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Title: Ink and Needle
Author: Dolavine aka (for this fic only) Char
Pairing: Jensen/Jared RPS/RPF
Rating: NC-17.. (What? It’s porn)
Word count: 9,258
Disclaimer: I do not own the J’s.. Although I wish I did because then I wouldn’t have to write this because it wouldn’t be RPF it would be RL Canon.. No harm intended no profits made.
Warnings: Orgasm denial
Summary: Jensen is a tattoo artist who has a shop with his boyfriend Jared who does piercing body art. This is the story of them, their shop, a very special Tattoo and how Jensen decides to let Jared give him his very first piercing.
A/N: Written for [ profile] dephigravity aka Nicky. Happy Birthday, I wish I had more to offer you than a sparse fic but I hope you enjoy it. Sorry about the lack of bow and fancy wrap but did you ever try to wrap a fic gifted via the internet. My monitor is covered in scotch tape. ;) ps: Thank you to my Awesomesauce brainiac with a heart of gold and a penis the size of Texas for informing me of the Prince Albert.
Thanks to my Awesome Beta.. [ profile] memoonster.

Jensen’s working on his second cup of coffee when Jared comes down the stairs and into their tattoo and body piercing shop. They never open up this early but Jared has a 9am appointment with a couple for a Prince Albert and Queen Christina and then Jensen is doing the couples wedding ring tattoos.

“Morning Sunshine,” Jared chirps out as he enters the shop.

“We both know I don’t do mornings,” Jensen says dryly before taking a long swallow of his coffee. He slides a paper cup across the counter at Jared. “You’re favorite Latté Mr. Padalecki.”

“You remembered,” he beams as he takes the cup, “Thanks” Jared says taking a drink before flopping down in his chair. “Sorry that I overslept this morning but honestly after what you did to me last night, Jesus Jen you sure know how to wear a guy out in bed,” he gives a sly grin before hiding it with the coffee cup.

“Hey I’m not the one who begged to be tied down and ravaged within an inch of my life,” Jensen says moving from behind the counter to stand next to Jared’s chair.

Smiling Jared lifts up his tight fitting T-shirt with the Rolling Stones Lips logo on it and points to the red bruises on his chest and stomach. “Yeah and you gave me the marks to remember the whole thing by too.”

“You loved every minute of it, don’t even pretend,” Jensen says leaning down to kiss at the beautiful marks peppering Jared’s torso.

“Never said I didn’t,” Jared says pulling Jensen up to his mouth for a deep kiss.

“Mmmm, sweet caramel,” Jensen says licking his lips. “See I don’t need to buy Lattés, you provide me with them for free,” Jensen says with a chuckle.

“Well, better get to work here Romeo, paying customers are gonna be showing up at any minute for their wedding jewelry,” Jared says as he loads needles up into a sterilizing machine and switches it on.

Jensen puts several tattoo guns into his conclave and wipes down his chair with a sterilizing cloth before covering it with white sterile paper. “I guess I’ll start with one tattoo while you do one piercing,” He yells over the loud sterilizing equipment.

“Sounds good honey buns,” Jared chuckles and wiggles his ass in Jensen’s direction.

“Are you trying to get something started here,” Jensen says coyly as he watches Jared’s ass wiggle while he arranges various studs and rings on a tray for his conclave.

Looking back he shoots Jensen a giant grin then points at himself. “Who me, get something started,” he waggles his eyebrows, the sliver bar balls on the ends catching the light. “Besides in about 15 minutes there’s going to be an erect cock on my table, I don’t think I need one up my ass at the same time, sorta breaks my concentration.”

“Who says it will be up your ass,” Jensen says making the hand to mouth gesture for a blow job.

Jared furrows his brow and bites his lower lip catching the stud in his lip between his teeth with concentration. “Don’t know if I could keep up my professional work ethic with that going on, but I’m game if you wanna try,” He says winking at Jensen then lifting his shirt to circle a nipple then tug on the thick silver nipple ring in a highly suggestive manner before blowing him a kiss.

“Oh I’m game, I’m very game. Just not sure if our customers are,” Jensen laughs then blows Jared a kiss before palming his cock like a rap star.

Jared just laughs. “Guess this will have to be continued later, here they come,” he says pointing at the couple as they walk up to the door and knock on it.

“You bet your sweet ass it going to be continued later,” Jensen says walking over to open the door for them.

Jared crosses over and extends his hand when the couple comes in. “Hi, I’m Jared I’ll be doing your body piercing today.” He gives them his biggest most confident, you can trust me with your life smile as he shakes their hands.

Jensen leads them to the counter to fill out paperwork, “and I’m Jensen Ackles your body art or Tattooist. I understand you made the arrangements over the phone with our assistant so we want you to get acquainted with our work before you make any real decisions about what you want,” Jensen hands them a book and brochure of their previous works, the Title across the top reads; INK&NEEDLE your complete body art shop. He also gives them consent forms and liability papers to read and sign.

The man notices Jensen’s arm and smiles. “Love the sleeve dude, who did the tribal work,” He says running his hand over the markings on the back of Jensen’s hand.

“I designed all of them myself but my buddy did the ink, cause it’s hard to ink yourself,” He says showcasing the rest of his arm under his sleeve up onto his shoulder and the large one going up over his neck.

They notice Jensen’s tattooed ring finger. “Cool, you have a permanent wedding band too huh,” the woman says showing off her modest engagement diamond.

“Yeah, We do,” Jensen says holding it up, the intricate blue ring with its woven Celtic knotting design inked on his ring finger. “Jared opted for the green color but same design though.”

Jared holds his hand up from across the room. “It goes better with your eyes baby,” He says before turning back to his work.

After signing all of the paperwork and picking out their ring designs and piercing jewelry the two are ready for their body work.

Jared takes the man by the arm and leads him over to his table while Jensen takes the woman to his chair.

“I need you to relax,” Jared says putting on a pair of latex gloves with a loud snap and then a big smile.

The man swallows nervously. “I’m fine Dude. So you’re lovers, you know you and the tattoo guy,” he questions as Jared begins to unzip his fly and take the customer’s penis out.

“Uh yeah, four years now,” Jared says wiping the head of the penis with a sterile gel solution. “Now you have to jerk it off, or I can do it for you, either way it’s got to be hard to do this.”

The man looks at him and furrows his brow in confusion. “Hard, like Wood,” he asks nervously.

“Yeah, like total wood Dude, unless you want me to make a mistake and ruin your sex life forever.” Jared says very seriously then makes the motions for the guy to start jacking off. “Come on, just get it up and we can move on.”

The man starts to slowly jerk off, his hand smearing the thin liquid over the head. He tugs and strokes but only achieves half hardness and he sighs exasperatedly. “I never have trouble getting it up,” he says worriedly.

Jensen is inking the woman when he hears Jared from behind his black screen.

“Dude you have to stroke it completely hard for me, or I am gonna have to do it for you.” Jared looks out from behind the screen and over at Jensen shaking his head and making the universal sign for wanking.

Jensen laughs quietly then clears his throat before starting to ink again. He hears Jared again from behind the screen.

“Look man, it has to be hard like complete wood or I could hit a nerve and then bam your ED for the rest of your life or worse, you can get it up and not feel a damned thing. Just yank it off, it only needs to be super hard for like two minutes, that’s all it will take.”

Jensen looks at the woman and clears his throat again. “Performance anxiety,” he says with a concerned look.

“He has a thing about getting up in front of guys, is all,” She replies worriedly before looking over at the screen. “Hey babe, I wanna see him pin you. Can you take the screen down Jared so that I can see you give him the Prince Albert,” she asks.

Jared takes down the screen and sits the guy up so that he can see his fiancé, he has absolutely no trouble now that he can focus on her as he achieves a full erection. While he’s hard Jared applies the numbing agent and opens the slit before piercing through the tender flesh. He inserts the post and screws the balls onto either end before dabbing it with antiseptic. “There ya go, all done,” he smiles and hands the guy a lollipop. “That’s for being a good patient.” He hands the man a pamphlet about care, “follow this completely and no sex of any kind for about 10days, in case of infection.”

The woman lies down on the table her ring finger bandaged from the tattoo and Jared smiles down at her. “Now this isn’t a gynecological exam all I need you to do is spread your legs open slightly, then rub your clit until it’s hard. I need to be able to see it so that I don’t pierce it, just the hood.” Jared readies his needle since this can only be done by hand.

She does as she’s told with absolutely no questions or complaints. He leans down and flips the hood up then slips the needle through the tender flesh, he then inserts the tiny O ring she picked out. He dabs the blood, fastens the O and wipes it with antiseptic. “There ya go all done.” He sets her up in the chair and hands her a care pamphlet before adding, no sex for at least 6days.

She looks at him expectantly. “Don’t I get a lollipop too,” she asks with a grin.

Jared reaches into the jar and pulls out a swirled one. “Here, have a very special one for being a super special patient,” he hands her the pop while giving her a huge smile.

Jensen is finishing up the tattoo and Jared walks over to admire his delicate work. “Dude, that’s amazing, the detail on that dragon for as small as it is, really amazing.” Jared is always constantly amazed by Jensen’s work. He loves how he fine tunes everything and goes for the grace of the design every time, no matter how big or small the piece is.

Jensen’s locking up the door as Jared puts the cash into the safe.

“I am going right back to bed,” Jensen says yawning as he walks behind Jared who is bent down locking the safe up and rubs his hand over a rounded ass cheek.

“What time is Danneel coming in today,” Jared asks standing back up to face Jensen.

“Um, 2, I think, the hours today are 4-Midnight so yeah 2,” Jensen says pulling Jared into his arms. “Why, you got something planned other than sleep to fill the next 3 hours with?”

“Maybe,” Jared says coyly leaning down to kiss Jensen on the lips.

“So is it a plan or is it going to be flying by the seat of your shortly non existent pants,” Jensen asks smiling as he raises a flirtatious eyebrow.

“Oh I gots a plan, a very, very, very, good plan but first, you said something about non existent pants,” Jared laughs and pulls Jensen into a tight bear hug, actually lifting him up off the floor before kissing him roughly on the mouth.

When Jared puts Jensen down Jensen takes off up the stairs to their apt with Jared close on his heels.

Jensen runs into the bedroom and is pulling off his jeans when Jared rounds the corner bursting into the room. He skids to a complete halt at the sight of Jensen pulling his jeans off exposing bare hips and hard cock.

“Fuck Jen, commando, are you trying to kill me,” he says breathlessly as he starts to strip off his own clothes.

“If I wanted to kill you with sexy, it wouldn’t be because I was going commando, it would be with the leather Biker Chaps you bought me for Christmas,” Jensen retorts as he finishes taking off his top exposing the miles of colorful tattooed flesh over his right arm, shoulder, chest and neck.

“Yeah that would do the job alright. By the way, when am I getting that show,” Jared asks as he pulls his t-shirt off and over his head. His tanned flesh bare of art work other than the multiple body piercings of his nipples with thick O rings, belly button stud, lower lip stud, both eyebrows, ears with plugs and his nose with a tiny diamond stud that Jensen had given him on their first anniversary.

“Right now I want you coherent, or at least in the beginning that is,” Jensen winks at Jared before diving onto the bed butt naked, legs spread wide exposing his half hard cock for Jared’s viewing pleasure.

“You are such a damned tease,” Jared says jumping on the bed beside him, the mattress bowing under his weight making Jensen roll into him.

Jensen is on top of Jared in seconds straddling his hips. He sits up on his knees and looks down into Jared’s face, his eyes are heavy lidded, a wide smile making his dimples deep and pronounced like parentheses encasing his mouth and Jensen can’t help himself he leans down and kisses each of them.

“You know you’re gorgeous right,” Jensen says ghosting his mouth over Jared’s forehead taking time to mouth at the small silver and purple balls at the corner of each eyebrow.

Jared gasps at the feeling of Jensen’s hot breath over his temples. “No more fucking beautiful than you are baby,” he gasps out, before reaching up and taking hold of Jensen’s hips to thumb across the top of the ridges.

Jensen peppers slow meaningful kisses down Jared’s neck and onto his chest, stopping to mouth at the cool ring hanging from his nipple. He tugs it lightly with his teeth coaxing a sharp intake of breath from Jared as he arches up and into the feeling.

Snaking his hand around Jensen’s waist Jared dips down into the cleft of his ass and strokes tenderly over the dimples at the top. “Let me top today baby, I wanna fuck you into the mattress,” Jared growls into Jensen’s shoulder as he bites at the colored flesh before laving his tongue over it to trace the thick lines of one of his bolder tattoos.

Jensen rolls his ass back into Jared’s groin rubbing hard against his cock as he grinds down on it. “How about I top while you fuck me from the bottom,” he says wiggling his ass down and into Jared’s balls as he circles around bringing his crack up to slide over Jared’s length.

“I can deal with that,” Jared says cupping Jensen’s ass and squeezing the cheeks. “Give me the lube,” he says reaching out for it with one hand.

Jensen leans forward and sucks two of Jared’s fingers into his mouth slicking them up before squeezing a liberal amount of lube onto them. “Stretch me wide for your cock baby.” Jensen says anticipating the sweet burn of Jared’s fingers as he stretches him wide.

Jared circles Jensen’s puckered opening with the slick pads of his fingers before inching his way inside of the tight ring of muscle. The heat instantly envelopes his fingers, smooth entrance pushing against him as he slides inside to his first knuckle.

“Fuck Jay, yeah,” Jensen hisses out as he slowly rides Jared’s finger. “So fucking good, give me another.” His words are needy and breathless; his hands are pressed into Jared’s chest as he uses him for leverage.

Jared slips a second finger inside next to his first and slides them to the hilt stroking over the prostate making Jensen jerk and moan in time with his strokes.

Jensen feels like he’s losing control, his cock is rock solid and leaking, and his balls are begging to be touched. “Oh God Jay, get your cock inside of me now,” he begs.

Pulling his fingers out Jared slicks his cock up with more lube and gets Jensen to lift up so he can see to line his cock up with his stretched entrance. He tickles the head over Jensen’s hole and then arches his hips to push inside. He takes Jensen’s hips and slowly guides him down onto his cock. The head breaches the tight entrance and then slides in effortlessly.

Jensen’s jaw falls slack as he drops down on Jared’s long thick cock, the pleasure shooting through him like a thunder clap as the head pushes on the already sensitized and swollen prostate gland. His cock jerks and leaks thick pearls of milky precum from the slit. He wants to touch it, to stroke himself off until he cums hard all over Jared’s chest, but just as he reaches for it, Jared grabs his wrist and places it back onto his chest. “No cuming until I say so,” Jared says in a deep husky voice. Pure sex dripping from his tongue as the words reach Jensen’s ears. Jensen whimpers and gives Jared his pouty lip. “No cuming, don’t be a bad boy or its punishment for you,” Jared says running the pads of his fingers through the precum on the head of Jensen’s cock, the sensations making Jensen even needier.

Jared’s cock is thrusting into Jensen at a steady pace as Jensen is grinding down hard on it with each thrust. The head strokes his prostate, the pleasure making him feel like he could burst at any second without even being touched, but he tries to hold back as best he can.

The pleasure of Jensen’s muscles squeezing around his cock fills Jared’s belly with heat and want, he runs a hand down over Jensen’s arm tracing the patterns of his tattoo sleeve with his index finger. “So beautiful Jen, so amazing, you’re so fucking amazing,” He grunts out between thrusts.

Jensen pulls lightly on one of Jared’s nipple rings sending shockwaves of pleasure through him, urging him to increase the speed and making Jared’s cock jerk with the enhanced sensations of pain and sheer pleasure. He grabs Jensen’s hips and thrusts into him making him ride his cock like a bucking bronco, Jensen’s ass is slamming forcefully into Jared’s hips with loud slaps. The pace is frantic and hard making it hard for Jared to hold back any longer, he cums furiously inside of Jensen, the cum fills his ass with its wet, hot slickness. Jared’s body shuddering with the aftershocks as he comes down from his orgasm high, he slows his hips letting Jensen grind down on him begging for release.

“Christ Jay, I’m so ready, make me cum or let me cum,” Jensen begs as he grinds his ass down onto Jared’s softening cock.

Jared reaches up and grabs Jensen’s cock, he gives it a couple quick rough strokes and before he can stroke back up for the third time Jensen’s moaning loudly and cuming everywhere. “Fuuuck unnnngggggggg, yeeeaaaah.” Thick strings of pearly white salting Jared’s chest and hand.

Collapsing from exhaustion across Jared’s chest Jensen doesn’t even worry about the smeary mess between them yet. Jared kisses the top of his head as they pant breathlessly in unison. “You are gonna kill me with this topping business Jen,” Jared pants out. His fingers painting invisible pictures across Jensen’s back.

“MMM that feels good,” he purrs. “But you know how I love to top,” he says sleepily. “And you obviously love it when I ride you like a cowboy, don’t pretend you don’t either.”

“Yeah, that’s true,” Jared says smiling. “Now get your ass up we need to clean up.”

“Can’t, too tired,” Jensen says moaning.

“I’m not prying you off of me when you’re cum turns into crazy glue and bonds us together like Siamese twins,” Jared says hauling them up and sitting them on the edge of the bed.

“Okay,” Jensen says with protest as Jared basically carries him to the bathroom.



Jensen is startled awake by the sound of his cell phone ringing. He’s face down on Jared’s back, the smell of lavender soap still fresh on his skin.

“Hello,” he croaks out sleepily.

It’s Danneel, “Why aren’t you guys down here, its 3:50” she says frantically into the phone.

“We’ll be right down Dannee,” Jensen says as he shakes Jared and makes a 3 5 0 with his fingers to indicate the time.

“Shit,” Jared says as he jumps out of bed and scrambles for his clothes strewn about the floor. He pulls on his jeans and Jensen’s t-shirt when he can’t find his own. It’s a little bit tight and you can clearly see his nipple rings through it but Jared always did go for the sexy look. He messes with the twisted mop of hair on his head and pops a breath mint in his mouth before slipping on his flip flops.

“On our way right now,” Jensen says before shutting off his phone. He grabs his jeans and slips them on. He searches for his t-shirt and looks up to ask Jared if he’s seen it only to discover he’s wearing it. “Jay, that’s my shirt, give it back,” he says demandingly.

“Nope, finder’s wearers or something like that,” he says crossing his arms.

“Ass,” Jensen says sharply as he shoots him a glare and a smirk at the same time before finding Jared’s shirt on the floor and slipping it on. It’s snugger than his usual cotton t’s and the sleeves hide more of his tats but its comfy cozy and smells like Jared. “Turn about is fair play,” he snorts as he slips into his sneakers without any socks and kisses Jared on their way out the door.

Danneel has already started the music, turned on the fluorescent Ink&Needle sign in the window and started sanitizing the equipment. “Bout time you sex crazed lazy bones got your asses out of fucking bed,” she says brushing past them. “No more am appointments for you two, ya can’t handle them,” she says snapping her gum as she sits up on the swivel barstool behind the counter and starts to file her extremely long Korean made manicure.

Jared looks at Jensen with raised eyebrows and smiles. “Don’t look at me, you’re the one who hired your Ex,” he says giving him a hard smack on the ass before walking away.

Jensen just smirks and gives him a What The Fuck glare before checking his sterilizing equipment.

Cliental filters in and out throughout the evening. Jensen taking appointments to work on larger pieces and Jared does several piercing clients.

When there is a lull in Jared’s work he always watches Jensen working. He loves how he sticks his tongue out when he concentrates on the more intricate work and how he furrows his brow while doing the outlines and sketching. There is always an excitement in his eyes when someone comes in with an idea for a tat that he doesn’t already have a sketch for. He loves that he gets to design their idea and work on it together with them, Jensen sketching on his pad for reference until there is an agreement that it’s what the person wants. He’s like a happy little kid when he’s designing something new and bold to hang on his wall of Fame at the back of the shop. He has hundreds of snapshots of his finished work for reference to new customers.

Jared goes behind the counter and scooches Danneel over on her tiny stool fitting one ass cheek on it with her. She shoots him a glare out of the corner of her eye as she’s setting up an appointment on the phone. He puts his chin on her shoulder and watches her writing down the information, she shrugs her shoulder and tries to knock him off but he just stays there, chin on her shoulder like a needy puppy dog.

“What the fuck Jared,” she says in a very irritated voice. “What is your problem tonight,” she says readjusting herself on the stool and pushing him off.

“I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo,” he says resting his head on his hand as he props himself up on the counter and flips through a tattoo magazine.

Danneel looks at him with shock, her jaw going slack. “I thought you said that the ring was way too much tattoo for you.”

“I know, I know, hypocrite that I am with all of the metal I have on me. But, I really didn’t think that I would ever want one but I’ve been watching Jen work and the beautiful art he does, I want him to mark up my body with some of his fantastic art,” Jared says like he’s telling Danneel a secret.

“Have you asked him to give you a tat,” she says leaning in like it’s a response to a secret.

“Nope, I know he’ll give me one if I do but not sure what I want yet.”

“Get something sexy, like a Chinese symbol for eternal love, or a big dick the length of your upper arm and have him write actual size down it,” she’s laughing as she makes a line down her upper arm from shoulder to elbow.

“Nah, self promotion has never been my thing, I let everything speak for itself,” Jared says with a sarcastic tone. “Ya know there is a reason you’re divorced,” he says waggling his eyebrows.

“Yeah, cause I don’t have a dick or at least one that doesn’t detach that is,” her tone is dry yet joking.

“And the boobs aren’t that much of a plus either,” he says reaching out and copping a feel with both hands as he makes horn honking noises, “Beep, Beep.”

Danneel giggles and backs away. “The fluffies are not for gay men to play with.”

“Sure they are,” Jared says reaching out for them again.

“Oh, I’ve got the perfect tattoo for you, big boobs right over your lil man peck fried eggs,” she emulates sagging breasts to her waistline. “Granny boobs,” she giggles.

“Yes wouldn’t I look sporting with granny boobs drawn on my chest or Umm abdomen,” he rolls his eyes and blows the bangs out of his them.

Danneel is giggling uncontrollably when Jensen looks up from the back he’s working on.

“What are the kindergarteners up to over there,” he asks disgustedly.

Danneel clears her throat and composes herself. “Nothing, Jen,” she wipes the tears from the corners of her eyes from laughing so hard.

“Boobs, I was feeling up her boobs,” Jared says his smile huge and childlike.

Jensen rolls his eyes and mumbles something incoherent about not being able to leave them alone together as he goes back to inking.

Later that night after they close up the shop and go upstairs to the apartment, Jared fixes them something to eat while Jensen takes a shower.

When Jensen walks into the kitchen he’s dressed in just a pair of loose fitting sweat pants, his upper body is still damp and his hair is wet and tussled. Jared looks at him and smiles. “MMM I was hungry,” he says.

Jensen laughs as he looks in the pot on the stove. “What cha got cookin good lookin?”

“Nothing,” Jared says very matter of fact as he pulls a tray and a bottle of wine out of the refrigerator. “Antipasto plate and a nice White Zinfandel, I thought maybe tv nibbles before bed, Game of Thrones is on the dvr.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Jensen says taking the tray and Wine as Jared gets the wine glasses.

Snuggled up on the sofa with the tray of food resting on their knees and each with a glass of wine they are contentedly watching TV. Jared takes the last piece of cheese as Jensen reaches for it.

“Hey, give me that,” Jensen says playfully.

“No, first come first serve,” Jared teases him as he raises the small cube to his lips and wiggles his eyebrows.

Reaching over and snatching the cheese from Jared’s fingertips Jensen pops it into his mouth. “There, no more bickering. It’s delicious,” he’s wearing a huge satisfied smile as he chews up his spoils.

Jared gives his best patented puppy dog sad face. “But, but, I had,” is all he gets out before Jensen is leaning over and kissing his pouty mouth.

“You what,” Jensen says as he’s pulling away and running a thumb down the side of Jared’s face.

“I, I, really can’t remember. But I think it had something to do with your tongue in my mouth,” Jared says laughing.

“Well, I’ll just have to take care of that immediately then,” Jensen dives in for another even more passionate kiss.

Jared wraps his arms around Jensen’s shoulders and holds him close as they kiss and nuzzle foreheads. “Can we just cuddle tonight,” he says looking deep into Jensen’s green eyes.

“Anything your heart desires,” Jensen says turning around to push his back into Jared’s chest and rest his head just below Jared’s chin. “Keep those big arms tight around me,” he says pulling them around him like a blanket, letting Jared envelope him completely in his embrace.

Jared rests his chin on the top of Jensen’s head and closes his eyes. “I’ve been thinking,” he says thoughtfully.

“Alert the media,” Jensen says jokingly.

“Shup, I’m serious here.” Jared leans deeper back into the sofa taking Jensen with him.

“I’m listening,” Jensen says settling into the new position.

“Okay, again. I’ve been thinking,” Jared pauses and bites his lower lip.

“We’ve established this already,” Jensen teases.

Sighing heavily Jared starts again, “I want a tattoo,” he blurts it out like he’s saying something that will take tons of courage to talk about.

Jensen turns around to look at Jared with confusion. “Are you serious,” he questions him.

“Yes.” He lifts his right eyebrow and gives Jensen his best serious face.

“I thought you said that getting the ring tattoo was more ink on your body than you ever wanted.”

“Well, I did say that, yes but that was back then. I have been watching you working. I want a Jensen Ackles original piece on my body to mark me. I want it to be unique and tell everyone that I’m yours,” Jared’s tone is earnest and completely sincere.

Jensen pulls away from his arms and looks him directly in the eyes. “Once you do this Jare, you can’t undo it. It means your mine; it will be my public mark on your body, my message to everyone else that Jared Padalecki is Jensen Ackles’ boy.”

“Design it and put it anywhere you want. I am your canvas and Yours,” Jared runs his fingers down over Jensen’s arm petting the colored flesh as he watches his own fingers dance down the design.

Jensen’s heart is racing, he’s always known Jared was his and he’s Jared’s but this means something much more than just the rings, it means that Jared wants to be Jensen’s property as well as his partner. A shiver of anticipation runs up his spine. “We’ll do it Sunday since the shop’s closed. You have one day to change your mind Jare but once it’s done,” he turns and gets on his knees between Jared’s legs and wraps a hand around the nape of Jared’s neck, “its forever,” he says with a commanding tone to his voice.

Jared takes a deep breath; his belly is full of fire at the thought of giving himself to Jensen completely like this, letting him mark him with his own brand. “I won’t change my mind,” he says leaning forward to press his forehead to Jensen’s.

There’s just cuddling tonight as Jensen’s mind is reeling with Jared’s request, what kind of design he wants to do and where he will put it. He’s lying under Jared’s hot body; it’s engulfing him like a blanket of fire. Jared’s arm and leg are slung over him like a giant throw blanket. He loves the feeling of being totally submersed in Jared, of almost being a part of him when he gets the idea; it’s like an epiphany of what he needs to make this whole thing equal. He wants a piercing.

When Jensen wakes up the sun is peeking through the loosely drawn curtains. A thick line of yellow light is cutting Jared’s uncovered naked body in half. He smiles at it, the way the line cuts right down over Jared’s cock, accentuating the slit as it lays flaccid between his legs.

Jensen feels his heart start to flutter as he looks over Jared’s long lean muscular body, his jewelry glinting in the sunlight, and he wants to wake him up with his mouth. He thinks about kissing him awake on the lips, then his mind wanders to gently running his nails over his legs and up his thighs but that just doesn’t seem to be what he wants. He looks over Jared one more time and lingers at his cock. He licks his lips and leans in to ghost over the head just barely a graze of lips as he mouths over the slit. Jensen’s tongue darts out to lave over the slit tenderly.

Jared shifts and lets out a tiny moan as his cock starts to tingle under Jensen’s ministrations. Jensen’s mouth never leaves Jared’s cock; he’s sucking the soft head between his lips and into his mouth letting the tip of his tongue work along the underside of the mushroomed head. He can feel the soft flesh swelling between his lips as he begins to suckle his way down to the base. He’s got the whole thing in his mouth, something he can’t always do with Jared but when he sucks him awake, he can fill his mouth full to the base for at least a few minutes until he becomes fully hard.

He’s sucking every inch down as Jared’s cock fills with blood, growing inside of his mouth making every bob farther from the base until Jared’s fully erect. Jared’s moaning and twitching, his hands come down to rest on the back of Jensen’s head helping to guide him up and down, and his hips are bucking making him fuck Jensen’s stuffed full mouth.

Jensen’s grunting with each thrust of Jared’s hips, he’s taking it to the back of his throat without complaint, letting Jared have his way with him and enjoying every second of it.

Jensen’s cock is at full attention, he reaches down starting to jerk himself off in time with each of Jared’s thrusts into his mouth. He’s bobbing frantically, his spit coating Jared’s cock as he tries to suck and lave the shaft with each bob. His hand is moving frantically over his own cock, he can feel his orgasm building.

Jared’s on the edge, he’s moaning and cursing. “Fuck Jen, your mouth, those lips,” he’s so far gone it turns to gibberish noises and moans. It’s only a few more strokes of Jensen’s mouth and he’s crying out, “Jensen, I’m cuming,” he gives the warning. His hands are gripping the bed sheets; his back is arching off of the bed as his orgasm rips through him and into Jensen’s waiting mouth.

Jensen slows down as Jared starts to shoot thick and bitter into his mouth. Jared coats his tongue as Jensen tries hard to swallow every drop quickly; his mouth working the final squirts out of Jared’s jerking cock.

His hand is working at his own neediness and within seconds of Jared’s orgasm Jensen is cuming hot and sticky over his own hand. He grunts as he lets Jared slip from his mouth and quickly buries his face in Jared’s thigh nipping at it as he squeezes the last few drops of his orgasm out.

Jared smiles down at Jensen. “Well good morning sunshine,” he says breathlessly. He’s panting like he just ran a marathon. “What a great way to wake up.”

Jensen’s crawling up Jared’s body, peppering it with kisses as he goes stopping to suck at Jared’s jewelry in his navel, then his nipples, and finally his lip stud before kissing his mouth. He sucks Jared’s tongue into his mouth and laves at the ball on it. The warm metal slips along the underside of Jensen’s tongue as he breaks the kiss.

“Good Afternoon,” Jensen says smiling at Jared; his voice is raw and fucked out.

Jared laughs. “Its morning if I just woke up, no matter what the actual time is,” he says brushing his thumbs across Jensen’s freckled cheeks.

“So that’s how that works, huh,” Jensen says smiling as he pushes forward and kisses Jared’s palm. “Waking up makes any time of day morning?”

“Oh, most definitely,” Jared says slipping his thumb over Jensen’s lips.

Jensen sucks Jared’s thumb between his lips and nips at it before letting it go. “Well then, we’d better get up, the morning is getting away from us,” Jensen laughs as he rolls off Jared to sit up on the edge of the bed.

Jared moans before getting up. “But I don’t wanna. Lay back down with me, we have a little more time.”

“Yeah like five minutes. Get your hot ass outta bed Padalecki and there might be some sexing in the shower,” Jensen says heading for the bathroom.

Jared perks up. “Shower Sex!,” he says excitedly as he scrambles out of bed to follow Jensen into the bathroom.

They don’t have many appointments for a Saturday night and the walk in cliental is just as sparse. Jared spends most of his time lounging in his chair watching Jensen doing the few people who walk in for tattoos and scribble in his sketch pad.

Danneel walks over and climbs up on Jared’s lap as he’s fully reclined in the barber’s chair. “Very comfy,” she says stretching her small thin body out over top of his long and broad one.

“Watch the elbows missy,” Jared says pushing her elbow out of his face.

“Hands, hands. Watch it, you almost felt me up with those paws of yours,” she scolds him before putting his hand right over her breast and smashing it down. “That’s how you do it,” she chuckles.

Jensen looks up from his sketch pad. “Children, do I have to separate you again,” his voice is that of a chastising father.

“No sir, Daddy,” Danneel says playfully as she bats her eyelashes at him.

Jared chuckles. “How come you two couldn’t get along like this when you were married? Oh, that’s right, he was fucking me,” he shoots Danneel a sideways glance before blocking her hand from slapping his face.

“Fuck you Padalecki,” she hisses out before digging her elbow into his ribs.

“Shit Dannee that fucking hurts,” Jared says holding his side. “You’re brutal with those bony things.”

“Good, it was supposed too,” she says with a sinister tone before crossing her arms over her chest.

“You two knock it the fuck off or I’m gonna have to stop this car and beat some sense into you,” Jensen says sarcastically.

“But, but, but, she started it,” Jared says pointing at her.

“Shut up you baby,” Danneel says giggling.

Jensen shakes his head and looks up at the ceiling. “See what I have to put up with,” he says pleading with the powers that be.

Danneel climbs off of Jared’s lap, walks over and kisses Jensen on the forehead. “I still love ya baby, even if you do prefer smoking pole to petting pussy,” she walks back to the counter laughing maniacally.

“I remember now why I divorced you,” Jensen says dryly. “It was your mouth, I couldn’t keep it stuffed full long enough to keep you from talking incessantly,” he gives her a huge toothy smile and winks at her.

“Hey, my dick sucking skills are amazing, just ask Jared,” she says giving a crooked grin.

“Don’t bring me in on this. I’ve never had a ladies mouth on my man parts or in your case a trash talking slut’s,” Jared says making a number one symbol with his finger then pointing to himself.

“Okay, okay, I know it’s slow but you two need to stop before someone gets mad,” Jensen says shooting them both a glare before going back to his sketch pad.

Danneel slips Jared the middle finger and mouths “Ass,” at him. He just smiles and blows her a kiss.

The sheets are cool on Jared’s back when he lays down in bed. “Ahhhh, sweet air conditioned sheets,” he sighs.

Jensen is brushing his teeth when he walks into the bedroom, his mouth covered in white foam when he pulls the toothbrush out of his mouth and speaks, “Are we still on for tomorrow,” the words are muffled by the foam and his concentration to keep it in his mouth.

Jared starts to laugh. “I have no idea what you’re saying Mad Dog.”

Jensen runs in and spits the foam into the sink and rinses his mouth before restating, “Are we still on for tomorrow?”

“For what?” Jared asks confused.

Jensen grumbles, “Memory of a gnat, your tat of course.”

“Hell yeah.” Jared says with enthusiasm.

Jensen crawls into bed and pushes into Jared. “Good, cause I have the design done,” he says before kissing Jared on the cheek and snuggling in. “God you’ve only been in bed for five minutes and it’s already like a furnace in here.”

“Can’t help it, I’m hot blooded,” Jared snorts as he pulls Jensen as close as he can to his body.


It’s like any other Sunday afternoon, brunch at the café across the street, coffee and latté’s while they walk hand in hand down to the park to watch the pigeons from the park bench, and then back home. Jared is heading up to the apartment when he notices that Jensen isn’t behind him. “You coming babe,” he calls to him.

Jensen peeks his head inside of the doorway. “I have a few things to do down here, I’ll be up soonish,” he says with a big smile.

“Okay,” Jared says as he climbs the stairs to the apartment.

Jensen pulls the long opaque blinds down over the front windows so that no one can walk by and look in while he’s doing Jared’s tattoo.

He lines up his needles and prepares his chair before setting the sketch out on the table next to the head of the chair. He flips through the pages finding the design he made especially for Jared. He runs his fingers over the pencil lines of the ornate heart lock with a skeleton key across it and a banner holding the key like a string that reads; You Make Me Whole, Jensen. He knows this is the ultimate symbol of how he feels, like he is the lock and Jared is the Key that frees him from his binds.

When everything is set up he strips down completely and puts on the tight leather biker chaps that Jared gave him for Christmas. His ass is held snuggly by the leather making it pop out just a little bit more than it usually does and the lack of a codpiece lets everything he has hang free. He looks in the long mirror in the back; he’s naked from the waist up, snug black chaps and barefoot. “Perfect,” he says smiling at the view.

Jared’s lounging on the sofa flipping through Sunday sports channels when his cell rings, he looks at the caller ID and it says Jen, he answers it. “Hey, what’s up buttercup?”

“Come down here for a minute, I need your help with something,” he says being as vague as possible.

“Okey dokey,” Jared says climbing off the sofa.

When Jared enters the shop Jensen is leaning against the Tattoo chair with his arms folded across his chest and his legs crossed at the ankle. “Bout time you got your ass down here,” Jensen says dryly.

Jared is just staring at the beautiful sight. “Is this where I die of sexy or am I already in heaven,” Jared says in amazement.

Jensen laughs breaking his façade. “Take your shirt off and get in the chair, it’s time for your tattoo,” he says in a commanding voice, picking the stoic façade back up without a beat.

Jared does as he’s told and climbs onto the chair. “Can I see it and where are you gonna put it,” he asks.

“No, you can’t see it and it’s going over your heart,” Jensen answers his question as he loads his ink into the gun and lays it down before picking up his sketch transfer.

“Will it hurt much,” Jared asks catching his lower lip between his teeth.

“Not much. No more than getting a few piercings done at once,” Jensen says as he climbs onto the chair to straddle Jared’s lap. His ass is positioned over Jared’s crotch and his cock is resting on Jared’s warm hard belly as he leans forward to get the correct angle. He lays the sketch over Jared chest and smoothes over the damp paper laying out the tattoo design with accuracy.

“I like this already,” Jared says as he watches Jensen hovering over his body, the feeling of his hands smoothing over the transfer tickling his skin.

Jensen mists the area with a cool solution then blows it dry, his hot breath making the cool sensation turn cold making Jared’s skin prickle and his nipple stand up hard. “Oh that reminds me,” Jensen says sitting back up to get the tattoo gun off the table while making his ass grind down into Jared’s hardening cock. “When I’m done with your tat, I want you to pierce my left nipple.”

Swallowing hard at the friction on his cock Jared can barely think beyond the pressure and he answers without understanding the command. “Sure, whatever you want.”

Jensen leans back down and repositions himself to start the tattoo, but this time his cock is hard and pressing into Jared’s navel. The warm rippled flesh sending pleasure through him but he composes himself to steady his hand.

He presses the trigger to start the gun, the buzzing sound like an angry bumble bee then he leans in and sucks his lower lip in and bites down on it before putting the needle to Jared’s flesh. The black ink sinking into Jared’s skin making the first permanent lines, as Jensen follows the thin sketch lines. He moves around the curves of the heart on his way to the pointed bottom and back up again into the dip.

The hot stinging sensation as the needles cut through the tender flesh on Jared’s chest does nothing for his raging hard on but make it worse, by causing it to jerk and leak. He tries hard not to move or grind with his need, he even keeps his breathing as steady as possible as not to make Jensen mess up but it’s extremely hard when you’re so fucking horny you could cum at any moment.

Jensen’s hand is moving as he makes the thin ornate lines and swirls inside of the heart and the key hole. He cuts long slashes of line through the heart as he forms the long skeleton key across it. The knotted head down the shaft to the ridged fork, he moves with precision and grace as the gun glides over Jared’s skin. He’s an artist and Jared is his canvas. He leans up and looks at his work, tilting his head for different angles before leaning back down and starting again. He starts on the banner that wraps around the key and flags over the heart. He makes the scrolling end before following the black lines down and around the key like a string tethering the key to the heart and then the tag flowing off of the end.

He feels the damp spot forming on Jared’s jeans it’s bleeding through to his skin. The warm wet feeling pooling under his balls and he swivels his hips to grind into it.

Jared gasps, he wants to buck and push into Jensen’s grind. He wants the friction, he wants to cum but he knows he can’t. He’s so far gone every touch of the tattoo gun puts him farther over the edge, the burn and sting is less pain and more pleasure shooting straight to his engorged needy cock.

The banner is done and Jensen is in the home stretch, the lettering is all he has left to do, he decides to take a break for a few minutes and pay Jared a little much needed attention. He leans over and captures Jared’s mouth, pulling him into a desire filled kiss. His tongue laving at the lip stud before sucking the entire lip in and nipping at it before letting it go.

“I can’t wait for you to pierce me next,” Jensen says as he looks down into Jared’s eyes with a lust blown stare.

Jared’s pupils are blown, the hazel is a thin ring around the enlarged black circles and then the words register in his brain. “Pierce you,” he says dazed and confused.

“Yeah, you’re going to give me a nipple piercing when I’m done with you,” Jensen says as he’s kissing down the column of Jared’s neck.

“Sure, okay,” Jared says breathlessly as he’s swallowed up by the sheer pleasure of Jensen’s mouth on his flesh. “I’ll be happy too.”

“Then back to work so I can finish,” Jensen says abandoning Jared’s neck.

Jared moans at the loss but quickly recovers when Jensen flips the gun on again and puts needle to his over sensitized flesh making him gasp.

The tiny lettering swirls through the banner as Jensen cuts the words You Make Me Whole through the flagging curves before signing the tail with his name, each letter claiming Jared’s flesh making him every bit of Jensen’s. He lifts the gun and looks at the tiny work of art resting over Jared’s heart and smiles. He cleans the tiny droplets of blood up with an alcohol swab eliciting a hiss from Jared before rubbing antibiotic gel over it.

“It’s done,” he says holding a mirror up for Jared to use to see it.

He holds the mirror over the area and marvels at the intricate design of the heart and key and he can’t read the word through the swelling. “What does it say,” he asks timidly.

“You Make me Whole and I signed it,” Jensen says taking the mirror.

“I love it. It’s beautiful and unique, it makes me all yours,” Jared smiles then leans up and claims Jensen’s mouth, swiping his tongue inside and swirling it along Jensen’s tongue.

Jensen breaks the kiss. “No cuming until you pierce me.”

Jared frowns, “But I’m so ready to cum,” he whines.

Jensen covers the tattoo with a patch and climbs off of Jared’s lap, his apparent hard on sticking straight out. Jared’s jeans have a huge wet spot on the front. “I don’t know how much longer I can hang on Jen,” Jared says with need.

“Just fucking pierce me and then I’ll get you off,” Jensen commands.

Jared climbs off the chair and makes his way to his own chair. “Get over here,” he snaps at Jensen. He lowers the chair to a flat position making Jensen lay back. He runs his hands over his chest before opening a fresh pack of needles. “What type of jewelry do you want, a ring or stud or what?”

Jensen smiles and rubs his hand over Jared’s jean clad cock. “Surprise me,” he says with lust in his voice.

“I know exactly what will look hot on you,” Jared says opening his drawer and pulling out a thick gold ring and dropping it in sanitizing solution. He pinches Jensen’s nipple making it stand up.

“Shit Jay,” Jensen coos. His cock is rock solid and leaking massive amounts of precum.

Jared laughs and then wipes it with the cold alcohol patch making the nipple bud completely and turn blush red. Jared takes the needle and lines it up just above the fluid duct and close to the chest before taking a deep breath and counting down. “On three,” he says smiling at Jensen who is holding his breath.

“On three,” Jensen confirms letting the entire intake of air exhale out in one long puff.

“One, two…” is all Jared says before shoving the needle quickly and smoothly straight through the swelled bud.

Jensen winces with the slight pain, the burning making him want to jerk but he holds completely still. His cock has other ideas as it jerks and shoots hot and sticky on to his belly.

Removing the needle Jared slips the ring through the newly formed hole and seals it off. He places fresh gauze over the ring and looks down noticing that Jensen has cum all over himself. “fuck Jen,” he says disappointedly.

“It’s okay; I couldn’t help myself you’re just that good baby. No worries I’ll get you off baby,” Jensen says sitting up and trading places with Jared. He pulls Jared’s jeans open and slides the zipper down exposing his leaking cock.

“It’s fucking ready to burst,” Jared says panting.

Jensen puts his mouth on the head licking at the wet oozing slit letting the tip dip inside as he closes his lips around the flushed engorged head. The bitter precum covering his tongue as he slides down the thick shaft and before he can get down to the base and back up again Jared is cuming thick strands of pearly jizz down his throat. Jensen swallows around Jared’s jerking cock trying his best to get it all.

Jared’s holding Jensen’s head down as he shoots; he’s bucking his hips slightly as he fucks the wet heat that is Jensen’s mouth.

The jerking subsides and Jared lets go of Jensen’s head and Jensen pulls off panting for air. “Fuck Jared, that was intense.” He says climbing up on Jared’s lap to lie across his chest.

He draws light and tickling along the edge of the white bandage. “It’s gonna look so fucking hot in a few days when the swelling goes down,” Jensen says.

“I can’t wait,” Jared says running his fingers over the back of Jensen’s hand. “I am truly yours now,” he says kissing the top of Jensen’s head.

“And I am yours,” Jensen says feeling the hot burn from the nipple ring as he presses against Jared’s chest.

“Yeah, I can’t wait for the first time we have sex that I can play with your ring and give you the same pleasure you give me,” Jared says chuckling. “You are gonna love it.”

“I already love it,” Jensen says looking up and kissing Jared lightly on the chin.

“Love you so much baby,” Jared says lowering his mouth and softly kissing Jensen’s lips.

“Love you right back.” Jensen says snuggling into Jared’s neck.

“We are gonna have to go up to bed at some point,” Jared says squeezing Jensen tight to his body.

“Yeah, but not right this minute,” he says taking a deep breath and relaxing into Jared’s tight hug.

The End


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