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Title: Your hands are down my pants. (and I can’t feel a thing)
Author: Dolavine
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Table: Get your Kink on
Prompt: #19 Sharing Clothes
Rating: NC-17 (this be porn)
Warnings: wearing other peoples clothes kink
Disclaimer: I own nothing… My Imagination is all I have to hang on too please don’t take it away.
Summary: Sam accidentally puts on Dean’s Boxer Briefs………
Written for [ profile] spn_30snapshots.

It starts out innocent enough; just a little accident after laundry day is all. That is how Sam tries to explain it to himself as he stares down at the Boxer Briefs holding in his bulging erection.

Wednesday is Laundry day and Dean never bothers to put things back where they belong when it’s his turn. Usually they aren’t even folded, just stuffed into the spare duffel and thrown in a corner to be sifted through until next laundry day.

Churning through the bag Sam pulls out socks and a pair of boxer briefs.

He pulls on the briefs slipping them over his narrow hips and adjusting the crotch but something doesn’t feel right. He passes it off as over heating in the dryer and pulls on his jeans. They’ll stretch out, he thinks.

When they get back that night Sam’s taking off his clothes before he goes in for his shower and Dean’s watching him. He looks at the boxers and smirks.

“Sam, why are you wearing my boxers?” he questions.

Looking down at the underwear Sam blushes, the reason they’ve felt slightly uncomfortable all day hitting home. He looks over at Dean with a mild blush on his cheeks. “I pulled them out of the laundry bag and didn’t realize.” He covers himself like he’s bare naked in a room full of gawking women.

Dean laughs at him. “It’s okay Sammy, no worries. I think it’s kinda cute.”

“Shut up Dean,” Sam says disappearing into the bathroom.

Dean watches Sam hurry into the bathroom, his tight ass showcased even more so in the too small boxers and he bites on his lower lip. “Need any help in there boy wonder?” he calls out as the door shuts.

“Shut up Dean,” is all that Sam says as he clicks the door into place.

Safe inside the bathroom with the door locked behind him so that Dean can’t see him, Sam looks at himself in the long mirror on the back of the door. He turns from side to side looking at how snuggly the black boxer briefs fit his crotch. He rubs his hand over the flaccid bump lying against his leg. He thinks about how Dean wore these boxers, how he might even have cum in them at one time or another and he might have even been the reason for that cum to streak the inside of the crotch.

He can’t help that he gets so aroused at the thoughts running through his head that his cock makes a thick hard line down the snug leg.

His cock is aching as he thinks about Dean’s cum smearing the crotch as he jacks himself off in the Impala while he’s asleep right there next to him. The moans he could have made, the way his rough fingers would have worked the shaft before he released into them. Sam can’t contain himself any more; he reaches down and begins to rub himself hard and fast through the soft black spandex.

The fabric is giving him the sweet slip and slide that he needs as he strokes harder over himself. He leans against the wall but can still see his hand working over his long thick hard on. He reaches inside with his other hand and pulls it upright so that when he cums he’ll smear the inside of the cotton crotch with his thick hot jizz, maybe in the same spot Dean came in when he last came in them.

He’s so worked up now that he’s panting and stroking harder over the cotton spandex sheath pinning his cock to his belly. The head is hot and heavy, pushing on the fabric, trying to force freedom as it jerks with the impending orgasm. Sam’s hand moves faster over the thick line as he presses into the wall, his eyes fixed on the boxers and the sensations shooting through his body. He can’t hold back and he doesn’t want too, his orgasm jolts through him as it shoots out making a visible wet spot high on the crotch near the waistband. He grips his cock tightly through the boxers squeezing every drop out of it.

He admires the wet mess leaking through the fabric. He even moves his softening member around smearing cum all over the inside of the crotch. A satiated and sticky mess, he shucks the boxers and stuffs them inside of the dirty laundry bag as far down as he can manage so Dean won’t see the wet mess in them. He’d never let him live it down if he knew that wearing his underwear made him cum. He smiles as he thinks of Dean wearing them after he’s cum inside of them.

It’s been one long week and its Sam’s turn to do the laundry this week. Dean gives him the car to go in town to the Laundromat.

Dean watches Sam pull out of the parking lot and before the white mist of the exhaust pipe has evaporated he’s rifling through Sam’s duffle bag for a clean piece of Sam’s underwear. He doesn’t care if its boxers, a t-shirt, or a sock but he feels the need to wear something Sam has had on his body.

Seeing Sam in his boxers has sparked something in him that he never knew was there. He’s a bit embarrassed to want this so much, but it’s like an uncontrollable need. He pulls out a pair of socks, the only clean thing left in the way of underwear in the bag. It’s this or normal clothing so he resolves himself to wearing a pair of Sam’s Jeans.

He pulls out the jeans, sure they’ll be a mile too long for him but they were on Sam’s body and he’s not entirely sure they were washed before being stuffed back into the duffel.

Shucking his own clothing, everything, including his underwear falls on the floor in a pile. Standing in front of the mirror he holds the jeans up in front of himself. He watches himself slip into them, one long leg at a time. Dean’s bare feet drag down the inseam before pushing through the frayed bottoms. He shimmies them up his thighs wiggling the narrow waist over his thick thighs, the feeling of the denim rubbing over his hardening cock as he pulls and twists to get them on.

The waist is a little tight but he manages to get them buttoned and closed up. He adjusts the inseam, it rubs against this balls and he gasps at the sensation. He’s never gone commando before, never felt comfortable enough to do it but being in Sam’s jeans completely naked, makes his cock rock hard.

He turns to look at his ass in the mirror, to see how he looks in the jeans because they showcase Sam’s ass so well. He runs his hand over the back pocket admiring the snug fit, thinking of what Sam’s ass looks like when he’s swaggering along in front, giving Dean a mouth watering show.

He smoothes his hands down over the thighs as he thinks about Sam’s long thick thighs and how the jeans conform around them, especially when he sits down. Dean’s cock is pressing hard against the seam of the button flap. The heavy flap of denim makes a thick line down his hard cock and he rubs over the bulge. He admires the way the brass buttons peek through the flap, the cold metal hitting his palm as he rubs over them.

His breath catches in his throat and he can’t stand it anymore. He slips his hand down inside of the tight waistband and takes hold of his leaking cock, the head pulling up against the underside of the button as he pulls on it. The low slung waist pulling off of his hips slightly as he shoves down inside and then pulls back up. Thoughts of Sam inside of these jeans, his skin touching every fiber, his cock being pulled out of the fly and the thought of him possibly masturbating himself inside of them as he looks at porn on the laptop has Dean so hard and wet he can’t contain himself.

Soft groans escape his mouth as he falls back on the bed; his legs hanging off the end, bare toes peeking out from under frayed edges. The feel of the denim on the back of his hand as he strokes up and down over his cock, the feeling makes him want this to never end but he can feel his orgasm building in his balls.

The thick seam of the crotch rubs over his ass and balls with each push and pull of his fist. The jeans are moving back and forth making everything even more tantalizing. The movements and Dean’s dirty thought are all it takes, he thinks about Sam’s cum smeared on the inside of the heavy denim as he cums hard and fast all over the inside of Sam’s jeans. The messy wetness seeps through the thick denim to make a substantial wet spot on the front.

He lays there panting out Sam’s name as he comes down from the intense orgasm. He can’t believe that the thought of Sam cuming inside of his own jeans made him cum inside of them too. He thinks about how Sam’s possibly dirty jeans against his naked body made him so hard he couldn’t control his urge to cum and he starts to laugh about it.

Hurrying to get the jeans off before Sam returns Dean stuffs them into his own duffel so he can clean them up before Sam sees the wet spot. He knows Sam would never let him live down the fact that he literally creamed in Sam’s jeans.

One more load to go and the laundry is done. Sam folds the whites, each t-shirt and pair of boxers makes him think about wearing Dean’s briefs the other day. He carefully folds each item letting his fingers pad over the soft cotton material of Dean’s clothing before neatly tucking it into the bag.

A pair of Dean’s boxer shorts is tangled up in with the t-shirts and Sam swallows hard at his own desire. He thinks about it for just a second before stuffing the black boxers into his jacket pocket.

Back at the Motel Sam tries not to think about the boxers secretly stashed in his pocket. He finds himself mindlessly looking at his jacket and thinking about any excuse to escape into the bathroom to put on the briefs tucked inside.

“I’m gonna go get us something to eat, be back in about an hour,” Dean announces suddenly as he grabs his coat and heads out the door.

“Bring me back a Salad,” Sam says quickly as the door clicks shut behind Dean.

He looks out the window and watches as Dean starts the car and pulls out of the parking space. It isn’t even a second before he’s off the bed and grabbing the underwear out of his jacket.

His jeans and boxers are a pile on the floor beside him as he pulls on the boxers. Thin spandex that is just a bit too snug in the crotch but he doesn’t care, they’re Dean’s boxers he’s wearing.

The black boxers look damned good on him, sure they look even hotter on Dean but it’s not how they look but how they feel. Watching himself in the mirror makes his cock stir, he’s half hard now pushing a bulge in the boxers and he palms it pressing hard, rubbing the material over the swelling flesh.
It’s only been about fifteen minutes and the door swings open, Dean trotting in empty handed startling Sam as he watches his hand moving underneath the boxers while he rubs himself off.

“Hey Sammy, I for……………” He spies Sam in front of the mirror, hand down the front of his boxers with a look of embarrassment on his face.

Sam pulls his hand from the boxers and grabs his jeans from the floor trying to cover himself. “What the Fuck Dean?!”

Dean can’t help himself as he watches Sam’s flustered behavior, he laughs at it openly, “What’s wrong Sammy,” He says as he watches him bend over putting his legs into his jeans and he notices that the boxers Sam is wearing are actually his. “Caught you with your hand down my pants,” Dean says.

Sam’s face turns the brightest shade of pink Dean’s ever seen. He walks over to Sam slowly enjoying every moment of his awkwardness. “So, like wearing my underwear do you?” his voice takes on a tinge of desire. He licks his lips as his eyes roam Sam’s body, enjoying every long inch of it.

“Shut the fuck up Dean,” Sam says fighting with his jeans as he tries to pull them over his thighs.

“Some might say that this is a, Kink, you’ve got there Sammy boy.” He reaches out and touches Sam’s ass stopping Sam from being able to pull the jeans completely over it.

“Fuck you,” Sam says completely frustrated and ashamed of being caught.

“Awwww, come on Sammy, let me see those Hanes.” Dean pushes at the waistband forcing the jeans down to Sam’s knees again as he devours the sight of Sam’s ass tucked inside of his boxers.

“It’s not a kink Dean, I grabbed the wrong pair again.”

“Yeah, right Sam. Once I get, twice, not so much.” His hands are roaming Sam’s ass.

“It’s true,” he says leaning into Dean’s touch but pretending to not want it.

“Yeah, and I masturbated while wearing your jeans just so I wouldn’t get mine dirty.”

“Yeah well…..,” He trails off realizing what Dean has said and spins around to face him. “You what?” He sounds like he can’t believe what he just thought he heard.

“You heard me right, made a nice wet spot right over the crotch for ya.” Dean lets Sam go long enough to pull the jeans from his duffel. “See, nice and wet for ya.”

Sam smirks, his cheeks going from a flush of embarrassment to a flush of pure desire. “Put them on for me,” He says his voice dark and possessive.

“Fuck you,” Dean says throwing them on the bed and returning to Sam’s side.

“I am pulling up my pants and leaving if you don’t put them on for me.” Sam starts to pull his jeans up, his erection now pushing such a hard line into the front of the boxers that it’s hard to get his jeans up over the front without rubbing over it.

Seeing how hard Sam is and feeling how hard his own cock is, Dean decides to give Sam a show too.

“Okay Sammy but just this once. It’s not like it’s a kink of mine or anything. Not like with you.”

Dean strips down and pulls the jeans on just like earlier, completely commando.

Sam’s eyes go wide at the sight of Dean’s hard cock being stuffed into his jeans. The way the ass fits him is much snugger than when he wears them and the crotch is far too tight. “Fuck.” is all that comes out when he tries to express his enjoyment.

“Like what you see,” Dean says as he models the pants for Sam.

“Mmmhu.” Sam’s brain has shut down and he’s talking with his cock now, in unintelligible syllables and semi-coherent sounds.

Dean laughs at Sam’s inability to form sentences or words for that matter. He leans in and pulls Sam close, pressing their bodies tight into each other. “I want to fuck you while you are wearing my boxers,” he whispers in Sam’s ear before kissing down his neck.

Sam shudders in Dean’s arms, the feel of hot breath in his ear, the words Dean said and all he can do is respond with need. “Yes, now.”

He backs Sam up to the bed laying him down before pulling his jeans off and throwing them on the floor. Dean’s eyes map the landscape of Sam’s legs and thighs before he reaches the boxer briefs that he is so snuggly tucked into. His eyes fall first on the huge bump of Sam’s erect cock choking against the front panel of the crotch and he licks his lips in anticipation of its release.

He climbs up Sam’s body, his mouth working along the deep ridge of his chest kissing softly up to his neck then licking a hot wet stripe to Sam’s chin. His mouth hovers over Sam’s soft earlobe as he whispers filth into it.

“Oh God Sammy, you make me so hard. I wanna suck you until you cum in my mouth.” His tongue follows the swirling design of Sam’s ear as he breaths hot words into it. “The way your cock looks pushed tight inside of my boxers..MMMuh,” his words fail as his cock grinds down into Sam’s crotch, the feel of the heavy denim rubbing against his hard dick makes him lose his train of thought.

Sam shutters under his slow grinding, his body arching up to meet Dean’s downward pushes, their cocks rubbing and grinding against each other. “Oh, Fuck, Dean,” he pants into Dean’s mouth as it comes crashing down on him.

Their lips are pressing tight together with a hungry desire for flesh to flesh. Soft lips mouthing in rhythm as tongues slip and slide through the pink tenderness. Hot saliva exchanges with each pass of their tongues, the tips intertwining before shoving forward to taste the others wet heat.

Sam’s hands reach up and wind through the short spikes of Dean’s hair trying to get purchase as he pushes up into Dean’s wanton mouth. The sounds of panting groaned out fills the space between them as Dean pulls off.

“MM, Sammy. Fuck yeah,” he’s looking down into Sam’s half lidded lust blown eyes. “I could do this all day long.”

A big lazy smile crosses Sam’s mouth as he moans out, “If you do this all day, I’m going to die of blue balls.” He pulls Dean’s hair a little causing him to moan in pleasure.

“Wouldn’t want that, now would we,” Dean says as he starts to move back down Sam’s body.

Sam’s over sensitized skin is slick with salty sweat and Dean can’t help himself, he runs his flat broad tongue through each glistening streak reveling in the taste of it.

“You taste So fucking good Sammy.”

He dips his tongue into Sam’s navel as he passes it making Sam gasp in hard then giggle like a school boy. Dean smiles at the sounds Sam’s making but continues on to the impossibly hard bulge covered over with thin tight spandex. There’s a hot damp spot already pooling just below the waistband and Dean licks it, the musky wetness of the precum tingeing on his tongue.

Dean’s hot breath over Sam’s cock as he opens his mouth and works his tongue over the encased flesh makes Sam moan and curse.

“Jesus Fucking Christ Dean. Fuck Yeah. Oh My God, you work that mouth like hooker; I should pay you for your services. You’re my dirty little whore. Oh fuck yeah, Dean please don’t stop,” Sam’s words are slurred and come out more as panted pleas as he taunts Dean.

Dean nuzzles his entire face into Sam’s crotch at the encouraging words as he mumbles into it. “I’m only a whore for you Sammy.”

Sam rubs at Dean’s shoulders as he fights the urge to buck into this face. “Fuck me Dean, please, fuck me,” His voice shuddering as he says it.

He stands up and starts to shuck Sam’s jeans but Sam sits up and stops him. “No, don’t. Fuck me with them on. I want to feel them when you push into my ass.” Sam’s eyes are dark with desire as he stares up into Dean’s eyes, his hands holding Dean’s still at the waistband.

Dean lets go of the jeans. “Whatever you want Sammy.”

Sam climbs up on the bed and gets on his knees; he pushes his ass in Dean’s direction with an encouraging wiggle. Dean starts to take off the boxers and Sam reaches back and slaps at his hands.

“Leave them on; just push them to the side. I want to know I’m completely yours.”

Slipping his finger under the hem of the waistband Dean slides them down just off of Sam’s ass, just so they are tucked under each cheek and he has clear access to Sam’s tight hole. He rubs the pad of his thumb down the crack of Sam’s ass stopping to push tenderly at the puckered hole before retrieving the small bottle of lube from the nightstand.

“Gonna fuck you so good Sammy,” is all Dean says before squirting a large amount of Lube onto Sam’s asshole. He uses his thumb to prep the tight entrance, pushing in and thrusting. Sam pushes into the thick digit, panting and moaning out encouragement.

“Oh yeah, that feels so good, push harder, please push harder,” he hisses out the words, his voice pleasure soaked and needy as his body rocks back and forth on Dean.

Dean follows Sam’s instructions pushing in as deep as he can with just his thumb, plunging it in faster thrusting in and out. His thumb is smearing the lube both inside and out coating the entrance completely so that when he is ready to put his dick in there, it will be one smooth movement.

“So tight, so fucking hot Sammy, so fucking hot,” Dean’s words are thick in his throat as he watches Sam take his finger like a slut.

Sam moves his ass back with urgency begging Dean to replace the small digit with his long thick cock and Dean happily obliges.

He slicks up his cock and rubs it over Sam’s puckered entrance teasingly before lining up and slipping inside the stretched hole. His cock slides deep inside Sam’s heat, the lubrication making him slip in easily, going balls deep with one smooth thrust. The head of his cock brushing Sam’s prostate making Sam hiss in a sharp audible sound of pleasure.

The slick thrusting in and out of Sam’s hole is like a tight hot fist around Dean’s cock and he’s enjoying every inch of Sam’s sluttish ass.

Sam’s bucking wildly every time Dean hits his sweet spot, the jolt of pleasure like electricity up his spine as he rocks hard and fast back onto Dean, keeping him balls deep inside of his ass.

“Just like that Dean. Yeah, fuck my ass, make it so good, and take me all the way. Make me cum with you in my ass,” Sam’s voice comes out cracked and breathless, all the pleasure surging through him wrecking him, pushing him so far over he edge he can barely hold on.

The loud cracking sound of Dean smacking Sam’s ass echoes through the room and Sam yelps a little then coos at the sensation. Dean’s thrusting so hard into Sam that he is literally bouncing them to the other side of the bed, but Sam can’t seem to get enough of it. He’s bucking and mewling with each thrust, begging for more, for harder thrusts, its almost animalistic and Dean is so going with it.

The open button of the jeans pushes a round circle into Sam’s ass because Dean rarely leaves the spot, his hips working hard to slam into Sam without actually breaking hip to cheek contact.

Sam’s cock is still trapped inside of Dean’s boxers. He is unbelievably hard and leaking a stream of precum all over the inside of them. His head is tender from the press of fabric but it feels so good when it slips inside of them with each thrust, the jolt of his hips making his cock move inside the precum lubricated fabric. His balls are tight with the need to cum but he wants to wait for Dean to cum inside of him.

“Oh God Sammy, I…. I….m gonnna…,” Dean’s voice breaks as he grunts out as he starts to explode inside of Sam. His hot cum spilling out inside of Sam’s hot sex, his hips slamming hard into the soft cheeks of Sam’s ass as he cums for what feels like forever.

Sam shudders with the sensation of Dean’s movements, his whole body jerking forward with each thrust and it’s just enough movement to send him over the edge. His cock jerks and twitches as it releases hot and sticky inside of the briefs. The wet spot soaking through and Sam thinks its so much it’ll drip out onto the blanket.

Dean falls forward onto Sam’s back pushing him down onto the bed trapping him there, his cock still buried deep inside of Sam. They are panting and shaking, pleasure making them sweaty piles of pure satiated exhaustion.

“Oh fuck,” Dean pants out. “That was…,” words fail him as his brain short circuits and his cock twitches still trapped inside of the tight heat of Sam’s ass.

“Yeah…,” it comes out as more of a sigh than an actual word as Sam slips into a pleasure induced coma.
Dean rolls off of Sam and pulls the jeans up around his waist before settling behind Sam and throwing his arms around him in a tight full body snuggle.

“Love you Sammy,” he breathes out as he drifts off.

“Mmmmehto,” Sam says sleep drunk and incoherent.

The bed moves and Sam stirs awake, the warmth of Dean’s body is missing from his back and he looks for him. Sam sees him standing in front of the long mirror with his hand down the jeans jerking himself off, Sam chuckles and Dean looks over at him.

“What, they make me fucking hot,” Dean says, voice heavy with desire.

“It’s not that at all,” Sam giggles. “You have your hand down my pants, and I can’t feel a thing.”

The End


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