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Fic title: A Timeless Connection
Author name: [ profile] dolnmoon
Artist name: [ profile] cacklesthewitch
Genre: RPS, AU
Pairing: Jensen/Jared brief Jensen/Aldis Hodge
Rating: NC17
Word count: 46,258
Warnings/Spoilers: None read at your own risk
Summary: When Jensen is thirteen years old he discovers that he has the ability to slip through time. Now in the year 2010 he is a thirty two year old man in a committed relationship with Jared Padalecki. In order to help Jared out of a bind at his work he decides to do a small time slip back a few weeks only he accidentally goes too far. He finds himself in the Year 2000 where Jared is an eighteen year old college student who has never heard of Jensen Ackles. This is a story of rediscovery and the finding and or proving that no matter how much space you put between two destined souls that true love is “A Timeless Connection”.
Link to fic: A timeless Connection Master Link
Link to art: Fabulous artwork here
Link to PDF file:PDF

This is my first Big Bang work. I had a completely different storyline halfway through and decided I hated it, was about to scrap the whole idea of doing the big bang and then a short little ficlette called a timeless connection became the work you are about to read. I hope you like it and truly enjoy it, because feedback is more than welcome, just don't be mean remember I'm a virgin here.

My wonderful Artist [ profile] cacklesthewitch worked very hard and tirelessly on the amazing artwork you'll view on her page. Please give her love too because she is a brilliant person and without her efforts I would have no artwork.

A very big thank you to my two Betas [ profile] memoonster and [ profile] dalethetimelord who took what was just a draft of thought and emotions and helped me to make it correct tenses and 99% correct spelling, also some drafting of my poor paragraph structures.

Aso to [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang and its wonderful Mods for giving me this opportunity to write something I may never would have. Thank You.

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A Timeless Connection.

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Chapter 2


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