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Title: You’ve got me Pegged
Author: Dolavine
Pairing: Jared/Genevieve
Rating: NC-17 for porn
Word count: 1,668
Summary: Genevieve gives Jared one of fantasies, She pegs him.
Written for: [ profile] rhythmsextion Jared Gen Pegging prompt at bottom Jared fanworks fest

There are three things that Jared notices when he walks in the front door.
1.The dogs don’t greet him.
2.He doesn’t smell the food cooking for his supper.
3.Genevieve is lying stretched out and Naked on the Sofa in the living room, with a small thin pink dildo jutting up from her pelvis.

“Welcome home sweetie pie,” She says in a low seductive tone, her red lips pursed into a sexy pout. Her hand is snaked around the base of the strap-on cock; it slides up so she can slip her fingers over the pink head.

Jared’s mouth falls open at the sight, his brain goes dead as he is only focusing on the fake cock between her legs. “Hey.” He manages to speak but isn’t totally sure how coherent the word actually was.

She crooks her finger to wave him over. “Why don’t you come over here and give me a proper hello, big boy,” she says as she’s seductively slipping her fingers up and down between her perky breasts. Her shiny red lips are wet from the lip gloss but she licks them anyway for effect.

Jared drops his jacket and supplies on the floor as he heads over to the sofa. He’s fumbling with the buttons on his shirt then struggles to get it off his arms. He’s not being graceful in the least but it’s really hard to be a super stud when your wife’s wearing a cock that she is most definitely going to use on you.

“That’s right baby take it all off for me,” She coos as her hand starts to stroke the strap-on cock like she’s enjoying every push and pull of her hand.

He stops at the edge of the sofa to kick off his trousers before falling to his knees beside her. His cock is hard and peeking above the thick band of his boxers. His eyes roam her perfect body but he can’t stop staring at that pink Gel Cock sticking straight up calling his name.

“What is this all about,” he asks in a very innocent tone. He knows what this is about but he wants to hear her say it to him. His eyes never leave the sight of her stroking up and down the shaft.

“Remember when we were confessing fantasies and you said you wanted me to fuck you,” she says before licking a fingertip and then tracing Jared’s nipple with the cool wet tip.
“I never really thought you would do it,” he says with a sharp intake of breath from her finger on his nipple.

She slips her hand down his chest to the head of his cock and proceeds to smear the thin bead of precome over the head like icing on a tiny cupcake. “Baby, fantasies are made to be fulfilled.” She’s pulling the boxers off of his cock to expose it completely. “I have a fantasy too,” she bites her lips as she says it, making innocent doe eyes at Jared.

“And what would that be,” he asks as he watches fascinated by the movement of her fingers over both cocks at once.

“Suck it for me, give me a really good and dirty blow job before I fuck you with my hard cock,” her hand gives a harder tug on Jared cock like she’s using it to accentuate her need to watch him sucking the strap-on cock.

“Your wish is my command,” he says licking his lips to wet them really well for good lubrication.

It’s not like Jared’s a stranger to giving blow jobs but he’s never sucked a dildo before although he figures the mechanics are exactly the same.

He hovers over the pink penis his lips pursed in the perfect O to receive the thin head. Genevieve watches as he lowers his head down onto the cock. She begins to breathe rapidly, her clit twitches and she becomes far more excited than she could have ever imagined this would make her. As Jared begins to bob up and down on it making little noises with each up and down she realizes her husband sucking cock really, really turns her on.

The dildo is slick and flexible but doesn't feel quite right when it hits the back of Jared’s throat, not like Jensen’s cock does when he’s getting his mouth stuffed full of that delicious flesh pop. He feels Gen undulate under him trying to fuck his mouth so he lets her, gives her that fantasy. He slips a finger under the harness and strokes her wet clit; the tiny bud is rock hard as he flicks his finger over it, swirling around the edge and feeling the hood pop up as he brushes the highly sensitive head until she reaches an orgasm. Her body spasms under him as she cries out his name, he loves when he doesn’t have to penetrate her to get her going.

Pulling off with a pop he climbs her body with his mouth peppering kisses along her torso to her neck, tickling her over sensitized skin all the way to her mouth. She’s panting still thumbing with the intenseness of the orgasm when he straddles her hips and continues to kiss her.

Their bodies are melding, her chest heaving up into his as his long body stretches out over her, his body flattening out the dildo, he’s rocking back and forth over her his cock basically rutting off of the dildo but he likes it. The feeling of the stiff unforgiving phallus sliding against his hard overly sensitive needy cock could bring him to the verge of coming at any moment.

He sits up takes a deep breath. “Baby, I need it now,” he says urgently. “Lube, we need lube,” he says looking around.

“I’ve got you covered baby, came free with the set up,” she reaches behind her and gets a small bottle of astro lube and squeezes a liberal amount on her fingers. “Now turn around cause I want to stretch your ass wide,” She says with a sinister smile and scotches her body up into a seated position.

Jared turns around so that his ass is in the right direction. She opens the cheeks exposing the pink puckered entrance. “MMM yeah baby, it wants fucked doesn’t it,” she says darkly before leaning in and running her tongue over the hole.

Jared bucks with the hot wet feeling of her tongue, he loves it, the only other person to do that to him was Jensen and he couldn’t get enough then or now. “Yeah Gen, yeah fucking lick my hole,” he pants out.

She continues to circle the entrance with her tongue until she thinks Jared will turn to a puddle of goo, she then replaces it with the lubed pad of her middle finger. Circling the hole and feeling the muscle relax before pushing inside just past the tight ring muscle.

Jared bucks his hips towards her and hisses with pure pleasure. “Fuck yeah,” he moans out as he writhes against her finger pushing it all the way inside.

Her finger is all the way in so she slips another in beside it as she moves in and out the slick lube making his ass glisten as he rides her fingers. A third slides right in with no protest and she knows its time to fuck him with the strap-on.

Jared hisses at the loss of her fingers as she pulls them out. The gentle pop as he removes them leaves him feeling empty and needy. His cock is jerking and leaking steadily, he needs stuffed full before he bursts. He shifts himself into a position accessible to riding her cock.

Genevieve uses the head to tickle his entrance before she spreads the cheeks and pushes inside of his ass. He sinks down on it like a pro, like he’s done it before, the needy hip movements as he slides the lubed up cock in and out of himself is mesmerizing to her. She loves watching the cock going in and out of his tight hole. “Fuck Yeah Jared, ride my cock,” she says through clenched teeth. Her hands are on his shoulders as she pushes him down and holds him steady when he rises up.

The thin dildo is hitting Jared’s swollen prostate, the hot bursts of sensation shooting straight to his cock with each thrust. His cock is on fire with need when he feels her drop her hand from his shoulder and reach around to take hold of it. The soft gentle glide of wet fingers smearing the precome down his shaft and twisting at the base as he rides the ridged cock is very intense.

Her hand slithers up and down his cock slicking it thick with precome making each tug more insane as he fucks her hand with each thrust of his hips. Sinking down harder and harder, faster and faster onto the cock he feels her stutter her hips up into his ass and the deep penetration is more than he can stand as she smashes hard into his prostate for the final time. Jared comes hard his orgasm shooting out over her as he rides out the final spasms on the cock. His ass is clenching tight around the unyielding hard on of the dildo.

She stops moving her hand as she feels him relax. He falls forward across her legs, the cock popping free from his ass as he’s smearing his jizz between them. He’s panting and exhausted. She smoothes her hand over his ass cheeks in a calming and reassuring manner.

“That was fucking hot baby,” she whispers breathlessly, her pussy spasming with her second orgasm achieved from just watching her husband get off on the strap-on.

Jared can’t form words, he just makes a fucked out giggle as he lays eyes closed thinking about how fucking wonderful it is to have his ass stuffed full and making a mental note to remember to have Jen do this to him next they’re together.

The End

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