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Title: Last Chance for; Gas, Food and Sex
Author: Dolavine
Table: 07 Get your kink on
Prompt: #4 Public Sex
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: NC-17 (how could this not be porn)
Word count: 1,668
Disclaimer: The boys are unfortunately already owned by Kripke.. I just steal them for fun…
Summary: Long road trips are tedious but Road Side Diners are made for fun.
Written for: [ profile] spn_30snapshots
AN: Thanks to my Beta [ profile] memoonster and the constant teasing and keeping me awake so I could finish this to my MSN buddy [ profile] dephigravity.

They are used to road trips, the long rides in the car, hours with nothing but endless stretches of road that lay out in front of them. Boredom is not usually a problem as the stereo blasts echoes from the past as Dean sings loud and off key to them and Sam well, he reads, sleeps or does his best to distract Dean.

Usually they aren’t even on the road more than an hour before one of them, usually Sam, ends up with their hand palming the others crotch and rubbing until they can’t stand it anymore. Then it’s over to the side of the road for quick and messy hand jobs before getting back on the road again, but this time is different. Dean is focused on traveling the 800 miles to Bobby’s in record time, so no matter how much Sam wants that roadside quick and messy time, he’s not getting it.

Its five hours in when Sam needs to stretch his legs. “Dean, I’m starving and my legs are cramping up over here.”

Dean looks over at him then down at the gas gauge, “We’ll stop at the next gas station.”

“Thanks Dean,” He says feeling very satisfied.

It’s maybe twelve more miles down the road and they see a roadside Diner/Gas Station and Garage, they turn in and park at the pumps.

“Stretch’em stretch, then go get us some burgers while I pump us a tank,” Dean throws Sam the money clip, “I want a deluxe Cheeseburger, extra cheese.”

“You are gonna die of a heart attack one of these days,” Sam says stretching his legs out jogger style.

Dean puts the gas nozzle into the tank and stretches his back out, arching it and circling hearing it click into place, “Ahhhhh, that’s so much better.” He shoots Sam a wink.

Sam disappears into the diner and is gone about five minutes when he comes back out.

Dean notices Sam walking towards the car, “Where’s my burger?” Dean shouts with a scowl. He’s still pumping the gas.

“They don’t do take out, got to eat in or it’s another 60miles to the next roadside diner,” Sam shouts walking back to the car.

Dean frowns as he pulls the gas nozzle out of the tank. “Well, looks like we’re eating in then.” He jumps into the car and pulls it in front of the diner.

He opens the door to the diner for Sam, “After you,” he says bowing and waving Sam in.

“Why thank you,” Sam mocks his gesture as he walks through the doorway.

As Sam passes Dean, Dean slaps him on the shoulder, it’s the first physical contact they’ve had since starting this road trip.

It’s cheeseburgers and fries all around and of course Dean has to have his piece of pie while Sam just gets a scoop of Vanilla ice cream.

“Now that was a nice piece of pie,” Dean says patting his full belly.

Sam leans over and pats Dean on the belly, “That is one full belly,” He says rubbing a gentle circle over it and laughing.

Dean winks at Sam as he puts his hand on Sam’s and pushes it a bit lower so it’s over his crotch, “This is pretty full too,” he says as his lips turn up into a dirty smirk as he eyes Sam.

Sam smiles and squeezes a bit feeling the hardness, “What brought this on?” he asks before pulling back so no one notices.

“I’ve been hard for the last 200 miles. Well, since you tried to get me to pull over by rubbing your dick. Did you really think I didn’t know you were only pretending to just be adjusting yourself?” Dean reaches under the table and squeezes Sam’s knee.

Blushing Sam looks into Dean’s hungry eyes, “So it’s quick and messy when we get back to the car?” His voice is sheepish and timid as he asks.

Dean looks left and then right before he waves the waitress over, “Where are your restrooms?” he asks.

“Outside behind the garage,” She points in the direction.

“Thanks,” Dean says taking the bill from her. He leans over and whispers in Sam’s ear, “You take care of the bill; I’ll meet you in the restroom when you’re done.”

A shiver runs through Sam as he watches Dean get up and walk out the door, never even giving him a second glance.

Sam pays the cashier and heads out the door rushing to get to the restroom.

When Dean enters he assesses the area finding it the cleanest public restroom he’s ever seen and three stalls. He checks for anybody and finds them all empty. He steps inside of the last stall and checks the lock, finding that it’s broken and grunts with disgust. He checks the other stalls but all the locks have been disabled, he walks back down to the last stall and waits for Sam.

Sam walks into the restroom and calls out for Dean, “Dean?”

“Down here Sam,” he says peeking out and waving to Sam.

When Sam reaches the stall Dean pulls him inside shoving him against the back wall, their bodies fitting between the cold porcelain toilet and the metal wall. Dean’s leg is bent; his foot flat against the door holding it shut as he forcefully plunders Sam’s willing mouth.

Sam’s hot hands slide up under Dean’s layers to his flesh and glide skillfully along Dean’s ribcage tickling as he goes.

Dean presses his groin into Sam’s, their hard cocks pressed tight inside of the denim. He forcefully grinds his hips into Sam’s, the brush of their cocks sending jolts of pleasure up his spine.

The cold metal wall hits Sam’s back as Dean rucks his clothes up off his belly before turning him around and slamming him into the door to hold it shut. Heavy panting and grunts echo through the room. Their bellies are pressed tight as they grind into each other, hips gyrating in quick rotation for the sweet friction.

Dean is panting Sam’s name into his mouth as he devours it completely, tongues swirling in a spitty mess of desire and needy hunger.

Sam’s pushing his length into Dean as he runs his hands all over Dean’s sides. He’s so hard now that every brush of Dean’s cock threatens to send him over the edge. “Oh God Dean. Yeah. Slow down, I’m gonna cum if you don’t,” he says breathlessly into Dean’s mouth.

Dean chuckles, “This isn’t a slow romantic love making session Sammy, I want you to cum quick, hot and sticky for me,” He says into Sam’s neck as the makes his way down the thick line of muscle to the open button of Sam’s shirt at the base of his neck. He stops and swirls his tongue inside of the hollow dip.

“OH Fuck Dean, please touch me,” Sam pants. His head is thrown back against the door, his back arched off of it as he pushes for more friction. His hands are moving down to Dean’s waistband and dipping underneath fumbling with the button fly, trying so hard to release the hard cock trapped inside.

“Ungh, Sammy, Oh Yeah,” Dean grunts as Sam pulls his cock free and starts to stroke the hard flesh, pulling loosely at the swollen head trapped between them. “Shit Sam, your hand is fucking hot.”

Dean’s hand pushes down into Sam’s jeans and fumbles with the thick member lying against his thigh. “Holy fuck, those fingers,” Sam’s voice is all gravel and want.

Their bodies are pressed tight, hips moving into each other as they stroke each others sensitive flesh. Dean’s cock is trapped between their bellies and Sam’s still captive in his jeans with Dean’s hand working at it. Their mouths suck and lick passionately, the sounds loud and forceful in the ceramic tiled room.

Dean can’t press hard enough into Sam. He’s got one hand over the top of the door holding himself tight to Sam’s length as he shoves into him. He’s almost on his tip toes to keep up with Sam’s length and it’s the hottest damn thing they’ve ever done.

Sam steadies himself; he opens his eyes breaking their needy kiss making Dean groan at the loss of both mouth and friction. “Shhhh, Dean, someone came in,” He says quietly.

Dean listens as he hears the rustling sound of clothes and shuffling feet before the soft sound of trickling water. He can’t help it but he giggles breathlessly into Sam’s neck. The door clanks a little as Sam’s body moves with his quiet laugh. He quickly clamps his hand over his mouth and nose to stifle it.

Sam continues to work over Dean’s cock and the idea of possibly being caught, hand down Sam’s pants in a men’s bathroom turns him on more than he would like to admit. He feels the desperate need to cum fill his balls and Sam pulls one more time at his cock, twisting slightly at the head and it sends Dean over the edge. He grunts out a loud muffled sound into Sam’s neck.

Sam smiles at the warm feeling coating the back of his hand and stomach. “Go ahead, I got you,” He whispers into Dean’s ear as he feels Dean bite down on his shoulder. It’s the most exquisite pain along with the rough tugs Dean is giving his cock and he cums hard. He’s making harsh noises of pleasure release as the shocks of his orgasm ride through his body.

The bathroom door opens and closes again as they push against each other panting and boneless from the intense orgasms that just ripped through them.

“Fuck Sammy, I knew it was gonna be quick but that was all kinds of fantastic.”

Sam is slumped against the door holding both himself and Dean up, smiling as he kisses the top of Dean’s head that is pressed snuggly into his chest. “I aim to please,” he says pulling Dean in as tight as he can.

The End


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