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Title: Do you wanna touch me?
Author: Dolavine
Table: 07
Prompt: #23 self love
Rating: NC-17 (Adult themes aka Porn)
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Word Count: 4,140
Disclaimer: Don't own only Eric Kripke owns the boys, yada yada yada. Enjoy this complete work of fiction.
Warnings: under age!Sam (16), first time Wincest.
Summary: Sam is hot for Dean. Dean is teased by Sam’s sexual questions then one thing leads to another and they are both getting off before its all said and done.
Written for: [ profile] spn_30snapshots
AN: the idea came from the Joan Jett and the black hearts version of Do you want to touch me. A big thank you to [ profile] memoonster for the Beta and her tireless efforts to keep me writing even when I don’t want to.

When the door closes behind John he’s leaving Dean in charge of Sam as usual and Dean finds it a bit degrading to be twenty and still looking after his little sixteen year old brother.

Sam is lying across the bed, his text book open as he reads his homework assignment. “Don’t look so mad Dean; I’m sixteen I can take care of myself just fine.”

Dean flops down on the other bed and looks over at the magic fingers box attached to the nightstand. “I’m not mad, it’s just,” He searches his pockets for a quarter; “He just goes and leaves us behind all the fucking time Sam. It just feels like a slap in the face,” he says slipping the coin into the slot and enjoying the vibrating sensations that start as soon as the coin clanks into the box.

Sam closes his book and rolls on his back propping his head up with his hands. “I think it’s because he wants me to finish school and there is only a few months before summer. He doesn’t want me to miss anything this year since I’m in high school now, ya know.”

The look on Dean’s face is sheer bliss as the magic fingers stroke him into ecstasy and all he can do is moan quietly.

Sam watches as Dean’s body vibrates with the bed, the look on Dean’s face is relaxed and beautiful. He never sees his face so relaxed, not even when he’s sleeping. “Wonder why they only have one bed with Magic Fingers?” He says to Dean as he props himself up on his elbow to get a better view of Dean’s long body stretched out.

“Don’t know,” Dean mumbles without opening his eyes.

Sam runs his eyes up and down Dean’s body then stops when he notices Dean’s cock making an apparent line in his jeans. He smiles at the sight of it and can’t take his eyes off of it. It’s like watching the most fascinating porn he’s ever seen. Sure he’s noticed Dean’s cock before; he can’t help it when he struts around naked and sure he gets hard watching that toned muscular body but this feels different, this feels a lot more like lust for his brother than just being horny for a cock.
He swallows hard at the realization that all those times he masturbated to Dean’s body dancing around naked, all those times he envisioned what it would look like if Dean had a hard on, and got hard when he was shaving while Dean was showering, hits home fully and completely. There is absolutely no denying it; Sam Winchester wants to fuck Dean Winchester.

All night Sam tosses and turns as he listens to the sounds of Dean rustling in the bed right next to his. His mind racing with thoughts of Dean naked, his hard on slipping over the cool white cotton sheets as he turns over in bed, the hardness of it pressing into the mattress as Dean mindlessly ruts in his sleep against the firm mattress and gets himself off. Sam’s breath catches in his throat as he palms his own hard cock; his mind is playing out Dean’s nocturnal masturbation. His hand pressing down over the cotton covered erection, his hips moving into the firm gliding touch as it rubs roughly over the head and he can’t control himself, he cums inside of his boxers.

The next morning all through breakfast Sam can’t help but think about Dean’s mouth as he watches him eat his breakfast. He likes the way his mouth purses when he sips his coffee, the way his cheeks fill up when he chews his food and that satisfied grin he gets when he’s enjoying it. Sam feels his cock stirring in his jeans and he has to excuse himself.

“Where ya going Sam?” Dean asks as he watches Sam running into the bathroom.

“Be right back,” He calls out as he shuts the door.

It is mere seconds between shutting the door and getting his fly open to pull his hard cock out. He strokes it off with a tight grip. The quick short strokes up and down the shaft have him leaking thick pearls of precum that he smears over the head with his thumb. His mind playing its own porno of Dean on his knees, sucking his cock in time with the steady beat of his hand. He grunts several times before he softly calls out Dean’s name as he cums. His knees are week and he slumps back against the wall, his hand still smearing the sticky mess over his softening shaft.

“You okay in there Sammy?,” Dean says through the door. “I heard you moaning, do you have an upset stomach?”

“No, its okay, I’ll be out in a minute,” Sam says as he goes over to the sink and cleans himself up before tucking everything away and flushing the toilet.

When Dean drops him off at School Sam doesn’t want to go inside. He wants to climb back inside of the Impala, go back to the motel, tell Dean how he feels and hopes that he feels the same so that they can spend the rest of the day in bed doing whatever makes the two of them feel good.

A watched pot never boils. Goes through Sam’s head as he stares at the clock, counting down to three O’clock when Dean picks him up. He’s so glad its Friday because that means he has the entire weekend with Dean, no interruptions like school to muck up his plans. His mind wanders to things he wants to happen with Dean, how he wants him to show him all those things that girls do to him, only he wants Dean to do them to him. Suck his cock, squeeze his balls, kiss his lips until they are bruised and know what another man’s tongue feels like exploring his mouth. He feels his cock hardening and he gets embarrassed as he hears his name called.

“Sam Winchester,” The voice of his teacher says.

Sam snaps out of it, “Yes Ma’am,” His voice is shaky and his cheeks are pink as his hands go to rest over his lap.

“What was the first Capital of the United States?” she asks again.

“Ummm,” Sam stammers as he feels the eyes of the class on him, “New York,” he blurts out confident yet nervously.

“That’s right,” She says and then moves on to the next student.

When the bell finally rings Sam doesn’t even bother to go back to his locker, he just runs out the doors and straight for the Impala.

“Jeeze Sam, have a bad day or something,” Dean says, chuckling as Sam jumps into the car, still panting from his jaunt across the campus lawn.

“Nope, just so ready to be back at the motel is all,” Sam pants out with a huge grin.

When they get back to the Motel Sam is nervous, he wants to tell Dean how he’s been feeling, how he’s lusting after him but every time he looks over at him lounging on the bed, eating his burgers and watching some cheap cowboy movie, all he can do is sweat nervously as his mouth goes completely dry.

“Gonna go out for a bit Sammy,” Dean says cocking his collar up and slapping on some aftershave. He throws Sam a twenty dollar bill, “Order a Pizza or something, I might not be back tonight,” He says waggling his eyebrows.

Sam’s heart sinks to his stomach at the thought of Dean trolling for girls. He frowns. “But I thought, I mean, it’s the weekend,” his voice is disheartened sounding.

“Sammy, a guy’s got needs,” Dean says, as he circles his crotch area with his index finger.

“Yeah, well, I get it,” Sam says, his voice sounding even sadder as his face drops to a disappointed frown. He won’t even look Dean in the eye when he walks over to clap him on the back.

“Look, I’ll be back tonight and tomorrow we’ll do something,” Dean says smiling. “So cheer up. Here, let me show you something,” Dean picks up the remote and plays with the buttons. “Here see, I figured out how to steal pay per view porn,” He smiles wide, “Oh Shelia does Sheboygan. You’re in for a real treat,” He winks as he heads out the door leaving Sam with the remote, twenty dollars and some free pay per view porn to keep him company.

It’s probably 2am when Dean staggers in. He’s only twenty but with the fake ID’s their Dad gave them he can get into bars easily. He stumbles over to the small table in the corner and flips open the pizza box. One slice from an extra large pie, geeze Sammy teenager appetite much, he mumbles as he eats the cold slice. He kicks off his clothes at the foot of the bed and climbs in, his aching muscles sore from dancing and too much whiskey, the pizza does flip flops in his stomach as the room starts to spin. He knows if he can keep his mind occupied until the room stops spinning he will be able to fall asleep. He calls over to Sam. “Sammy you awake,” his speech is mildly slurred.

Sam’s been awake the entire time, watching Dean eat the pizza, stumble around as he struggled to shed his clothes down to his tight boxer briefs and then watching him climb into bed. He’s half hard, half annoyed and completely not going to talk to Dean. “Yeah,” he says quietly.

“Good cause I need you,” Dean says turning over to face Sam.

Sam smiles at those words. “Really,” he says cockily.

“Don’t get smarty pants on me,” Dean says struggling to get comfortable.

“Did you have fun tonight,” Sam asks even though he’s not sure if he wants to hear the details or not.

“Yeah, fun,” Dean says it like he’s examining his words.

“Get laid is what I should ask,” Sam says sarcastically.

“Nope,” Dean says without hesitation. He’s too drunk to lie about it and besides who needs big fish stories with their little sixteen year old brother.

“Really,” Sam says inquisitively.

“Not every night is a score night Sammy, you’ll learn that later on,” Dean laughs a little as he says it, like he’s passing on some strange pearls of sexual wisdom.

Sam has renewed faith in Dean’s being horny. He’s drunk, didn’t get laid and is almost completely naked in the next bed. Sam thinks maybe now is the time to let Dean know how he feels.

Sam inches over to the edge of the bed and stares over at Dean assessing him. “So Dean, have you ever, you know, been with a guy?” he figures it’s safe to ask since Dean’s drunk and when he’s drunk he’s usually pretty open.

Dean looks over at Sam with a half smile, that kind that could be interrupted as a lecherous grin. “Why Sammy boy, what came on that porn channel tonight?” he says in a very teasing voice.

Sam blushes and is thankful that the room is dark enough Dean won’t notice. “I didn’t even watch it, watched Full House instead.”

Dean shakes his head, “Tsk, tsk, tsk. Sammy, I steal you good porn and you watch the Olsen Twins. What kind of sixteen year old virgin are you?”

It’s almost like a punch in the gut hearing Dean call him a virgin; it’s like the darkest way to tease Sam. Sam often regrets telling Dean about having the opportunity to have sex but then chickening out at the last minute. “The kind that doesn’t like watching skanky girls getting fucked up the ass by ugly men, there should be some kind of rule in life, to have a huge penis you have to be handsome,” Sam chuckles.

“And so you were busy looking at the guys penis and not the girls tits,” Dean asks as he rolls over on his side to face Sam.

“Ummm,” Sam stammers. He’s trying to think of some really good answer to this statement like question. “Well, she had it in her mouth for about 20 fucking minutes, I couldn’t help but notice it Dean,” he finally says with a mocking tone.

“Riiight,” Dean says as if he’s only pretending to believe him.

Sam lays there quiet for a few minutes listening to Dean breathing. “Haven’t you ever noticed porno cock before?” Sam says trying to sound like it’s an innocent question and not fishing for some homoerotic subtext.

“Well,” Dean says like he’s trying to think about it. “Yeah, but it’s not my main focus.”

“Yeah,” is all Sam says.

“What about you?” Dean asks.

“Ummm,” Sam hesitates before deciding to just lay his cards all out on the table. “Yeah it is my main focus. I mean, Dean, I like guys, I like the cock.” Sam waits for the harsh voice, the words that might strike him down and he winces when Dean’s voice cuts through the room.

“Really?” Is all Dean can say, he’s a bit shocked but not totally because he’s noticed how
Sam likes to watch him when he’s dressing or shaving or even showering.

“Well, yeah, maybe I’m not totally gay but cock is what I fantasize about when I beat off,” Sam says it like it’s the easiest thing in the world to tell Dean he’s gay.

“Well, since we’re having confession time,” Dean says with a tinge of embarrassment in his voice. “I was with a guy a few times. It was a threesome thing with a chick but I sucked a guy off once and then fucked another guy in the ass, so I get it Sammy, I like cock too,” he says shifting uncomfortably in his bed.

Sam feels his cock take interest at Dean’s confession. “Can I come over and lay down next to you?” He asks coyly.

Dean smiles and shifts out of the middle of the bed. “Sure,” he says turning the cover back and patting the bed.

Sam crawls in beside Dean and as much as he wants to snuggle up to him, he makes himself stay on his own side of the bed. “That’s better. You’re so nice and warm,” he says adjusting himself while letting his hand touch Dean’s thigh slightly. His cock is hard with want and it’s even worse with Dean’s almost completely naked body right next to him. He’s a bit shaky when he turns on his side to face Dean. “So you liked sucking cock,” he asks boldly.

Chuckling Dean brushes the hairs hanging in Sam’s face away. “Sure, it was okay once I got used to it.”

Sam smiles and closes his eyes at Dean’s warm touch. “Would you suck cock again, if you had the chance,” Sam’s voice is low and slightly seductive.

“It’s not like I would go out looking for it or anything but sure, I’d suck cock again given the opportunity.” Sam’s line of questioning has Dean aroused. It’s not like he didn’t come home horny and then all this talk about sucking cock and Sam being gay has his cock hardening at an alarming rate.

“Yeah, I often think about someone sucking my cock when I jerk off,” Sam says shyly. “Not that I know what it actually feels like or anything but I can imagine it’s warm and wet and that sucking has to feel amazing.” Sam’s palm is hard against his own cock which is thick in his pajama bottoms. He is uncomfortably hard and can’t jerk off if he’s going to get Dean riled up enough to get him off tonight.

Dean’s cock jumps to full attention as he thinks about the warm wet heat of a mouth on his cock. “Yeah that sucking does feel mighty amazing Sammy,” Dean says licking his lips with desire.

Sam readjusts his body letting his warm skin touch Dean’s bare chest. He turns to face away from Dean letting his ass brush against Dean’s arousal. Sam notices that Dean’s cock is hard and smiles to himself. “Hell I would even love to just have a hand job by another guy, I mean I am not picky at this point,” Sam says teasingly. His hand is pressing hard on his aching erection.

Dean winces at the feel of Sam’s ass brushing his cock. He thinks about how nice the heat feels against him and the gentle slide of Sam’s hand over his chest makes him painfully hard. He thinks about Sam’s long lanky teenage body and what it must be like to have a virgin guy. Sure he’s had tons of virgin girls but to introduce gay fucking to Sam. He shakes his head. Fuck what the hell am I thinking, Sam’s my little brother. Dean thinks to himself. “Yeah well Sammy it will happen soon enough for you, just wait there is the right guy out there for you,” Dean hears himself saying those cheesy sex ed lines and rolls his own eyes at them.

“Oh I have found the right person,” Sam says with lust in his voice.

“Really?” Dean asks.

“Oh yeah,” Sam says turning over again to face Dean. He pulls his pajama pants down and lets his cock spring free. He takes Dean’s hand and puts it down on his cock.

Dean jerks his hand away. “Fuck Sammy, what are you doing?” He yells as he starts to get out of bed but Sam keeps hold of his wrist.

“Dean please, I want you so much. I watch you and get hard, I hear your voice and get hard. It’s you Dean that I want.” Sam is pleading with Dean. “Don’t you ever feel it?”

Dean just sits on the edge of the bed, his back to Sam and he thinks about all the times he had to turn away from Sam when he was naked or just in his underwear because it sparked something inside of him. “Sometimes,” he says quietly and slowly. He turns and looks back at Sam who is lying there with the blankets pulled down, cock standing at attention, and his hand is still holding him loosely around his wrist. He gives in to the urge and leans forward to kiss Sam’s thin mouth.

There is surprise in the way Sam returns Dean’s tender kiss. “Really?” he says against Deans’ lips that are slowly but completely devouring Sam’s mouth. Sam gives in and lets Dean plunder his mouth with his tongue. He lets him inside to tangle his tongue with his own and it’s the most erotic thing he’s ever felt.

Dean pulls back and looks down into Sam’s face. “I am not going to touch you this time,” he says.

“But, how?” Sam is confused at the statement.

“I want to watch you touch yourself for me,” Dean says pulling off his own boxer briefs and letting his thick cock spring free.

Sam looks at Dean’s cock, his eyes getting wide at finally seeing it hard and he smiles a little because it’s hard for him this time. “That works for me,” He says shucking his pj bottoms before turning so that he can see Dean’s fully naked form stretched out on the bed his hand holding the base of his cock as he stares over at Sam.

“You go first,” Dean says. His eyes are on Sam’s hard on. “Stroke it for me,” He commands in a deep voice.

Sam takes his long nimble fingers and starts to move up and down the long shaft of his cock. His fingers stopping as they bump the engorged head of his cock, he twists lightly before sliding down to the base again. His breath is hitching in his throat with each stroke, the flesh impossibly hard under his grip and he moans at the feel as he finally lets his thumb slide up over the head gathering the hot bead of precum that is gathered at the slit. “Mmmm oh fuck yeah.” He moans out as he smears it over the head easing the friction on the tender sensitive flesh.

Dean licks his lips at the sight of Sam jerking off, the way his mouth drops slack and turns up at the edges with a tiny smile, and he can’t look away even if he wanted to. His hand starts to move up and down over his cock, long slow strokes that go completely over the head and pull at it, the precum that’s been leaking from the slit is smeared down over the shaft as Dean pumps himself in time with Sam’s movements. He’s moving with him stroke for stroke taking in Sam’s long thick dick. “Fuck Sammy, your big for your age,” He breaths out. “Can’t wait to have that in my mouth,” Dean’s voice is lust driven and husky with want.

Sam looks over at Dean. “You wanna suck it now, cause I’m not opposed ya know,” Sam says his breath hitching in his throat with each word as he moans out the sounds.

“Fuck Sammy, you’re such a cock tease you know that,” Dean says licking his lips at the thought of having Sam stuff that into his mouth.

“Not teasing Dean, I am serious,” Sam says as he watches Dean stroking his own cock.

“Not yet,” Is all Dean says as he reaches down and pulls Sam’s left hand up to his mouth and sucks in his index and middle fingers, taking them all way to the back of his throat and swirling his tongue around them. The sounds of his pleasure moaning out around the thin long digits.

“Holy fuck Dean,” Sam gasps out at the hot wet feel of his tongue and mouth working his fingers over. He speeds up the strokes on his cock, his back arching off the bed with the combined feeling of his hand moving quickly over his needy cock and Dean’s mouth sucking so hungrily at his fingers. The sight of Dean’s lips wrapped around his fingers pushes him over the edge and he cums hot and sticky into and over his hand. The white wet spurts coating his palm and he continues to work them into his spent cock as it goes soft.

Dean doesn’t even stop sucking on Sam’s fingers even though he just watched him cum all over his own hand, he just smiles around them and continues to work the digits over his tongue. His hand works harder at his cock, stroking faster and pulling harder at it. His balls are tight with the need to cum as his hand squeezes at the head a little tighter each time he passes over it. The combination of watching Sam’s fucked out expression and lust blown eyes staring back at him, his fingers moving over his tongue tickling the back of his throat as his own hand is pumping furiously over his hard cock finally pushes him over the edge and he cums hard, the hot spurts shooting across the bed and landing on Sam’s thigh. He looks down at the white strands on Sam’s tan skin and he pops the fingers out of his mouth with the final thrusts of his fist over his cock. “Sorry Sammy,” He moans out.

“For what?” Sam says with confusion as he watches Dean’s hand slow down and squeeze out the last few drizzles of cum.

“I came on your leg,” Dean says, his voice spent and breathless.

Sam looks down at his thigh and smiles. “Oh, that, I didn’t even notice,” he smiles and takes a wet finger that had been in Dean’s mouth and runs it through the cooling mess then brings it up to his mouth and licks it clean.

Dean gasps at the sight of Sam licking the cum off of his finger. “Damn boy, you’re gonna get me going again,” He says with hunger in his voice.

Making a slightly funny face Sam licks his lips. “Not exactly what I thought it would taste like,” He says smacking his mouth as if trying to wipe the taste from his tongue.

Dean laughs a hearty laugh. “Well wasn’t expecting you to taste it, next time I’ll bulk up on fresh fruit and no coffee or whiskey before hand.”

“Does that make it taste better?” Sam asks with enthusiasm.

“I read that it does,” Dean says as he pulls Sam into his arms and presses him tight against his chest.

“Then we should put lots of fresh fruits and juices on our store list for next time, for both of us,” Sam says snuggling into Dean’s tight embrace.

Dean smiles a contented smile before kissing the top of Sam’s head, “For sure,” He mumbles into his hair.

The End


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