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Title: DQ doesn’t serve the only frozen treats.
Author: Dolavine
Pairing: Sam/Dean Wincest
Rating: NC-17 Absolute porn
Word count: 917
Warnings: food blowjob.
Disclaimer: Kripke owns the boys; I just borrowed them for some naughty fun. Enjoy this complete work of fiction.
Summary: Milkshakes are a sinful temptation.
AN: Okay so late nights writing porn while chatting on msn live messenger make for some interesting conversations about milkshakes and what fun you can have with them. I wrote this for [ profile] dephigravity on a whim. he in no way inspired it. Thanks to [ profile] memoonster for the beta.

Dean gets far too overheated as he watches Sam sucking on a thick straw that’s sticking out of his milkshake tumbler as he reads the newspaper. Dean’s dick is hard in his jeans from the show and all he can think of is Sam sucking on his cock while it’s covered in Deluxe Chocolate milkshake.

He walks over to Sam and stares down at his mouth as he releases the straw and looks up at him. “What,” Sam says innocently.

Dean doesn’t say a word, he just snatches Sam’s milkshake from him. His hard cock is making a painfully thick line along the zipper of his jeans.

“What the fuck Dean,” Sam says, giving him a scowl and reaching for his tumbler.

Dean opens the lid of the tumbler and Sam can’t protest anymore as he watches Dean take his cock out and dip it into the frozen shake smothered in fluffy whipped cream. Dean swirls it around in the cold contents of the cup. When he pulls it out, it’s covered in thick chocolate ice cream and smears of whipped cream.

Sam licks his lips as he stares at it, mesmerized by its delicious beauty. “You could have just asked, I wouldn’t have complained at all if I knew,” he says with a hunger in his voice.

Dean chuckles as he picks the cherry from the edge of the cup and places it on the tip of his hard swollen cock. “Still want some shake Sammy,” Dean waves his treat laden dick in Sam’s face.

“MMmm,” Sam licks his lips before leaning in. “Of course, I can’t refuse a frozen treat.”

He leans in and runs his warm tongue over the chilled hard flesh from root to tip, cutting a thick line through the cold liquid.

Dean groans at the warmth and feel of Sam’s mouth closing hot around his frigid cock.

Sam hums with pleasure as he twirls his tongue over the head lifting the cherry from the tip into his mouth. He holds the cherry between his teeth and works the stem with his tongue until it’s tied in a knot. He smiles and hands it back to Dean, “Bet ya didn’t know I could do that, did ya?” he uses a teasing tone, just enough to get the rise out of Dean that he wants.

Dean smiles wide eyed at the cherry stem. “I am in for a real treat,” he says popping the bright red cherry into his mouth and plucking it from the stem before chewing it up.

Sam continues to work his mouth over the cold flesh lapping and licking every last drop of chocolaty goodness from Dean’s rigid shaft. The engorged head leaking precum and Sam laps each and every drop of that up before letting the heat of his mouth slowly slide down over Dean’s wanton cock, the heat of his mouth warming it up.

Dean’s legs are weak from the pleasure and he holds fast to Sam’s head. He’s not sure if he wants to shove into Sam’s mouth or hold the sweet heat at bay. He decides to just let the heat wash over his cock and slowly warm the cold flesh, Sam’s tongue making slow tantalizing movements up and down his shaft and it’s driving him insane with pleasure.

Sam feels the flesh warming in his mouth, his tongue working softly over the sides up and down to the base. His hand shoves into Dean’s jeans fondling his silken sac and caressing over the thick ridge that runs down the center.

“Oh Fuck Sammy,” Dean groans out, his words sound raw with need and want. He starts to slowly rotate his hips. His cock pushing deeper into Sam’s mouth, the slow ministrations fucking deeper into Sam’s silken heat, the roughness of the roof of his mouth stroking along Dean’s swollen shaft.

Sam opens his mouth and encourages Dean to fuck it, to push in all he wants, he’s ready to take it as deep as he can make it go and Dean follows his lead.

Dean’s hips buck, slow short thrusts into Sam’s soft mouth. Sam’s holding his lips in a perfect O creating a mild suction as he rocks his body back and forth pushing for deeper penetration until he feels himself hit Sam’s tonsils. The thick strands of muscle in the back of his throat capturing the head and giving him sweet pull as he pops it back out of Sam’s throat.

Sam is moaning as best he can against the heat bucking into the back of his throat, the stiff flesh gliding over his tongue and forcing itself into the back of his throat past his tonsils and down farther with each thrust. He fights the urge to move away but giving this to Dean, letting him fuck his mouth brings him as much pleasure as it does Dean.

Sam’s cock is rock hard; he shoves his hand down his pants and strokes himself off to the beat of Dean’s cock moving in and out of his mouth. He can’t hold back as he feels Dean release in his throat, he cums hot and slick into his jeans and over his hand.

Dean grunts hard, his eyes closing tight as he cums, his orgasm is ripping through him and into Sam’s greedy mouth.

Sam pulls off, his mouth is fucked out and his jeans are a sticky mess but the look on Dean’s face makes it all worth it because he has never looked so satiated in his life.

Dean slumps down into the chair panting, “Next time, Strawberry.”

Sam laughs, “No, Coffee or Carmel latte.”

The end


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