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Title: A little Summer Fun
Author: Dolavine
Word Count: 4,481
Rating: NC17 AU
Pairings: Jensen/Jared, idea of the married Jensen/Danneel
Warnings: Adultery, M/M sex of a graphic nature, PWP, lots of bow chicka bow wow style porn.
Disclaimer: I do not own Jensen or Jared.. Even though I wish I did sometimes, it’s not possible to own another human being. I only use their names and hot likenesses to play out my sick fantasies. I gain nothing monetarily from this and never will. I’m just a poor fangirl trying to live out my fantasies through words. Don’t sue me I have nothing but my imagination.
Summary: It’s a hot summer day in Dallas and Jensen loves his pool. Jared is the Pool cleaner and Jensen has a few too many Margaritas while watching Jared clean his pool. Things get way out of control, just the way Jensen likes it.

A little summer fun )

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Title: A little punishment never hurt anyone (part 4 #3 of the notepad entries of the Worship Me fic)
Author: Dolavine
Pairings: Jensen and Jared J2 AU
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: slash (of course its porny porn of the j2 kind), bondage, sexual spanking, kinky sexual behavior, and foul language.
Word count: 7,080
Disclosure: I do not own the boys nor do I have privy to Jensen Ackles or Jared Padalecki’s sexual explorations. This is purely a fictional piece of work based on my own psychosis and lusting for the boys to be romantically involved. I gain nothing monetarily from this and never will.
Summary: Hiatus has just started on Supernatrual but Jensen and Jared have a few days before they have to leave for LA. Jared’s been in a very bad mood now for about a week knowing that they have to go back home and has been very insolent with Jensen. Jensen decides he needs a little punishment using the notepad entry #3. (Whips and paddles) to put him in his place and hopefully elevate his mood.

A litte Punishment Never Hurt Anyone )

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Author: Dolavine
Title: I wish it would break.
Pairings: Jensen/Jared J2AU
Rating: PG13 for painful situations
Word count: 5,998
Warnings: Character death, pain, angst, heartbreak, mourning, misery, not a happy ending. You’ve been warned; this is a death fic, an what would happen if… prompt.
Disclosure: I do not own Jared or Jensen nor do I want to, I would like to just lease them for the weekends. I do not claim to know their real lives, this is purely a fantasy played out with the help of my own psychosis. I gain nothing monetarily from this and never plan on doing so.
Summary: Jensen dies in a car crash. Jared is haunted by his memory and refuses to let the love of his life go.

I wish it would Break )


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