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Title: Set it ablaze
Author: Dolavine
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Word Count: 2,112
Warnings: role playing…. Belly/abs kink, Sam is a possible cum slut.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my imagination blah blah blah enjoy this work of total fiction that the real SPN writers are afraid to write.
Summary: Sam finds their old fireman costumes and decides that Dean needs his fire started… then put out with his hose.
Written for: [ profile] blu_3_haze

Sometimes cleaning out the old costumes Sam and Dean have collected over the years is a necessity but mostly it’s a good reason for Sam to find striptease outfits.

Last year there was the Doctor’s outfit, Dean really loved that one.

There was also the mechanics overalls that Dean wore and gauging by the raging hard on Sam sported through the whole strip down, it ended up being a keeper.

There have been a lot of costumes used in role play over the years but this year, when Sam dug deep into that space behind the weapons chest to dig out the clothing bags, what he found will go down in history.

Sam loves the sneak attack. He loves waiting until Dean is lazily watching TV or napping; then, he sneaks into the bathroom, puts on the costume and comes out ready to seduce.

It’s a rainy Sunday and Dean is drinking a beer while flipping back and forth between a football game and some nameless scream queen horror flick. Sam’s working on the laptop looking up newspaper articles and such, when he notices and pays far too much attention to Dean’s belly peeking out from under his tight fitting T-shirt. It’s ridden up above the belly button exposing it completely. He bites his lower lip and decides that it’s time.

He pulls the costume out of the duffel he has stashed it in as not to draw attention to it from Dean and hangs it up on the back of the bathroom door. He smoothes his hands over the thick yellow thermal Fireman’s jacket as he eyes up the broad red suspenders with the bright brass adjusting toggles.

He gets completely naked and slips on the thermal pants. The heavy woven material lining the inside rubs against his legs and it’s a bit scratchy but he can endure anything for Dean’s pleasure.

He clips the suspenders onto the waistband then up over his shoulders adjusting them to fit snuggly and so that his nipples are covered by them. He runs his thumbs down under them as he watches himself do so in the mirror and he knows Dean is going to flip his lid when he sees this.

Sam pulls the jacket on and buttons it up, the ceramic buttons slipping through the holes tightly and he decides to only do the top three, he wants his belly to show when he pulls the sides back as he walks into the room. He’s ready now all but the helmet and he puts that on too.

He looks at himself in the mirror and starts to laugh at the fact that the station number on his hat is 69. How appropriate, he thinks.

Sam opens up the door and takes a deep breath before stepping out. Dean continues to stare at the TV screen as he says, “Took you forever in there Sam. What were you doing, shaving your nads?”

Sam clears his throat and then drops his voice a few octaves, “I understand someone needs their fire lit here.” He pulls the sides of the jacket back to expose his abs and red suspenders.

Dean looks over at him with a confused look on his face and then notices the outfit. “Sammy,” His voice breaks as he says it.

Sam starts to move his hips in small figure eights making his abs ripple for Dean’s pleasure. “Like what you see?” he rumbles sexily as he makes his way over to the bed.

Dean swallows hard as he eyes up Sam’s built frame slinking over to the edge of the bed.

A loud scream comes over the TV and they both jump. Dean starts to laugh, “Fuck, you are so distracting Sammy.” He turns off the TV so he can pay his full attention to Sam’s show.

Sam’s gyrating as he unbuttons the jacket slowly slipping it off, his shoulders rocking in slow circles as it slips down and off of his arms. He drops it to the floor before bringing his hand up extending his index finger and pointing it at Dean crooking it seductively for Dean to move to the bottom of the bed in front of him. Dean obeys without question.

Sam’s nimble fingers slip under the hem of Dean’s shirt to ruck it up even further so that he gets a really good view of Dean’s belly while he’s giving him the show.

Stepping backwards Sam puts one bare foot up on Dean’s knee as he snaps the suspenders. The quick snap of fabric against his nipples stings but is oh so satisfying. He works his foot up Dean’s thigh to his crotch which is bulging from his cock pressing hard to the zipper. “MMM, you are so ready for me,” Sam says coyly before twitching his toes over the thick heat.

Dean sucks in air as the tingling sensation shoots through his body. “Fuck Sam. Get on with it,” he begs his voice rough with need.

Sam chuckles, “Patience is a virtue. I’m getting there.”

Sam hooks his thumbs under the waistband of the pants pulling on them until his hips are visible from underneath them. He waggles them side to side like a serpent the smooth flesh over sharp bone mesmerizing Dean’s eyes. He follows the movements as his lower lip gets caught between his teeth and he mindlessly palms his cock, like he’s watching a porno.

The pants go lower and lower on his hips, the thin line of hair from his navel to his pubic line is completely exposed and Dean reaches out to touch it. Sam steps back. “Look but no touching, yet,” he says through a toothy smile as he winks at Dean who is looking like a hurt puppy.

Dean groans and palms his cock even harder.

Sam slips the suspenders off of his shoulders slowly, one at a time. Running his thumbs under each one, up and down the full length alternating the up and down until they are hanging at his sides.

He pops the button on the pants and slips them off of his hips until his hard cock is set free and springs out.

Dean licks his lips at the sight. “Want to touch it Sammy,” he begs. Dean’s hand is working the hard flesh under his tight denim with a quick pace.

“You’re so naughty,” Sam says, his voice low and seductive. He lets the pants hit the floor with a quiet thud before stepping out of them. He tips the helmet forward like a cowboy hat and looks at Dean from under the brim as the words roll off of his tongue, “Now I’m all yours.”

Dean reaches up and pulls Sam’s hips until he’s nuzzling his face into the soft skin of his belly. “So fucking hot,” He mumbles into Sam’s belly.

Sam laughs pushing Dean back on the bed. “Not as hot as this,” his voice is soft and playful. He drops down on his knees and shoves Dean’s shirt all the way up past his nipples, then hooks it over his head for clear and unobstructed access to that gorgeous belly. He quickly opens Dean’s jeans pulling out his hard dick. His eyes roam all over Dean’s belly before he leans forward planting wet kisses and soft nips all over it.

He looks up into Dean’s lust blown eyes as he stares down at Sam and then licks his lips before sinking down on Dean’s cock. He takes it all the way in letting it go all the way to the back of his throat with one large gulp.

Dean puts his hands on Sam’s head only to find the helmet; he pulls it off throwing it across the bed. He’s gasping for air as his hands go down to Sam’s head again, threading his fingers through Sam’s hair, half guiding, half just wanting to have contact with him while he works that amazing mouth over his cock.

Hot suction, flirtatious tongue slips, lapping at the leaking slit with each pass, and quick long strokes as Sam bobs up and down on Dean’s shaft has him on the edge. He’s writhing under Sam’s mouth, bucking up into it and he’s is not sure how much longer he can hold back.

“Sammy, gonna…,” He moans out breathlessly.

Sam increases his speed and moans out his approval around the thick member slipping in and out of his mouth. His lips are tight around the flesh as he works it. His hand slips down under Dean’s jeans to find his balls, they are tight and tense with the need to cum. He feels them drawing up and Dean’s cock pulses in his mouth, he slips it back as far as he can and stills his mouth as it shoots hot to the back of his throat. As the final spurts hit the back of his throat he lazily moves up and down milking it to make sure Dean’s done.

Dean’s back is arched as his orgasm rips through him, Sam’s mouth working the over sensitized flesh and he feels like he’s going insane with the pleasure pain.

When Sam pulls off his lips are swollen and red. There is a tiny trickle of cum in the corner of his mouth that he tenderly licks away before crawling up Dean and kissing him.

“Always having to share the spoils of my blow job with me,” Dean chuckles as he dives deeper into Sam’s mouth with his tongue, tasting himself.

Sam rolls over on his back; his hand is working his cock with slow languishing strokes. “My turn,” he says grinning ear to ear at Dean.

“My pleasure sir,” Dean says coyly. He’s working his way down Sam’s belly peppering it with kisses and tiny licks over hard muscle.

Sam gasps at the feel of heat as Dean makes his way down his body. The soft tender kisses and wet licks sending shockwaves right to his cock. “Unf,” he grunts out.

When Dean reaches Sam’s cock he runs his tongue up the underside of it then around the sensitive mushroomed head before slipping up over the cap and lapping at the leaking slit. The clear pearls of precum dripping from it coat the tip of his tongue with their bitter taste. Dean doesn’t mind because it’s all part of Sammy and that makes it the best taste ever.

Shivers run up Sam’s spine and he arches his back pushing his hips off the bed. “Jesus
Dean, just drive me insane with the slow why don’t you,” His voice is weak yet commanding.

Dean loves it when Sam gets all needy and commanding. He smiles over the head as he laves at the slit.

“God Dean, Fuck, just fucking suck me off, I’m getting blue balls here.” Sam’s clutching at Dean’s head as he tries to push him down on his cock.

Dean gives Sam what he wants and slowly slips down on his cock letting the head drag over his tongue, the wet hot flesh leaving a trail of precum down the middle of it as it makes its way to it the back of his throat.

It doesn’t take long once Sam is encased in Dean’s wet heat, his tongue making obscene movements along the shaft and the soft suckling send him into intense spasms. He loses all control and spews out a line of curses as he cums hot and hard down Dean’s throat.

“Oh Fucking shit Dean, Oh Shit, Yeah Suck my cock with that perfect mouth, yeah swallow my cum, yeah oh fuck yeah,” It comes out in one long string of words, his voice broken as he’s cuming hard.

Feeling the last pulses hit his throat Dean pulls off with a soft pop. He climbs up Sam and kisses him tenderly with a closed mouth.

Sam pulls his mouth tight to his as he tries to shove his tongue between his lips. “Let me in,” he grunts out as she shoves inside.

Dean pulls away. “Sammy no,” he says through closed lips. “I didn’t spit yet.”

“Fuck spitting, just kiss me damn it.” He pulls Dean down and plunders his mouth licking inside tasting his own cum mixed with Dean’s spit and he revels in it.

Dean lets him in and kisses him back with passion, their tongues snaking and licking inside of Dean’s mouth. It is the single hottest thing Sam has done to Dean in ages and he loves that Sam is such a cum slut tonight.

When Sam has licked every drop of his cum from Dean’s mouth he falls back panting, exhausted and totally satisfied.

Dean rolls on top of Sam picking up the helmet he threw off of Sam’s head during his blow job and puts it on his own head. “You sure lit my fire Mr. Fireman, but thankfully your hose put it all out,” he starts to laugh.

Sam laughs as he pulls him in tighter. “I love you,” is all he says, his eyes gleaming with happiness and a huge grin across his lips.

The End


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