoothing over his hard abs with the flat of his palm making Jared’s cock twitch with need and leak even more so than it already is. Jared’s eyes are excited as he hangs his tongue out in a fake panting motion while he watches Jensen’s eyes move up and down his abdomen with each stroke of his hand.

Jensen loves seeing Jared this submissive, he knows he is in total control of him and it’s making his cock so hard behind the leather that it’s pressing tight against it making a thick line up the center. He wonders if Jared’s eyes have caught it yet because he wants to make him lick it.

Rolling over on his knees again Jared places himself between Jensen’s knees and Jensen sits back in the chair again giving Jared more access. Jared nuzzles Jensen’s crotch as he wags his ass moving the thick line of leather formed into a tail over each of his cheeks making the plug wiggle inside the sensitive flesh. He looks up into Jensen’s eyes then sticks his tongue out and licks a thick line up the center of Jensen’s very apparent hard on with a wide flat tongue. Jensen moans at the heat from Jared’s tongue on his over sensitized cock, the flesh pounding against the now wet suede lining as Jared’s heat penetrates through to his shaft then up to the head. He throws his head back like he is about to cum but Jared stops just short of pushing him over the edge.

Now at the kitchen set Jensen puts a large slice of chocolate cake in a bowl for Jared then puts it on the floor next to the table where Jensen is eating his dinner. He pats Jared on the head smiling directly at the camera as Tom moves about getting many angles. Jared leans in and takes a huge bite of the cake from the top smearing frosting all over his mouth before looking up at Tom and licking his lips. Jensen pats his head again and Jared lunges up at him throwing his arms over Jensen’s legs and then licks all over his face getting chocolate frosting all over it. Jensen breaks out into a huge laugh and Tom catches this sweet moment before calling break.

“Get Gen out here she needs to fix Jensen’s make up, real quick.” Tom says changing the film in the camera.

Jared leans back on his heels his cock so hard and needy that the head is deep red and he doesn’t really know how much longer he can stand this torture. He wants Jensen to touch him to get him off so he has some relief but he knows he can’t.

Jensen’s cock is so hard and wet inside of his cod piece; he is aching but tries hard to restrain himself from rubbing it through the tight leather.

Genevieve is done fixing Jensen’s make up and has cleaned Jared up too when Tom steps in. “Okay boys now Jensen is going to walk you for the last of the shots over there on the sidewalk set.” They go over to the set and Jared again gets on his knees for character.

Jensen reaches down and puts the leash on Jared pulling it tight and yanking the collar to his Adam’s apple making his body over sensitize immediately. He looks up at Jensen who is smiling down at him.

They pose in front of a fire hydrant where Jared lifts his leg like he is peeing on it the cock ring and ball restraint completely exposed.

They lie down on the grassy spot and pretend to wrestle with each other as Jared humps Jensen’s boot, the smooth leather giving him sweet friction over the head of his highly sensitive cock and he almost cums. Jensen sees the need in his eyes and cups his chin like he is scratching it then whispers, “Hold on babe.” Jared whimpers as Tom’s voice cuts the silence, “And, Done!”

The staff is watching enthralled in the moment when they look up and see they are being watched with such intensity, Jared almost blushes as he pulls a robe over himself again as they head back to the dressing room. Genevieve and several others are sitting in the make up chairs talking when Jensen walks over and leans down to her ear. “Could you gals disappear for like twenty minutes?” He asks. She looks up at him with a smile. “Sure, come on girls lets get a coffee.”

Jared’s skin is hot and sweaty, he is over sensitized and feeling very needy when Jensen takes him by the arm and leads him into one of the small dressing rooms just off of the make up room. He doesn’t protest but just quickly follows knowing it’s all going to be better very soon.

The soft white terry cloth slides smoothly down over Jared’s shoulders and back as Jensen drops it to the floor behind him, the collar catching slightly on the tail wiggling the butt plug and Jared hisses with pleasure at the sensation. He’s now standing naked in the middle of the tiny cubical as Jensen’s eyes and hands roam his body, the sensation so erotic that if he didn’t have a cock ring on, he’d be cuming all over Jensen.

Jensen’s hands stop at the collar and he slips his fingers under the sweat damp leather band examining it. “Not as nice as your collar is it?” He asks with a husky tone looking up into Jared’s lust blown eyes. Jared pants then licks his lips. “Nothing is as nice as my collar.” He replies with a shaky voice. Jensen’s mouth curls up into a smile as he reaches around to remove it but Jared takes his wrists. “Can we leave it on?” His eyes are fixed on Jensen’s as he feels Jensen’s hands release the collar and slide over his shoulders. “Sure, whatever you want babe.” Jensen’s lips curl into a wicked smile as he moves his hands down Jared’s chest, over his abdomen to the swollen head of his cock. His finger tips brush tenderly over the engorged flesh as he watches Jared’s expression change from timid to ravaged with lust. His hips buck forward with the gentle touch and he grabs at Jensen’s shoulders pulling him in for a deep kiss, their lips pressed tight as their tongues slip hot between hungry lips tasting each other’s want before they pull apart.

Spinning Jared around and shoving him against the thin white wall Jensen traps him with his body, his hand pulling on the leather tail moving the butt plug trapped in Jared’s stretched out ass. Jensen puts one hand on the back of Jared’s neck and the other still firmly on the plug and he begins to twist it like he is unscrewing a cork from a wine bottle. Jared trembles and arches his back, pushing his ass out at Jensen as he pants through the wicked sensations flooding his body and cock.

When the plug finally comes free from the stretched hole Jensen releases Jared and leans forward spreading Jared’s cheeks apart examining the loose puckered ring before running his tongue over it, the heat shooting through Jared making him clutch at his cock, the leaking head begging for friction as he moves his hand tenderly over it. Jensen clutches Jared’s hips to keep him from bucking as he laps carefully at the tender area, his own cock going unattended as it pushes tight to the leather, the precum wetting the suede lining making small movements like a tiny rotation of his hips cause sweet friction but not enough to put him over the edge just enough to keep himself teased.

The sweet feeling of Jensen’s hot tongue has Jared frazzled, he abandons his cock and presses his whole body off the wall pushing into Jensen’s touch, his legs are weak and shaking, the sweat is dripping from him but all he wants is Jensen’s touch, deeper inside of him.

Jensen stands up again, turns Jared to face him, takes hold of the D ring and pulls him in for another deep kiss, his hips press into Jared’s groin grinding the hot damp leather against his needy cock eliciting a quiet whimper through their kiss. Jared pulls away panting, his mind reeling with the pain and pleasure of Jensen rubbing against him and he can’t stand it any more, he reaches down and opens the cock ring the pain of his blood rushing to the head filling it with heat and need is a sweet relief.

A warm hand wraps tight around the swollen member and with just a few quick jerks Jared is cuming all over Jensen’s belly. His cock caught between them as they writhe and grind into each other, the friction eased by the almost endless stream of cum gushing out between them. Jared grunts as his head hits the wall, his whole body going limp as he slides to the floor boneless.

The black cod piece is now staring him in the face and he licks his lips. He pulls the piece away and slides it down freeing Jensen’s hard cock. He takes it in hand before swirling the head with his tongue licking away the thick wet fluid with its musky and leathery taste. He revels in it as the pungent flavor fills his senses before taking the head into his mouth and shoving to the back of his throat with one swift movement, his hollowed out cheeks allowing for deeper penetration as he bobs back and forth on Jensen’s pole.

Jensen’s hands grasps at Jared’s head, his fingers weaving through his hair as he moves his head with just the right precision before he arches his back, bucks his hips and cums hard down Jared’s waiting throat.

Swallowing quickly as the hot jizz coats his tonsils, Jared holds still letting the flexing of his throat milk the last spasms of ejaculation from Jensen’s cock. He lets the softening member slip from his lips as he leans back exhausted and satiated.

Jensen falls down next to him on the floor their bodies panting and sweaty as they embrace each other while leaning up against the wall, the room too tiny to stretch out completely. Jensen looks up into Jared’s fucked out face, “Was it good for you?” He smiles blissfully.

“Puppy like, Master.” Jared says looking down into Jensen’s eyes.

“MMM sounds like we are going to have to take this gear home with us.” Jensen says before winking.

“I’ll make sure to pack it in my back pack before we leave.” Jared says pulling Jensen in tighter to his body as he chuckles. “Sandy won’t mind, we did cum all over everything.”

“Yeah and to clean that off of leather is a bitch.” Jensen says laughing as he snuggles into Jared’s chest. “Guess since we jizzed on it, we bought it.”

The End
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