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Title: Is that really you on the other end?
Author: Dolavine
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jensen and Jared
Word Count: 3,124
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys at all, I only steal them for my sick obsessions. No Harm intended.
Summary: Jensen had a hard day and nothing will help him relax more than a good cum. He turns to an advertisement for phone sex in an all gay male porno and ends up calling one of the models named Jared for a very happy ending to a very stressful day.

Written from a Phone Sex prompt I gave [ profile] dephigravity for a fic he was writing but he didn’t use it and asked me to write a J2 version of it for him.

There is only one thing left to do to release Jensen’s stress when a work out, a massage, and a steam bath doesn’t do the trick, Masturbate.

Lying naked across the bed his suit crumpled on the floor next to it, a bottle of lube on the nightstand and he’s fumbling around between the mattresses for his porno magazine. He yanks hard and triumphantly waves the Magazine around before putting the extra pillow behind his head and settling into a comfy position.

He opens the magazine flipping through the latest Issue of Hot Young Males, his eyes scanning the tight toned bodies of the naked models. He focuses on their full erections, on their mouths and eyes, all the things he loves about a man, all those wonderful things that make him hard.

His one hand slips from the magazine and wanders down to his hardening member. Rough fingers slip over the tender flesh sending a burning need throughout his body. He wants this to last tonight, he doesn’t want to just get off but to actually have a fulfilling cum, one that will make him boneless, and help him to sleep.

Tan muscles on a black back ground, oiled skin shining in the harsh white lamp lights, as blue eyes stare at him with a sultry need. They’re begging him to crawl onto the page and take what he so wishes he could have right now.

He’s fully hard now, his hand clasped around the shaft moving in small gentle strokes. His breath is heavier, his gaze deeper as he turns the page to reveal another man begging for his attentions.

Thick thighs spread wide as a sandy haired man lies naked on a red sofa. His full long erection laying flat on his abdomen, except for the smallest arch that makes the head rest inside his perfect navel. Thick lined grooves separating his out stretched abdominal muscles as his arms are raised over his head pulling his body long and lean as he stares at Jensen with a beckoning need through dark eyes. His red lips curved into the slightest smile teasing him with perfect lips.

Soft stokes turn slightly rougher as Jensen closes his eyes and licks his lips. Soft moans escape slightly parted lips as he sees himself straddling the man on the sofa, his cock resting against the man’s perfect lips as his red tongue darts out to lap at the head. He feels himself falling deeper into the feeling of his hand stroking over dry flesh and he opens his eyes again to focus so he can make this last as long as he can.

Letting his gaze fall to the next page, hazel eyes smile back at him in a dark glare, commanding and intense. He feels his heart race as he explores the long lean body that seems to stretch for miles as it leans up against a rusty pick up truck. Naked only from the waist up, low slung jeans riddled with tattered frayed holes throughout cover the erection hidden underneath them. Legs crossed at the ankles, bare feet in dry dirt with hem threads tickling the tops of his long feet. His beauty inspires Jensen to stroke harder.

His hand stutters as he turns the page to the centerfold and it’s the gorgeous man from the previous page. White lettering stretches across the top of the page spelling out Jared Padalecki and below is the man in all of his glory. His naked tanned skin stretched out across the front seat of that pickup truck. His knee bent up so that his leg rests on the steering wheel opening his legs just enough that his hard cock is exposed. Long and thick pressing against his belly, Jensen thinks it’s a beauty to behold. Jared’s long fingers resting just above it as they lay across his belly as if he is ready to touch himself at the thought of Jensen masturbating to him.

Hot quick breaths fill the air as Jensen squeezes the base of his cock to keep himself from cuming at the sight of such beauty. Those smiling eyes with the darkness behind them beckoning him to spill his wet hot cum onto the page and cover his nakedness with it.

Jensen roams the page and reads the tiny paragraph about the man in the picture to tone down his excitement.

Jared is a 6’4” College student who loves nothing more than taking his two dogs for a morning run before going to work at his job as a phone sex operator. Jared is a business student who started in the phone sex business as a freshman in college to pay the tuition but found it to be so lucrative that he has carried it over into a full time business while he finishes his degree at Stanford University.

Jensen shifts his position so that he can lie on his side and stare at Jared while he finishes the job at hand. He shifts the book and a slip of paper falls onto the bed. He picks it up and it’s Jared naked with a phone receiver over his hard cock with the words, Call me, you know you want to. Jensen’s breath catches in his throat as his cock throbs at the thought of hearing Jared’s voice on the other end of the phone.

He puts the paper aside and dismisses it because there is no way he would actually get Jared and to only pretend to be talking to him for 1.99 a minute isn’t worth the ejaculation he would get from it.

He stares at the man with the hazel eyes and instead of wanting to get off to the thought of his mouth, those huge hands, or that cock stuffed inside of him, all he wants to do is hear his voice. He wants Jared to know he wants him to know he is getting off on him and his eyes fall back onto the yellow advertisement.

He reaches over and takes the phone from the nightstand and starts to dial the number then falters worried about getting someone who is not actually Jared. He drops the phone in frustration and rolls onto his back staring up at the ceiling.

The urge to call knotting in his belly as he struggles with his desire, his hand resting on his belly just above his cock, the lack of attention waning his erection.

His frustration gets the best of him and he dials the phone again this time listening to it ring. An electronic voice answers with a pleasant tone announcing new menu changes and the fact that your phone bill will be charged 1.99 a minute. He thinks about hanging up, about abandoning this obviously desperate attempt to make a connection with this Jared. The voice announces the Menu Options for choosing your partner of choice. She goes through the menu and announces for Jared press 7. Jensen presses 7 without hesitation. His heart begins to pound faster, his fading erection starts to fill again and he can’t wait to hear his voice.

He settles in as soft music plays through the receiver, his hand moves down and perches on his belly just above his now half hard cock, waiting for his lover’s voice to set him on fire again.

A smooth Southern drawl comes across the line. “This is Jared how may I service you today?” his voice sultry and thick and Jensen goes blank, his brain freezes as his semi hard cock goes completely stiff just from the sound of Jared’s voice.

The silence stretches for what seems like hours when the voice cuts through the thick haze in Jensen’s brain again. “Hello?” Is said as Jensen’s breath catches in his throat making an audible noise and he forces himself to speak but what comes out shocks him. “I’m hard for you,” cracks out in a not so sexy tone.

“That’s good because I’m hard for you too.” Jared says never changing his slow sultry tone.

Jensen clears his throat as quietly as he can before trying to speak again. “I mean you’re picture makes me hard and your voice, Oh God.” His hand slides across his belly making soft circles around his navel as he tries not to touch himself yet.

“You say the sweetest things.” Jared says softly. “What’s your name?” his voice dropping to a lower register.

“Jensen.” He says without thinking and he could brain himself for giving his real name.

“Wow, Jensen, that’s a sexy name.” Jared actually means it as he writes it down on a pad in front of him so that he doesn’t forget to say it over and over to him, but he doesn’t change his format keeping his sexy persona.

“Thanks.” Jensen says clearing his throat nervously.

“So you said my picture turns you on, what turns you on the most Jensen?” Jared leans back in his chair twirling his pen between his fingers.

“I love your eyes. I love how hazel they are, how they look like they are smiling at me in the most devious way.” He can feel his cock pulsing out Morris code for touch me as he closes his eyes and describes Jared’s own eyes to him.

“MMM, I’ve never had a man like my eyes over my huge hard cock before Jensen.” Jared smiles at the sounds Jensen is making into the phone from just thinking about his eyes.

“Oh don’t get me wrong your cock is amazing too but those eyes.” Jensen bites his lower lip as he lets his hand drift down to his balls and caress the soft sac with light circular strokes, his voice drops an octave as he lets a slow quiet moan escape his throat.

“MMM that sounds nice Jensen, what are you doing to me?” The sound makes Jared sit up and lean forward putting his pen down and his elbows on his desk as he adjusts his head set to hear better. A slower less quiet moan echoes through the receiver and for the first time since his second day on the job he can feel his dick pay attention to the noises coming through the phone at him.

“I’m kissing down your beautiful neck and nipping at your shoulder.” Jensen increases the circles and the pressure along the thin rough seam along the center of his sac. A thick moan escapes his throat as he shifts his hips for a better angle.

Jared leans forward his cock now half hard and his attentions are focused on the heavy breathing gusting through the ear piece at him. “That’s nice Jensen. What color are your eyes?” He asks before he can stop himself.

“Green.” He moans out. “What do you want to do to me?” He asks with a low growl as he shifts from his balls up to the base of his cock. Letting his fingers make a loose circle around the shaft and sliding them up barely grazing the flesh until he hits the engorged head and then he inhales deep, licks his lips and lets a soft sound out through his nose.

The erotic noises that Jensen is making have Jared fully hard now and he feels like he should be paying him for this session. He mindlessly rubs his own crotch through his jeans as he settles back into his chair. “Describe your hard cock to me; tell me how it feels in your hand Jensen.”

Jensen closes his hand a little tighter around the shaft paying attention to every stroke, to how his cock feels in his hand. “It feels full and thick, the skin smooth and rough at the same time but the head, it feels spongy and when I hit it.” He pulls his hand up and pulls into the head rubbing his thumb over the leaking slit smearing the thick pearls of precum over the smooth flushed head. “MMM, ugh, it feels so good, so intense. I want to know what your mouth feels like on it.” He says mindlessly, his fingers working at the taut flesh and suddenly the phone is too cumbersome to hold onto, he lets it fall away from his ear and hits the speaker phone button.

Suddenly Jared’s cock is too tight in his jeans and he can’t control the urge to touch it. He leans out of his cubical and looks around making sure that he’s alone before pushing the cardboard divider over the open doorway for privacy. He knows this is against company policy but the noises Jensen is making and the way he enjoys touching himself is pushing Jared over the edge. He has never heard anyone with such passion in his voice before, such want and need being conveyed with each harsh breath, small moan and the way he says his name with that low gravelly tone. He opens his jeans and slips his hips forward exposing his belly damp with precum and pulls himself out stroking softly. “Ahh, Jensen, you make me so hard. Now tell me about your legs.” He says with a dark soft commanding tone.

The sound of Jared’s want is apparent to Jensen who is edging closer and closer to his orgasm just from thinking that Jared is actually touching himself for him. “They are spread wide for you, knees bent a little bit and laying open so you have better access to my ass.” He bites his lower lip as he slides his other hand down between his legs past his balls to his tight hole and circles it making himself arch a little and make breathy moans into the room.

Groaning at his own touch and hearing Jensen’s own need Jared slouches down and arches his hips as his hand works a little faster over his cock. “Sounds nice, but tell me what they look like, are they long or thick or what?” His breath is heavy into the phone and his Texas accent is thick as his pleasure center takes over. He closes his eyes and waits for the description.

“Ugh. I have bowed legs.” Jensen grunts out fearing that the next sound he hears will be a laugh and he falters his strokes along his cock waiting for the response.

“MMM really? I love bowed legs on my men.” Jared’s voice is thick and lazy as his hand pulls on his long hard dick. “Makes getting between them so much easier.” He draws out the word easier as he moans through closed lips. “Tell me about your mouth Jensen.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be telling me what you want to do to me?” Jensen says resuming the pace up and down his cock and around his hole.

“You already know what I look like, isn’t it fair I know something about you?” He never stops slicking his cock with loose stokes.

“Fair enough.” He says abandoning his ass as he reaches for the lube snapping the cap open and dripping it on his cock, the cold wetness easing the burning need building inside of him. He touches his mouth running his fingers over the smooth curves as he starts to describe it. “It’s very rosy pink colored. The cupid’s bow of my upper lip is just the right arch and my lower lip is slightly fuller and smooth. When I lick them they are smooth and shiny and they feel so good as my tongue rubs over the tender skin.” He hears himself in the echo from the speaker phone. “But the best part is when they wrap around that amazing cock of yours.”

“Unf, mmmm.” Jared is speechless except for the guttural noises he makes as he thinks about Jensen’s bowed legs wrapped around him as he kisses what sounds like perfect lips. “MMM I bet they taste good, like cherry chapstick or fresh strawberries.”

“You have a pretty mouth too. What would you do to me with it?” Jensen prods as he feels himself reaching his edge wanting Jared to tell him how he would use his mouth on him.

He thinks about it for a few seconds his brain on basic shut down as he feels his body responding to the urgent need to cum. “First I will kiss my way down your chest to your belly and then your cock. My tongue will slide over the head dipping into the slit lapping up all of your salty precum. My lips sucking slightly at the head before letting it slide over my rough tongue to the back of my throat as I take you all the way to the hilt and suck softly as my tongue works along your shaft. Jared’s eyes are closed as his hand moves harder now, the pace faster as he feels his balls tighten and he can’t control himself as he digs his heels into the thin carpet pushing his hips off of the chair and with several tight strokes he cums onto his desk grunting into the phone with a deep primal growl.

Jensen picks up the pace his balls tight, his hand moving like a blur over his stiff cock slipping over the head the lube making each stroke effortless. His eyes closed tight as he sees Jared on his knees hands clasp behind his back in a submissive position as his mouth works over Jensen’s cock and the image alone of those hazel eyes staring up at him with his mouth stuffed full of Jensen’s ample cock pushes him over the edge. The noises Jared is making as he cums has Jensen in a frenzy as he squeezes the head with each rough stroke, his cum shoots out hot onto his belly. Quick short strokes milking the final spurts as they fall onto his over heated skin.

There is no silence as the sounds of heavy panting are like static between them. Soft moans echo though the line as the sound of Jared’s metal zipper grinds back up into place and Jensen smiles because he knows that he really was getting off while talking to him. He pulls the sheet up over himself and shuts off the speaker putting the phone back up to his ear.

There isn’t anything exchanged between them as they listen to the comfortable silence and its almost like spooning each other after great sex then Jared breaks that silence. “Think you’ll call back again?” He clears his throat.

Jensen smiles and snuggles into the pillow. “Most definitely.” He makes a contented sound into the mouth piece.

“I’ll be looking forward to it, Jensen.” Jared says ending the call with a quiet click.

The end


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