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Title: When You Say it Like That.
Author: Dolavine
Table: Get your kink on
Prompt: #6 Say my name (for [ profile] spn_30snapshots)
Word count: 1,881
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17 (it be porn)
Warnings: Established Wincest, voice kink, name kink, mouth kink
Disclaimer: I own nothing, just the product of my over active imagination.
Summary: Dean wants to hear his name screamed out but from only one person’s mouth.

There isn’t anything Dean likes more than Sam’s mouth, the way it looks forming his name, the way it sounds coming out of it, so he doesn’t mind that Sam says his name like every other sentence while they are talking. As a matter of fact he closes everything else Sam says out until he hears him say his name.

Maybe it’s the incessant talking Sam’s doing today or just the fact that he can hear his voice as a constant since the tape player broke but he doesn’t think he could be any more turned on than at this very moment.

Looking over at Sam his lips moving with words he is consciously tuning out, only the sound of his voice echoing through the confined space of the Impala and Dean clears his throat.

“I’m getting kinda tired here Sam, think I’m taking the next hotel for the night.”

Sam smiles at him, “Sounds good, I’m cramping up over here.”

Its ten miles down the road and about 15 more minutes of Sam’s voice and Dean is so ready for that Motel room.

He really doesn’t waste much time once they get in the room. Sam doesn’t even have his duffel thrown on the floor yet when Dean grabs him and kisses him, shoving him up against the wall and plundering Sam’s mouth with his hot tongue.

When the kiss breaks they’re both panting hard, Dean’s hand is still holding Sam’s head at the nape of his neck gently rubbing the soft hair there with his fingertips. Their eyes are locked in a dazed gaze fueled by desire and Sam starts to laugh.

“What the fuck has gotten into you?” His smile is big and bright.

“It might have something to do with that amazing mouth of yours.” Dean leans in and kisses Sam again, this time gently with meaning and love.

It’s somewhere between searching the bags for lube and ripping each others clothes off that they fall into bed, not even bothering to pull the blankets down.

Dean’s body stretched over top of Sam’s long lean muscle as he grinds down into him, their hard cocks bumping and writhing over each other. Sam’s hands search every inch of Dean’s back as he holds him tight, no air between them from chest to groin.

Their mouths tangled in quiet heat, the only sounds are that of panting and smacking.

A quiet moan breaks the silence as Dean reaches up and pinches Sam’s nipple before biting his lip. The strangled pleasure sound elicits a soft giggle from Dean as he looks down into Sam’s half lidded glassy eyes.

“You liked that huh?” He says breathlessly into Sam’s mouth as he dives back in.

“MMhuh.” The muffled confirmation pushing through soft pressing flesh, wet with saliva.

Dean pushes up to get a better angle to grind down while they have their naked make out session but Sam seems to have other ideas. He reaches down and takes Dean’s hard cock and starts to stroke it. The soft strokes make Dean’s stomach clench with pleasure as he watches those long thin fingers work their magic over his throbbing flesh.

Looking up into Dean’s eyes Sam bites his lower lip as he works his hand over Dean’s dick. The long loose strokes pull gently at the head and he flicks his thumb up and over the leaking slit smearing precum over the sensitive head.

Fixating on Sam’s mouth Dean licks his lips tasting the saliva left on them. He wants to watch those lips say his name, to hear them form the letters into a word and speak them out.

He takes Sam’s chin in his hand and tilts his head upward. “Say it Sam, say my name.”

Sam smiles an innocent childlike smile before licking his lips and then whispering out his name. “Dean.”

Dean shudders with the soft sound of his name coming out of Sam’s lips. His hips jerk in response to the intense arousal causing his cock to slip through Sam’s loose hold.

Sam leans forward and licks the flushed leaking head. His thick tongue stutters over the slit gathering the pearl of precum hanging there. He stares up into Dean’s eyes which are completely transfixed on his every movement.

Dean’s bottom lip is caught between his teeth as he threads his fingers through Sam’s long soft fine hair. “God Sammy that mouth,” the words come out in heavy puffs of breath. He leans down and kisses him pulling him back up to full length to be slightly over him for the kiss.

He then slowly crawls down Sam’s body mouthing every inch of it along his long expanse of torso, licking at the deep ridge of cleavage before slicking over his belly and around his belly button then slowly sucking at it. He’s enjoying every inch of exposed flesh on his way down to Sam’s long thick dick.

Sam squirms at the hot wet sensations as Dean slowly makes his way down his body. He clutches the sheets when he feels hot breath on his dick as Dean hovers over it, holding it upright so that he can angle himself just right to dive down on it.

Dean takes the tip of his tongue and encircles the glistening wet slit, the tip of his tongue barely touching it as he waggles it back and forth over the tender opening.

Sam’s body quakes as he bucks upward begging for more but all Dean gives him is tender tongue lashings over the slit and tender underside of the head. He moans with pleasure as the torturous ministrations send shocks of lust and need throughout his fever wracked body.

Letting his tongue run down the thick vein of Sam’s shaft, Dean stops at the base and sucks at it, the tight flesh giving way as he pulls it into his mouth then rolling it between his lips before mouthing his way back up to the top.

Sam’s bucking wildly, soft curses flowing from his mouth as the sensations fill his body with electricity. He’s clutching the blankets tightly, his hands in loose fists as he begs and writhes with intense need.

Dean smiles just before diving down fully on Sam’s cock, his mouth taking as much of it in as he can at one time. Sam’s full heavy erection filling Dean’s mouth from lips to the back of his throat and he doesn’t even have it to the base.

Sam clutches at Dean’s head holding it still while he gets used to the hot wet sensation, fighting the urge to buck up and fuck Dean’s unprepared mouth. He lets out a loud sigh as he lessens his grip on Dean’s head and lets him begin to move slowly up and down slicking up his cock with hot spit.

The feeling of Sam’s cock sliding in and out of Dean’s mouth is wonderful. The thick shaft rubbing over every inch of the inside of his mouth, stimulating his oral fixation to the hilt and he could cum just from this alone but one more thing would push him over the edge and that is for Sam to say his name over and over again.

Sam’s mouth is sputtering out every curse word in the book as Dean sucks him down with slow meaningful bobs.

“Fuck, oh yeah. Oh My God, Yes! More please, shit, fuck, right there!,” He grunts out phrase after phrase of please to Dean’s working mouth but has yet to say the magic word to push Dean over the edge, untouched.

Dean’s ears take in every sound Sam’s making, waiting for that one syllable word that will bring his world crashing down around him with pleasure and release. He doesn’t want to have to ask for it, he wants Sam to know it’s what he wants, to know to say it. He wants it to be the word he screams out when he comes hot and sticky down his throat, to be the last thing he says before the quiet I love you that follows his release.

There aren’t too many thought going through Sam’s head right now except for the how fucking good it feels to have Dean hoovering his cock like a pro and how much he wants to cum between those pretty lips doing all the work. To give him a sticky white thank you for being such an awesome lover. When Dean picks up the pace and starts doing that wild squirming thing with his tongue Sam usually can’t hold back and this time is no different. The sensation of need floods his body like the rush of a breaking dam and everything he has been fighting to hold back rushes to the surface. His hips buck wildly into Dean’s mouth fucking his face with intentional force.

Dean lifts his head and holds still waiting for the storm that is about to erupt from Sam after he does that special tongue thing he likes to much and when it does happen Sam’s dick comes thrusting up and deep into his mouth, the head hitting the back of his prepared throat. He lets him fuck his mouth with unabashed, untamed, and unbridled passion. He loves it because the strings of words flowing from his mouth are feeding the twitching need in his own cock.

He reaches down and grabs hold of the base making short hard strokes only halfway up the shaft as he waits for that one word.

Sam’s brain is on auto pilot as he thrusts into Dean’s mouth, his own mouth making sounds and words he isn’t even sure are intelligible. His balls are tight with the feeling of wanting to cum and everything is closing in on him, everything is getting smaller as the feel of Dean’s mouth is all that matters anymore.

The harsh reality of his release floods his body as he starts to cum and he screams out at the top of his lungs with deep groaning need.


Dean’s hand stops as his name is screamed into the silence filling the room up and making him cum in hot spurts over the blankets beneath him.

The final spurts of Sam’s release cover Dean’s tongue and he pulls up swallowing it down as best he can before taking the bottle of whiskey off the nightstand and chasing the musky taste away before kissing Sam’s slack mouth.

“Oh fuck Dean, I love you so much.” He kisses Dean back the soft words filling the thin slip of space between them before the hot touch of their kiss.

“Have I ever told you how much I love the sound of your voice?” Dean says snuggling into Sam’s strong shoulder.

“Not really.” Sam wraps his arm around Dean’s neck.

“Mmmm,” is all Dean can say as he drifts off to sleep.

“Dean, Dean, Dean?” Sam repeats with no response.

A thin smile turns up at the corners Dean’s mouth as he snuggles even tighter into Sam’s warm embrace.

The End


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