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Title: It’s moments like these that mean so much more.
Author: Dolavine
Word count: 991
Table: 07 Get your kink on
Prompt: #5 Afterglow
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: R/Schmoop
Warnings: Established Wincest
Disclaimer: I own nothing.. blah blah blah…. Enjoy this work of total fiction.
Summary: Sam always enjoys the sexual aspects of Dean but it’s the afterglow that really seals the deal for him.
Written for: [ profile] spn_30snapshots
AN: Thanks to another productive night on Messenger I finished this in 2hrs... Thanks to my beta [ profile] memoonster for her tireless efforts on this entirely too long fic.. lmao ;)

It’s that tight clench that Sam loves, the way Dean squeezes his ass around Sam’s cock just before Dean shoots his load.

Picking up the pace with his hips, to push Dean over the edge, Sam reaches around to roughly stroke him off with fast jerks.

Dean clenches his ass tighter making it almost impossible for Sam to keep moving in and out as he sprays hot over Sam’s tight grip. It isn’t long after that Sam follows him over the edge cuming hard while buried deep inside of Dean’s tight heat.

Dean can’t hold himself up any longer, the heavy heat of Sam lying on his back pushes him onto the bed and they collapse in a pile of sweat and exhaustion.

“That was fucking amazing,” Dean pants out. His hands are grappling for a pillow to rest his head on.

Rolling off of Dean’s back Sam grunts as he falls onto his own. “Amazing doesn’t actually cover it,” his voice is lazy as it draws out the sentence.

Sam throws his arm over Dean settling in next to him letting his hand smooth over the wet skin. The feeling of the heat soaking through his palm feels so good to him.

He leans up and kisses Dean tenderly on the lips, that soft hot brush of lips better than anything they had just done to reach orgasm.

“MMMM, love you Sammy,” Dean says lazily as he snuggles into Sam’s huge body.

Sam loves this; it’s his favorite part of sex with Dean. The feeling of Dean’s relaxed body pushing into his, it’s lazy with satiation and damp with cooling perspiration. This is when Dean is at his most relaxed, most vulnerable with Sam, this is when he says I love you and means it in a bigger way than just because he’s his brother.

Dean turns on his side to look in Sam’s face, to watch his innocent expression as he stares at Dean while they come down from their orgasms. He feels his hand hot on his back, smearing through the cooling sweat as it makes its way up to his head to run those long fingers through the damp short spikes of hair.

“Feels so good when you do that Sammy,” Dean’s almost purring as the words hum out.

Sam giggles, “Want me to scratch behind your ears too?” It’s a joke but if Dean said yes, he’d so do it. Anything to please Dean, to make him smile that genuine not a care in the world right now smile. Sam loves that smile, it makes his eyes crinkle at the corners and Sam’s been known to kiss those crinkles sometimes, just because he can do so without retribution at these moments.

Sometimes sleep comes fast after they have sex but its moments like these, lazy fulfilled moments of half awake and still coherent moments when they can just bask in the glory of their love. They can show each other just how much tenderness they actually share.

Pressing snuggly into each other, arms wrapped tight around hot bodies, small tender kisses to the mouth or any other part of the body that is accessible at the moment. These are things Sam relishes. He lives for these stolen moments of pure unadulterated bliss.

It’s not often that Dean lets Sam in like this. Not often that Sam gets to truly see the man behind the stern mask of hero to the world. He’s not hunting, protecting or killing anything when they’re like this, he’s just Dean, lover to Sam, protector of nothing but his side of the bed.

Dean runs rough fingers over Sam’s cheek feeling the contours of his dimples. “Ya know, I love your dimples,” he says it like it’s a complete revelation at this very moment.

Sam laughs making the grooves deeper and Dean can’t help but lean in and kiss his curved lips.

Sam moans quietly into Dean’s mouth, “Mmmm,” the sound is both pleasure and sheer joy.

They stare into each others hooded eyes. The light dancing off of their irises as it beams in through the crack of the curtains.

“You’re eyes are so green when you’re sleepy,” Sam can’t help it, he loves Dean’s green eyes. He’s almost jealous of their beauty but then he remembers he is the only one that gets to see them like this, gets to know what he hides behind them from everyone else and he smiles before kissing him on the brow above each.

Dean’s eyes are slowly slipping shut as he clutches at Sam trying to pull him closer. He wants him flush against his chest while they sleep. Their naked bodies pressed so tight that the heat between them is indistinguishable, like they are one body melded together.

Sam turns on his side and pushes back into Dean, folding himself into the small semi circle of the little spoon. He would only ever do this for Dean. Let Dean be the bigger body, let him be the one who holds Sam like this, completely vulnerable and trusting.

Dean nuzzles into Sam’s neck as he mumbles, “Love you so much Sammy.”

Sam smiles pushing tighter into Dean’s body as he takes in a deep breath before letting it out on the words, “I’ll never love anyone else as long as I live.”

These are the last words that pass between them before sleep overtakes both of them.

The End


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