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Title: Naked Soup, it’s good for what ails you.
Author: Dolavine
Pairing: Jensen and Jared
Rating: pg-13 Schmoop
Word count: 954
Disclaimer: Don’t know, Don’t own, no monetary gain what so ever, no harm intended. Enjoy this work of total fiction.
Summary: Jared gets the flu and Jensen wants to nurse him back to health with chicken soup.
Prompt by [ profile] dephigravity. When Jared gets sick Jensen makes him chicken soup, Neked. I just had to write this after he said that.
Thanks to [ profile] memoonster for the beta.

Plucking the thermometer from Jared’s lips, Jensen holds it up to the light and reads it. “Yup, it’s definitely a fever Jared, 102.3.” He says then shakes the thermometer down again.

Jared groans and rolls over in bed. “Everything aches and I’m hot,” he whimpers.

Jensen smoothes cool fingers over his flushed sweat damp face. “OH baby, I’ll take care of you.” He leans forward and kisses Jared’s hot forehead. “It’s plenty of fluids and soup for you.”

Jared just turns his head into the pillow and mumbles, “Your Chicken soup?”

Smiling, Jensen kisses Jared’s damp hair. “Yes, my chicken soup, anything for my patient.”

Taking care of Jared when he’s sick is a full time job. He gets super needy and that’s okay with Jensen because he loves taking care of his big man.

Several trips up to the bedroom with Juice, ginger ale and jello have Jensen ready for a nap himself. He strips down and snuggles in next to Jared’s hot sweaty body. His hands find Jared’s belly and smooth circles over it.

Jared pushes into the touch, he’s half conscious and completely on fire but Jensen’s fingertips are cool on his overheated flesh. “Mmm nice,” he mumbles incoherently.

Jensen’s been asleep for several hours; he and Jared are entangled in a heated mass when Jensen finally wakes up. His skin is on fire from being pressed against Jared for hours while he sweats out his fever.

He loosens himself from the knot of long limbs and tries to slide out of bed as quietly as possible, so he doesn’t wake Jared.

Jensen thinks he’s home free as his feet hit the floor but he feels Jared stirring around in bed, then the groaning and finally the searching. Warm sweaty hands touch his back and he turns to see Jared’s heavy lidded eyes staring up at him.

“I’m thirsty,” Jared croaks out as he licks his parched lips with a dry tongue.

“I’ll get you some more juice and ginger ale,” Jensen says standing up.

“And soup, I want some of that soup too, with saltines,” Jared slurs out before shutting his eyes and drifting off again.

Oh shit, the soup! I never made the soup, Jensen thinks as he rushes out of the room and down the stairs to make it.

He throws on his apron and pulls out his supplies, pots, spoons, food, chopping block and knives. It’s a furry of chopping veggies, a boiling pot of stock with a huge chicken floating in it and herbs that are perfuming the air as Jensen prepares the soup.

Taking a short break he takes Jared up some ginger ale and a cool compress for his overheated head.

“Thanks,” Jared whispers out as he sucks the cool drink through the straw.

Jensen kisses his forehead and puts the compress on it before fluffing his pillow and readjusting his blankets. Jared opens his eyes and smiles then notices Jensen’s bare ass as he walks out of the room.

“Hey Jen,” He croaks out but Jensen doesn’t hear him and just disappears down the hall.

It’s nonstop soup making as he pulls the chicken apart before putting it back in the stock and then seasoning the broth. He tastes it and knows that soon it will be perfect.

He goes back up to check on Jared but when he goes in the room its empty and the bathroom door is shut, he goes inside to find Jared in the shower.

“Jay, how are you doing in there?” He asks pulling the curtain back.

Jared smiles at him, “I felt pretty sweaty but I think my fever broke, I’m hungry,” He says as he soaps up.

Jensen reaches in and starts to help Jared bathe, he pops open the shampoo and squeezes out a generous amount. “The soup should be ready by the time you’re done showering.” Jensen says lathering up Jared’s hair as he tries to help.

“Good,” Jared says as he rinses his hair free of shampoo. “I could eat the entire pot.”

Jensen steps back and dries his hands. “I’ll bring it up and we’ll have dinner together.”

“I think I want to come downstairs, I am sick of lying in bed all day. We can watch a movie or something,” Jared says as he reaches out taking the towel Jensen is handing him. He dries his face just in time to see Jensen slipping out of the door, his naked ass flexing with each step and he smiles at the sight. Jensen’s in an apron and nothing else.

Jensen goes back down to the kitchen to get the food ready, he ladles out two bowls of soup, puts out some crackers and two sodas on a tray. When Jared passes the kitchen door way Jensen follows him into the living room with the tray.

“Soup sir,” Jensen says putting Jared’s food out on his tray table.

“Mmm looks good,” Jared says. He’s eyeing up Jensen who turns away from him to set up his own table too. “So um Jen,” He says sort of inquisitively. “I love the new look or is that just your new chef’s outfit?”

Jensen turns back to him with a confused look. “Huh,” he says smoothing over his apron wondering what’s wrong with it.

“Well, I have heard of the naked Chef but you’re taking it to extremes,” Jared laughs a little, his flushed cheeks become even rosier.

Jensen looks down at himself for the first time since the soup became his main priority and realizes he never put on his clothes when he rushed out of the bedroom to fix Jared his soup. “I, uh, I…,” he stammers with embarrassment.

“I like it,” Jared says reaching for Jensen and pulling him in close. He snakes his hand behind Jensen and cups his ass before reaching up and undoing the apron bow. “I’d like it even better if you didn’t wear the apron,” Jared gives him a mischievous grin.

Jensen lets him take the apron off. He’s standing bare naked in Jared’s arms. “Someone is feeling much better,” he quips as Jared’s erection pushes through his sweatpants and into Jensen’s groin. “Maybe chicken soup’s the best medicine after all.”

The End
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