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Title: Lawmen do it best
Author: Dolavine
Word count: 3,251
Rating: NC-17 for graphic sex acts between consenting adults
Pairing: Sam/Dean/Raylan Givens (from Justified, Timothy Olyphant)
Warnings: None
Summary: When a hunt takes the boys to Harlan County Kentucky they meet a law man more than willing to indulge in a few extra curricular fantasies.

When Sam and Dean rode into Harlan County Kentucky they never thought they would end up in the same Motel as U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens. They kept themselves as inconspicuous as possible but having the motel room right next to his is making things a bit difficult.

Sam had noticed the tall, slender man with piercing eyes and White Stetson the morning after they checked in. He couldn’t help but stare at him as he watched him stretch that long muscular frame outside his open motel room door. Sam never would have noticed him but he was shirtless, bare foot, jeans slung low on those narrow hips and then there was that worn white Stetson on his head. It didn’t help matters much that Dean hasn’t been too interested in sex lately as he’s too focused on finding their latest hunt.

They had been traveling for three days on the trail of a Demon named Zed. Dean very focused because it’s personal from his days in hell. Dean won’t talk about why, but he wants this demon bad.

Sam stays at the motel doing research on the demon’s activities while Dean is out hunting for it. Sam hears thumping on the wall behind the bed, it's coming from the other room. He tries to ignore it but it gets more persistent and harder. The constant thumping making the pictures on the wall move and headboards on the two king sized beds bounce off the wall. He walks over and listens at the wall trying to figure out what the hell is going on when he hears a raspy voice grunting with each thump. He smiles as he listens at the wall, a tiny whimpering moan under tones the thick male grunts with each thump and he knows exactly what is happening, Sex.

It’s hard for him to concentrate on the research as he sits at the table, the thumping and grunting now at a fierce pace. He feels his dick harden and he leans back in the chair to palms it. His mind starts to wander but instead of his usual fantasies of Dean he starts to think about the tall man in the room next door who is rather apparently fucking someone.

He thinks about that long body lying naked next to his, those hands caressing along his flanks as he stares into his eyes, the look of desire for Sam overwhelming him. Sam’s dick is so hard he can’t contain himself as he starts to pant in time with the thumping and he takes his cock out of his jeans. The thick long shaft ridged and flushed as he starts to stroke it in time with each pound and grunt. His mind full of thoughts of the man’s crooked smile opened up into a perfect O as he moves up and down on his cock, his eyes rolled up and staring into Sam’s as he pleasures him and Sam cums hard over his hand as the final pounding thrusts hit the wall with brutal force, a loud grunt sounds out reverberating through the thin motel wall.

When the door opens several hours later Dean walks in with burger bags in each hand. “Dinner.” He says holding up the bags.

“Great, I’m starved.” Sam rubs his palms over his thighs as Dean sets the food on the table.

“Anything interesting on Zed?,” Dean talks with his mouth full as he inhales his burger as if he hasn’t eaten in days.

Sam plays with his laptop then shows Dean the few things he found but nothing of significance to help them.

“Damn Sammy, what did you do, jerk off the whole time I was gone?,” Dean barks at him.

Sam blushes and turns away focusing on the laptop again.

“Oh My God, Sammy you jerked off while I was gone.” Dean grabs Sam’s hand and turns it palm side up. “Better be careful or your palms are gonna get hairy with as much as you’ve been doing that lately.”

“It isn’t like I’m getting anything else these last few days,” Sam says under his breath.

Dean turns narrowing his eyes at him.

“Watch it Sammy, you’re treading on thin ice.” Dean plops down on the bed still stuffing the burger into his mouth.

Sam turns to face him only to notice that the pictures over the bed are askew and makes a funny face causing Dean to notice them too.

“What the hell? Sammy were you that rambunctious?”

“Hell no, there was,” Sam stammers and looks away embarrassed at the fact that he masturbated to someone other than Dean.

“Sammy…. Were the people in the next room having sex?” Dean smiles, his lips curling up into that sinister grin he gives when he is being devious. “Awww, Sammy couldn’t help himself.”

“Shut up Dean, if you’d take care of me instead of being so worried about Zed, I wouldn’t have to be fantasizing about fucking the man next door. I'd be fucking you instead.”

Dean’s smile drops. “You’ve been fantasizing about that U.S. Marshall?” He sits up on the bed and drops the rest of his sandwich in the waste can next to the bed, hurt evident on his face.

“I, I, didn’t mean.” Sam stammers not sure what to say. He doesn't want Dean to ever know he wanted any man other than him. “It was nothing, just a thing, a threesome with us and him.” He tries to save things, to console Dean with the only thing he can use to make things somewhat right.

The sinister smile is back and he’s walking over to Sam. “A threesome with Stetson man huh?” He rubs his chin as if he’s thinking. “Could be do-able.”

“Seriously Dean, it was just a fantasy.” He can’t believe Dean is even considering it and it both scares him and arouses him at the same time.

“All good things start out as fantasies.” Dean walks out the door. When he returns a few minutes later he has the man with him. “Sam this is U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens, Rayland this is my Partner Sam Winston.”

Sam stands up and extends his hand; the man takes it and smiles a broad toothy smile.

“Nice to meet you sir,” Sam says shyly.

“No need with the Sir. Your partner filled me in on the perp you two FBI guys are looking for. I’ll help any way I can.”

Sam shoots Dean a glare as he smiles at Raylan. “Glad to hear that. Can I talk to you over here for a second Dean?” He takes Dean by the arm and leads him to the other side of the room. “What the hell are your doing?”

“Relax Sammy, we need help finding Zed and what better way to feel this guy out and get close enough to him to ask him for a three way.”

“You can’t, I mean, what, we are FBI Agents, a threesome, Dean!” Sam is so exasperated that he can’t even finish an entire sentence.

Dean pats him on the shoulder as he smiles at Raylan. “It’s all good Sammy, it’s all good.”

It only takes another day to find Zed with the help of Raylan. Sam and Dean are off for a late night exorcism to do away with Zed. It doesn’t take long to find him in an abandoned building on the edge of town. They are able to subdue him and exorcise him in just a little over 2 hours.

As they are driving back to the motel Dean is in a much better mood, he’s joking and laughing with Sam and this makes Sam happier than he has been in weeks, since this whole thing started.

Arriving back at the motel, Raylan is sitting on the stoop outside of his room having a beer. He’s shirtless and barefoot, his jeans are unbuttoned, that damned Stetson is on his head and he's taking long pulls from a beer bottle.

“Agents.” He raises his bottle to them.

“Marshall.” Dean says walking towards him.

Sam follows Dean like a lost puppy, hands stuffed into his front pockets trying not to make any eye contact with Raylan.

“So, you get your man?” He asks taking another long pull from his beer bottle.

Sam swallows hard his dick paying much more attention to the man than his brain is as he watches Raylan’s throat work to swallow the beer.

“Yeah, we just handed him off to be transported back to D.C. We’re leaving tomorrow to head back now that it's all wrapped up.” Dean looks over at Sam and sees his wide eyes and flushed cheeks and knows he’s aroused by the sight of the man.

“Well then, we should celebrate your collar. Want a beer?” He says standing up to head inside to get two more beers.

Dean looks over at Sam who is barely able to contain himself or the erection forming in his jeans from watching Raylan and decides to make a new suggestion.

“Why don’t we take the party to our room, I have a bottle of good whiskey for just these occasions.” Dean smirks.

Sam’s eyes get wide as he gauges Raylan’s expression.

“Sure, a few shots sound good. Let me just grab a few beers to go with that and I’ll be right over.” He goes into his room as the boys go over to their room.

“Dean, I don’t think this is a good idea.” Sam says panicking at the thought of getting the man drunk and then seducing him.

“Look Sammy, it’s all good. A few drinks will loosen him up and then we just make our move. This is what you want right?”

He swallows hard and touches his erection lying long against his leg. “If you want it.” He’s afraid to admit this is exactly what he wants.

“Oh I want this. That man is fucking hot. Did you see how he took that bottle between his lips? He’s gonna suck cock just fine.” He pulls the bottle of whiskey from his duffel and sets it on the table with 3 plastic motel cups.

Half of a bottle later and Raylan is telling slurred stories of how he brought in Boyd Crowder and his gang. Sam has barely drank half of his bottle of beer and only one shot, more for his nerves than anything else. Dean is slightly buzzed and enjoying the very talkative man who apparently never takes off his Stetson.

Handing Raylan another shot Sam brushes his fingers over Raylan’s as he takes the cup from him. Their eyes meet across the table and a glint shows in Raylan’s eyes.

“Thanks Sam,” He says taking the cup.

Watching the interaction between the two of them makes Dean instantly hard. He knows that now is the time to get this thing started. He stands up and walks over to Sam, takes his face, tilts it up to meet his and leans in for a long, slow, wet kiss.

Watching the two men engage in such a passionate desire filled hungry kiss gets Raylan’s heart fluttering. “I didn’t realize you boys were ”Partners” as well as partners.” He takes another shot refusing to break his gaze before slamming the cup down on the table.

Dean smiles over at him. “We are always open to broaden our horizons too.” He goes back to kissing Sam.

He starts to shuck Sam of his shirt in the process pulling it up and over his shoulders only breaking the kiss to pull it over his head.

The show is very stimulating to Raylan and he finds he's growing hard, his hand mindlessly rubbing himself through his jeans. “I’ve never been with a man or men before,” He admits but the hard on choking in his Jeans is saying he's more than willing to try anything once.

Breaking the kiss Sam looks over at him with a seductive smile. “Then why don’t we move this over to the bed.”

Leaving their clothes in a pile on the floor the men climb onto the bed.

On their knees facing each other they start lapping at each others mouths, slow tongue curls slipping hot over each other’s lips and tongues, the stimulation shooting through their bodies setting them ablaze with need.

Sam’s hand falls down to Raylan’s dick. He touches the thick shaft tenderly feeling the warm taut flesh slowly taking in every bump and ridge.

Sam's touch makes Raylan start to moan, the sounds resonating into Dean’s mouth as he kisses those perfect lips and tastes the savory warmth of his mouth.

The feeling of Raylan’s dick in his hand as he watches him kiss Dean has Sam in a frenzy of lust, his skin is prickly and his cock is twitching. He is fixated on the scene playing out, unable to take his eyes off the two men pressing against each other with hot sensual need. Dean’s smooths a rough caress over his back and brings him back to reality.

He pulls the men down onto the bed breaking their impassioned kiss. He’s in the middle of his lover and this new man of his fantasy. Warm hands caress him from each side as lips glide over his flesh. First his neck and then moving downward to his chest. The feel of two hot mouths moving in unison sends Sam into overdrive. Dean flicks his tongue over Sam’s hard nipple and he can’t stop himself from moaning at the feeling and arching his back into the light wet touch of heat.

Raylan’s hardness is pressed tight to Sam’s hip as he gyrates mindlessly into it. His mouth moving down Sam’s chest, his tongue darting out to make small wet licks along his rib cage just below his nipple. Warm breath exhaled over sensitized flesh and Sam is on the edge of coming.

He pulls on Dean’s hair pulling his mouth up to his own plundering it with his tongue, lapping at the inside with hungry desire. Dean knows this move; he knows Sam is entirely too close to coming so he pulls back panting. “I’ve got you Sammy,” He says as he starts to focus his attentions on Rayland.

Reaching over Sam, Dean lifts Raylan’s face up and puts his thumb inside of his mouth encouraging him to suck on it. When Raylan closes his thin lips over the thick digit Dean makes a slow moan. Their eyes transfixed on each other as the slick digit slides in and out of the warm suction, the feel of his velvety tongue rippling beneath the thumb pad makes Dean buck into Sam’s leg as he closes his eyes letting the feeling wash over him.

Their bodies are entwined writhing with the sensations of heat, wet sucking mouths over tender flesh and hands relentlessly exploring erections and warm creases.

Sam is ready, he wants fucked and fucked good and only Dean knows exactly what he needs. He arches his ass in Dean’s direction nudging at him.

Dean smiles at the needy display knowing exactly what Sam wants and he is more than willing to indulge him.

Raylan’s hard cock is throbbing as it bobs in front of Sam’s face while he watches Dean slick up his fingers and his cock to pleasure Sam. He loves looking at Sam’s long narrow body on all fours, his back a long expanse of smooth skin and muscle. He touches himself with the overwhelming feeling of it.

Dean works two fingers inside of Sam’s ass letting him buck into them as he pumps it slow and methodically. He feels the stretch, feels it loosen up and he can tell by the way Sam is moving into him that he's ready for his cock. He removes his fingers with a quick slick pull and replaces them with the head of his cock, pushing slowly at first stretching the tight opening to accommodate the fat head but then once inside he buries himself balls deep into Sam’s tight enveloping heat.

Sam watches Raylan stroking himself mere inches from his mouth and he leans forward and laps the flushed head of his cock tasting the precum oozing from the slit and coating the head.

Raylan moans at the feeling of Sam's hot mouth on him and he let’s Sam suckle at the head. Sam’s lips wrap around the head gently sucking at it, letting his tongue flick over the sensitive slit reveling in the musky taste of the precum. Raylan bucks and moans trying to get deeper into Sam’s mouth but Sam keeps him at bay for now, just teasing him.

Deep thrusts hit Sam’s prostate and Dean is as far inside as he can get, he’s enjoying the tight strokes of Sam’s ass over and over again as he watches him sucking Raylan’s thick cock. He knows Sam can take it, really make him feel good because Sammy is a pro at working his mouth on cock. He almost envies Raylan but then again his ass is just as amazing at pleasuring Dean's cock with the way he likes to take it hard and deep, enjoying every thrust.

Finally giving into Raylan’s urgent thrusts Sam dives down on his cock, rocking on and off of it with each ebb and push of Dean’s thrusts. He’s being double penetrated, and he loves it. His mouth stuffed full of virgin cock while his ass is being expertly fucked by the man he loves, he’s in heaven.

He pushes back into Dean forcing him to plunge hard into his ass rubbing over his prostate, making his needy cock drip streams of precum onto the blanket. He takes Raylan’s cock to the back of his throat swallowing it as far as he can before pulling off letting his tongue work up the shaft to the head and then slipping over the slit before plunging down again.

The hard push and pull, stuff and release has his whole body on fire when he feels a hard stinging smack on his ass making him squeal with his mouth still stuffed full of cock. It opens his throat up to let Raylan push down past his tonsils totally fucking out his throat. He jerks in response to the feeling before letting him plunge back down as he gets used to being completely deep throated.

Fingers thread through his hair guiding his mouth as he’s being face fucked and he feels Dean leans over his back to reach around him and stroke his needy cock.

Sam's hard fleshy head is wet with smeared precum as Dean starts to stroke it. He thrusts into Sam's ass in time with the long loose strokes of his hand working them together pushing Sam over the edge, he cums hard and fast onto the bed.

Sam's mouth is working hard on the cock stuffed deep into his throat as he rides out his orgasm. Raylan’s hips start to buck as he feels his cock start to jerk and throb, the fingers thread through his hair hold his head still while the pulses of cum flood the back of his throat. He swallows around it the best he can but some runs out of the corner of his mouth as it’s pulled out.

Dean thrusts hard and fast into Sam’s bucking ass, his hands gripping each cheek tightly as he pounds relentlessly into it sending shock waves of pleasure shooting all through Sam. Suddenly Dean’s hips stop and he feels the hot pulses of cum as Dean shoots into his ass.

Small quick strokes jerk Dean off inside of Sam’s pulsing ass and he loves the feeling of filling him up, flooding that heat with all of his desire.

They fall back on the bed, Sam’s mouth fucked out and his ass equally as fucked. Cum is drying on his chin as the two men’s bodies lay limp over top of him. He makes a loud satiated sigh before wrapping his arms around Dean and snuggling into Raylan. Their panting calms as they all drift off into a contended slumber.


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