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Title: Exploring the Notepad Entries page3 Unusual spaces make great places (From the Worship me fic)
Author: Dolavine
Paring: Jensen and Jared
word count: 2,977
Dislcaimer: sadly enought, I do not nor have I ever owned Jensen or Jared. these are a product of my over active imagination and have no knowlege of any of these activities actually happening in real life. Don't sue me, I make no profit and am just a fangirl on fire.
warnings: NC17 Porny Porn of the J2 kind, Kink, public sex, foul language
summery: Jensen asks Jared for some ideas on how to spice up their routine sex life and Jared decides to give him explicit instructions in a notepad. Jensen takes Jared up on his kink listing for sex in a public place.

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Title: Sweetest Pleasures are Sweet rewards
Author: Dolavine
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
word count: 3,156
Warnings: NC17 pure porny porn. Human Angel Sex not that it's different or anything.
Summery: Dean Takes Castiels virginity.
Written for my one and only Stacy as a Birthday gift and she has agreed that I can share her Dean/Cas love with everyone.

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A Supernatural fic I wrote for a Challenge using the prompt What if.
title: Must I go on with you.
Author: Dolavine
Teaster:Spn What if fic, All hell breaks loose part 1,2. Sam dies at the hands of Jake as Dean heads off to bring him back by making a deal with the Cross roads demon. She refuses his request.
Pairings: none a chronicle of Dean with some Bobby Singer
word count: 3,917
Rating PG
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Title Sweet'n Wild
author Dolavine
word count 944
Pairing Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki
teaser Ficlette of Jensen and Jared's first kiss. No sex
Warnings Slash PG13
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