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Title: Nice View
Author: Dolavine
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Prompt: Bareback #17
Rating: Nc-17 (this be pure Porn)
Word count: 2,208
Disclaimer: Only Kripke owns.. I just borrow them for the fun stuff. Enjoy this work of pure fiction.
Warnings: Bare backing
Summary: Sam is on weapons check duty, Dean is keeping an eye on him from behind.
AN: Written for [ profile] spn_30snapshots. Thanks to [ profile] memoonster for the beta.

Nice View )
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Title: DQ doesn’t serve the only frozen treats.
Author: Dolavine
Pairing: Sam/Dean Wincest
Rating: NC-17 Absolute porn
Word count: 917
Warnings: food blowjob.
Disclaimer: Kripke owns the boys; I just borrowed them for some naughty fun. Enjoy this complete work of fiction.
Summary: Milkshakes are a sinful temptation.
AN: Okay so late nights writing porn while chatting on msn live messenger make for some interesting conversations about milkshakes and what fun you can have with them. I wrote this for [ profile] dephigravity on a whim. he in no way inspired it. Thanks to [ profile] memoonster for the beta.

quintessential frozen treats served here )
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Title: Do you wanna touch me?
Author: Dolavine
Table: 07
Prompt: #23 self love
Rating: NC-17 (Adult themes aka Porn)
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Word Count: 4,140
Disclaimer: Don't own only Eric Kripke owns the boys, yada yada yada. Enjoy this complete work of fiction.
Warnings: under age!Sam (16), first time Wincest.
Summary: Sam is hot for Dean. Dean is teased by Sam’s sexual questions then one thing leads to another and they are both getting off before its all said and done.
Written for: [ profile] spn_30snapshots
AN: the idea came from the Joan Jett and the black hearts version of Do you want to touch me. A big thank you to [ profile] memoonster for the Beta and her tireless efforts to keep me writing even when I don’t want to.

Touch Me )
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Title: Last Chance for; Gas, Food and Sex
Author: Dolavine
Table: 07 Get your kink on
Prompt: #4 Public Sex
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: NC-17 (how could this not be porn)
Word count: 1,668
Disclaimer: The boys are unfortunately already owned by Kripke.. I just steal them for fun…
Summary: Long road trips are tedious but Road Side Diners are made for fun.
Written for: [ profile] spn_30snapshots
AN: Thanks to my Beta [ profile] memoonster and the constant teasing and keeping me awake so I could finish this to my MSN buddy [ profile] dephigravity.

Last Chance... )
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Title: Set it ablaze
Author: Dolavine
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Word Count: 2,112
Warnings: role playing…. Belly/abs kink, Sam is a possible cum slut.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my imagination blah blah blah enjoy this work of total fiction that the real SPN writers are afraid to write.
Summary: Sam finds their old fireman costumes and decides that Dean needs his fire started… then put out with his hose.
Written for: [ profile] blu_3_haze

Set it Ablaze )
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Title: It’s moments like these that mean so much more.
Author: Dolavine
Word count: 991
Table: 07 Get your kink on
Prompt: #5 Afterglow
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: R/Schmoop
Warnings: Established Wincest
Disclaimer: I own nothing.. blah blah blah…. Enjoy this work of total fiction.
Summary: Sam always enjoys the sexual aspects of Dean but it’s the afterglow that really seals the deal for him.
Written for: [ profile] spn_30snapshots
AN: Thanks to another productive night on Messenger I finished this in 2hrs... Thanks to my beta [ profile] memoonster for her tireless efforts on this entirely too long fic.. lmao ;)

now....On With the show )
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Title : "Fun Time" for Adults
Author : Dolavine
Table : Get your kink on
Prompt : #1 Role Playing
Pairing : Sam/Dean
Rating :NC-17 (It’s porn people)
Word Count : 4,712
Disclaimer : Don’t own.. blah blah blah.. Enjoy this work of fiction.
Warnings : Established Wincest.. Authority figure kink, Hooker Kink
Summary : Dean gets a hankering for some role play and Sam gets to be the object of his desires.
Written for : [ profile] spn_30snapshots

AN: Just want to thank my beta [ profile] memoonster and my friends who kinda talked me through parts of it while I was staying up way too late on messenger and trying to write while sleep drunk. lol

Read more... )
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Title: Your hands are down my pants. (and I can’t feel a thing)
Author: Dolavine
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Table: Get your Kink on
Prompt: #19 Sharing Clothes
Rating: NC-17 (this be porn)
Warnings: wearing other peoples clothes kink
Disclaimer: I own nothing… My Imagination is all I have to hang on too please don’t take it away.
Summary: Sam accidentally puts on Dean’s Boxer Briefs………
Written for [ profile] spn_30snapshots.

Your hands are down my pants )
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Title: When You Say it Like That.
Author: Dolavine
Table: Get your kink on
Prompt: #6 Say my name (for [ profile] spn_30snapshots)
Word count: 1,881
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17 (it be porn)
Warnings: Established Wincest, voice kink, name kink, mouth kink
Disclaimer: I own nothing, just the product of my over active imagination.
Summary: Dean wants to hear his name screamed out but from only one person’s mouth.

When you say it like that )
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Title: Lawmen do it best
Author: Dolavine
Word count: 3,251
Rating: NC-17 for graphic sex acts between consenting adults
Pairing: Sam/Dean/Raylan Givens (from Justified, Timothy Olyphant)
Warnings: None
Summary: When a hunt takes the boys to Harlan County Kentucky they meet a law man more than willing to indulge in a few extra curricular fantasies.

Lawmen do it best )


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